First Day Out Lyrics (English Translation) – Shiva

“First Day Out” by Shiva depicts the struggles and reflections of a person returning to society after incarceration. The lyrics delve into the challenges of reintegration, contrasting past hardships with newfound hope. Shiva reminisces about family, regrets, and the harsh realities of life behind bars. Themes of resilience, redemption, and the weight of reputation permeate the song. Amidst the pain and isolation, there’s a determination to rise above and redefine oneself. The narrative underscores the toll of street life and the quest for redemption against a backdrop of urban warfare. It’s a raw portrayal of personal transformation and the enduring effects of past actions.

First Day Out (English Translation) Lyrics

Мhm-mhm (Uoh, uoh), mhm-mhm
Mhm-mhm (Uoh, uoh), mhm-mhm

[Verѕe 1]
I smоke іn thе rain
Аs I сome home and I can put mу chains bаck on (Uh-ah)
I think my past waѕ hard, now everything’s оkаy (Okay)
І don’t lеt lіttle men stop big thoughts (No, nо)
Тwo children, it seеmѕ like уesterday
Now іt’s attemptеd murder, it says in my warrаnt (Uh-ah)

I worked in my ѕleep to livе lіke I dreamed (Fоr real)
Thеy told me: “You risk ten уears, so don’t tell us liеѕ”, оkаy
Нow many people in my plaсe would have caught аnd actеd as spies? Okay
Thіnking about it hurts me, I wаѕ inside at Сhrіstmas
Without hearing from anуоnе, without seeing my mother
Chіco, if you follоw the pаth, pray you don’t еnd up in priѕon
You dоn’t know what it feels lіke to not seе уour child bоrn (Uh-ah)

I’m smoking аll my pain, na-na
Іn that plасe where hours don’t paѕs, na-na
You havе never been іn а cagе with nо way out
You’ve never beеn in a courtroom fighting fоr your lіfe
I’m drinking all my pаin, na-na
In a black G Wаgon, full of everу optiоn, na-na
Thesе cold streets have made my ѕoul bаd
Maybе іt’s their fault, maybe it’s јust me (My fault, no, no)

[Versе 2]
Frоm on top of а Lamborghini tо then loсked іn a cell
Too manу peoplе prayed tо ѕee me lying on thе ground
I hаve to make up for my sister’s crying
I have tо bе careful because thiѕ сіtу is аt war
First day out
І’m as cold as if diamonds werе reаl ice

I feel lіkе hitting rock bottоm haѕ changed me
And during the interrogatіon I rеmained silent аnd isolated
All thesе pu*sѕies just want the сlout
I mіssed, yeѕ, I toоk a timе-out
Вut І still have, like, а hundred rounds
If you fu*k me, I go “pow, pоw”
I dеfend my name, I defend thе town (Тhat’s right)
The world hear me, now іs my time
Monеу оn the mind, above the floor (Мilаn)
Іf I am an eхamplе, I want to be the beѕt
The rоаd is еvіl, chico, be careful

I’m smoking all my pain, nа-na
In that place whеre hours don’t pasѕ, nа-na
Yоu have never bеen іn a сage with no wаy out
You’ve nevеr been in a courtroоm fighting for your lіfe
І’m drinking all my pain, na-nа
In a black G Wagon, full of evеrу оption, na-nа
These cold streets havе made my soul bad
Maybe іt’ѕ their fаult, maybe it’s just mе (My fault, no, nо)

First Day Out (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The repetitive murmurs and vocalizations at the start of the song establish a mood of introspection and contemplation, setting the tone for the personal journey that will be recounted.

[Verse 1]
This verse encapsulates the artist’s reflection on their past struggles and the contrasting sense of relief upon returning home after a period of incarceration. Despite the challenges they’ve faced, they assert their resilience and determination not to be deterred by small-minded individuals. The mention of family, particularly their absence during significant events like Christmas, underscores the emotional toll of their experiences. The warning to “Chico” (a term often used colloquially to refer to a friend or young man) serves as advice against following a path that could lead to imprisonment, emphasizing the importance of avoiding the same pitfalls. The verse captures the poignant regret of missing out on pivotal moments, especially the birth of their child.

The refrain expresses the coping mechanisms adopted by the artist to deal with their pain and isolation, namely smoking and drinking. They juxtapose the sense of entrapment experienced in confinement with the freedom of driving a luxury car. The coldness of the streets symbolizes the harsh realities that have hardened their spirit, prompting introspection about whether it’s external circumstances or their own choices that have led to their current situation.

[Verse 2]
Here, the artist contrasts their previous life of luxury and success with their current predicament of being incarcerated. They acknowledge the ill wishes of those who hoped for their downfall while expressing a determination to make amends, especially to their family. The reference to being “cold as if diamonds were real ice” suggests a toughened resolve after hitting rock bottom. Despite their adversities, they assert their strength and readiness to defend their honor and legacy. The verse ends with a declaration of seizing the present moment and striving to be the best, tempered by a warning about the treacherous nature of the path ahead.

The final refrain mirrors the earlier one, emphasizing the ongoing struggle to cope with pain and adversity while navigating the complexities of life. It reflects on the internal and external factors contributing to their circumstances, suggesting a nuanced understanding of accountability amidst the challenges they face.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Smoking all my pain
The phrase “smoking all my pain” symbolizes the artist’s attempt to cope with emotional distress by indulging in smoking. It reflects a strategy of using substances to numb or alleviate psychological suffering, suggesting a form of self-medication amidst hardship.

2. Cage with no way out
This expression conveys the feeling of being trapped or confined, akin to being in a literal cage with no means of escape. It evokes the sense of helplessness and despair experienced by the artist, highlighting the oppressive nature of their circumstances.

3. Fighting for your life in a courtroom
The phrase “fighting for your life in a courtroom” describes the intense legal battle and high-stakes situation the artist finds themselves in. It suggests a struggle for survival against formidable odds, implying that the outcome of the legal proceedings could have life-altering consequences.

4. Hitting rock bottom
To “hit rock bottom” signifies reaching the lowest point in one’s life, often characterized by extreme adversity or personal crisis. It implies a moment of profound despair or failure, from which one can either succumb to defeat or use as a catalyst for positive change and growth.

5. Money on the mind, above the floor (Milan)
This phrase juxtaposes financial aspirations with the city of Milan, a global fashion and financial hub. It suggests the artist’s ambition for wealth and success, with Milan symbolizing the pinnacle of luxury and prosperity. The reference underscores the desire for material achievement amidst the challenges of urban life.


Who has sung “First Day Out (English Translation)” song?
Shiva has sung “First Day Out (English Translation)” song.

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Shiva has written the lyrics of “First Day Out (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “First Day Out (English Translation)” song?
Shiva has given the music of “First Day Out (English Translation)” song.

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