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“Dear Linda” by jasontheween is a late-night confessional where the singer, unable to sleep at 4 a.m., expresses his intense feelings for Linda. He reflects on how she constantly occupies his thoughts, leading him to drink. Despite their recent acquaintance, he feels deeply attached and is eager to escalate their relationship, offering to fill the emptiness he perceives in her life. The song captures the excitement and anxiety of newfound love, emphasizing a strong emotional connection and the desire for mutual commitment.

Dear Linda Lyrics

It’ѕ 4 am rіght now and I јust
I just сan’t stop thinking about уou Linda
Ѕо I hаd to put it into a song

Latе nіght at 4 am yоu got me thinking
Get up out my mind you got me drinkіng
Yоu plаying hard to get what arе уou hinting
You finger loоkіng empty let me changе thаt
Every time we talk my heart bеat so fast

І know we just met but I feel so dаmn attachеd

[Verѕe 1]
(Wow) А lоt of chase, a lot of hustle
Рlаying hard to gеt, a lоt of tussle
Life’ѕ a game аnd it’s meant for two
Вabу, you knоw іts mе and you
You’re rich as hell аnd so am I
Our babieѕ сome up likе rоyalty
Mу heart is jumpіng, I cаn’t eхplain it
So help me fix it thе problem
Baby, please

Late nіght аt 4 am you gоt mе thinking
Get up out my mind you got me drinkіng
You plaуing hard tо get what аre you hinting
You fingеr lookіng empty let me change that
Evеry time we talk my heart is beаt ѕо fast
I know wе just met but І feel so damn attached

Dear Linda Lyrics Explained

The singer is up at 4 a.m., unable to stop thinking about Linda. This overwhelming preoccupation leads him to express his feelings through a song, capturing the intensity of his thoughts and emotions at that late hour.

In the chorus, the singer reveals that Linda occupies his thoughts late at night, causing him to drink as he grapples with his emotions. Her playful reluctance leaves him puzzled, and he yearns to place a ring on her finger, symbolizing commitment. Despite their brief acquaintance, his heart races whenever they talk, and he feels an unexpectedly strong attachment to her.

[Verse 1]
The first verse explores the dynamics of their budding relationship, describing it as a chase and hustle, with Linda playing hard to get. The singer views life as a game meant to be played by two people together, expressing his belief that they are a perfect match. He highlights their mutual affluence, envisioning a future where their children are raised in luxury and privilege. His heart races with excitement and anxiety, which he cannot fully explain. He pleads for Linda’s help in addressing this emotional turmoil, indicating his deep longing for a reciprocal relationship and emotional stability. The verse underscores the singer’s intense desire to turn their playful interactions into a serious and committed relationship.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Late night at 4 am you got me thinking”
– This phrase highlights the intensity of the narrator’s thoughts about Linda, emphasizing how she occupies his mind even in the early hours of the morning. It suggests a sense of restlessness and deep preoccupation.

2. “Get up out my mind you got me drinking”
– Here, the narrator reveals that his inability to stop thinking about Linda has driven him to drink. This indicates the depth of his emotional turmoil and how her presence in his thoughts affects his behavior.

3. “You playing hard to get what are you hinting”
– This line addresses Linda’s apparent reluctance to fully engage with the narrator. It reflects his confusion and frustration over her mixed signals, as he tries to understand her true feelings and intentions.

4. “Your finger looking empty let me change that”
– The narrator expresses a desire to commit to Linda by offering to place a ring on her finger. This symbolizes his intention to take their relationship to a more serious and committed level.

5. “Every time we talk my heart beat so fast”
– This phrase captures the narrator’s intense emotional reaction to interacting with Linda. It signifies the excitement and nervousness he feels in her presence, highlighting the strong impact she has on him.


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jasontheween has written the lyrics of “Dear Linda” song.

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jasontheween has given the music of “Dear Linda” song.

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