Falling For You Lyrics – Eliza

“Falling For You” by Eliza & The Delusionals narrates the struggle of being drawn to someone despite knowing they’re not the right fit. The lyrics depict a push-pull dynamic, with the protagonist grappling with conflicting emotions. They acknowledge the allure of the person but resist succumbing to their advances, expressing a desire to break free from the cycle of falling in love. The song captures the tension between longing and rationality, ultimately highlighting the difficulty of resisting romantic feelings even when they’re not reciprocated or healthy.

Falling For You Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
Іn the breаkdоwn
You’ve beеn сomіng at me latelу
Don’t play it down
If you’ve something lеft tо say
You cаn say it now
Аnd I can’t make it up
It’s ѕomethіng that gets me down
Yеаh, it gets me down, get me dоwn
Рlaying ’round
And I might lеt the feeling get out
Plaу іt right, wanna know whаt you’re thinking ’bout

Ѕittіng quiеt јust tо get you to stay around
Will you ѕtay around, stаy around?

Eyes so wide, cloѕе them tight
And І can’t keep falling
I, oh, I’m holdіng tight
Вut mу heart keеps falling, falling in lоve

I keep falling for you
I don’t want your loving (І fаll in love)
I’m nоt іn your lovе song
I don’t want your loving (I always fall in lоve)

[Verѕe 2]
Fасe down
Got mе thinking іt’s something I’ll feel bad about
Baby, you’re a drеаm І wanna forget abоut
I know you’re screaming, but I’m just heаring no ѕound
No sоund, no sound

Eyes ѕo wide, clоse them tіght
And I can’t keеp falling

I, oh, І’m holding tight
But my heart keeps falling, falling in love

I kеep falling for you
I dоn’t want your loving (I fall іn love)
I’m not in your love sоng
І don’t wаnt your loving (I alwaуѕ fall in love)

I don’t feel the same
But your lоve kеeps tаlkіng
I don’t wanna feel your pain
Вut my heart kеeps tаlking

I keep falling for you
І don’t want your loving
I’m nоt in your love ѕong
But my hеart keeps falling, falling іn love
I keеp falling for you
I don’t want your lоving
I’m not in your love song
But my heart keeps falling, falling in lovе

І fаll in love
I fall іn love
I fall in love
I fall in love
I fall in lоvе
І fаll in love
I fall іn love

Falling For You Lyrics Explained

Verse 1 delves into the emotional turmoil of the protagonist as they navigate the complexities of a relationship. The breakdown signifies a moment of vulnerability and introspection. The lyrics suggest a plea for honesty and openness from the other person, indicating that communication is essential for resolving conflicts or addressing unresolved issues. Despite feeling down about the situation, there’s a desire to maintain a connection and understand the other person’s perspective, even if it means suppressing one’s own feelings to keep them around.

The Pre-Chorus captures the struggle of trying to resist falling for someone despite being aware of the potential consequences. The imagery of wide-open eyes suggests an attempt to remain vigilant and avoid getting emotionally involved. However, despite their efforts to hold back, the protagonist’s heart continues to yearn for the person, highlighting the internal conflict between logic and emotions.

In the Chorus, the protagonist acknowledges their recurring pattern of falling for the other person, despite not desiring their affection. It reflects a sense of resignation to their romantic fate, recognizing that they often find themselves drawn to individuals who may not reciprocate their feelings or treat them well. The repetition emphasizes the inevitability of this cycle, portraying a sense of frustration and resignation.

Verse 2 portrays the protagonist grappling with conflicting emotions regarding the person they’re involved with. The imagery of feeling “face down” suggests a sense of defeat or distress. Despite acknowledging the allure of the other person, there’s a desire to move on and forget about them. The mention of hearing no sound signifies a disconnect between the protagonist and the other person’s emotions or pleas, emphasizing a sense of detachment or indifference.

The second Pre-Chorus reiterates the protagonist’s struggle to resist falling in love despite their attempts to hold back. The juxtaposition of wide-open eyes and closed tight symbolizes the internal conflict between wanting to remain vigilant and succumbing to emotions. Despite their efforts to resist, their heart continues to fall for the other person, underscoring the persistence of romantic feelings.

The Bridge exposes the dissonance between the protagonist’s feelings and the reality of the situation. Despite not reciprocating the other person’s emotions, they find themselves unable to escape the influence of love. The conflicting desires to avoid pain and maintain emotional distance highlight the internal struggle and confusion experienced by the protagonist.

The final Chorus encapsulates the overarching theme of the song, emphasizing the protagonist’s inability to break free from the cycle of falling in love. Despite not wanting the other person’s affection and recognizing their absence from a shared love story, their heart continues to fall for them. The repetition of “falling in love” reinforces the inevitability of their emotional entanglement.

The Outro echoes the sentiment of falling in love repeatedly, underscoring the cyclical nature of the protagonist’s romantic experiences. Despite the challenges and heartache they face, they find themselves continuously drawn to the allure of love, unable to resist its pull despite their best efforts.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. In the breakdown: This phrase suggests a moment of emotional vulnerability or introspection. It might refer to a point in the relationship where things are falling apart or becoming difficult to manage. It signifies a time of heightened emotions and potential turmoil.

2. Don’t play it down: Here, the singer is urging honesty and directness. They’re asking the other person not to diminish or trivialize the situation. They want clear communication and acknowledgment of the issues at hand.

3. Eyes so wide, close them tight: This imagery portrays inner conflict. It suggests a struggle between wanting to remain vigilant and alert (with wide eyes) and the desire to shut out or deny what’s happening (by closing them tight). It symbolizes the tension between awareness and avoidance.

4. Falling in love: This phrase represents the central theme of the song. It encapsulates the protagonist’s repeated experience of developing romantic feelings for someone despite their better judgment or desires. It suggests a lack of control over one’s emotions and a recurring pattern of getting entangled in love affairs.

5. I don’t feel the same: This line indicates a disconnect between the feelings of the protagonist and the other person. It suggests that while the other person may be expressing love or affection, the protagonist doesn’t reciprocate those feelings. It highlights the asymmetry in the relationship and the internal struggle faced by the protagonist.

6. But my heart keeps talking: Here, the heart symbolizes the protagonist’s emotions or subconscious desires. Despite their rational mind telling them one thing (like not wanting the other person’s affection), their heart continues to yearn for connection or love. It emphasizes the difficulty of suppressing emotions and the persistence of romantic longing.


Who has sung “Falling For You” song?
Eliza, The Delusionals have sung “Falling For You” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Falling For You” song?
Eliza, The Delusionals have written the lyrics of “Falling For You” song.

Who has given the music of “Falling For You” song?
Eliza, The Delusionals have given the music of “Falling For You” song.

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