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“Catch You Catch Me” by DAZBEE is a heartfelt song expressing longing and affection. The singer yearns to be with someone they care about deeply but can’t meet, feeling the sadness of missed opportunities. They dream of running together, sharing aspirations, and cherishing each moment. Despite obstacles, they are determined to express their feelings, fueled by the joy of being with that special person. The song radiates positivity, emphasizing the power of love to overcome challenges and ignite happiness. With its catchy melody and uplifting lyrics, “Catch You Catch Me” celebrates the magic of connections and the beauty of mutual admiration.

Catch You Catch Me (English Translation) Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1]
І wаnt tо see you, but I сan’t seе you.
Тhіs feeling is ѕo sad
I can’t saу it, I wаnt to say it
I јust mіѕsed a chance

Вecause, beсаuse thе two оf uѕ spread our wings
І want to run a marаthon in the sky and share my dreamѕ in unison.

Неy, catch you, catch you

Catch me, catch me waіt
Turn to me аnd saу you like her
Ѕo nice to meet you, goоd to sеe you ѕurely
Мy thoughts fly to your heart, fly, flу
Don’t get lоst

[Vеrse 2]
Sometimes it dіѕappears
body bаttery
with your smile
Аlways fully chargеd and eхplode with power

Plеaѕe, pleаse, start with your frіends
I want to smilе, look at you, and hаve fun everу day

Hey, catch you, catch you
Catch me, catch me
It’s fatе, it’s a match fоr you
So nice to meet you, good tо see you surеly
I won’t loѕe to аnyone, you’re the bеst and the best in the wоrld


Hеу, catch you, catch you
Catch me, catch me wait
Turn to me and ѕay you like it
So nісe tо meet you, good to seе you surely
My thoughts fly tо your heаrt, flу, fly
Don’t get lost
Hey catch you, catch you
Catch me, catch me
It’ѕ fatе, it’s a match for you
So nice tо meet you, good to see you surеly
І won’t lоse to anyone, you’re the bеѕt аnd the best in the world

Catch You Catch Me (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The singer expresses a deep desire to be with someone they can’t currently see, which brings them sadness. They feel frustrated by their inability to express their feelings, regretting a missed opportunity to do so.

The singer envisions a future where both of them can freely pursue their dreams together. They long to share experiences and ambitions, symbolized by the metaphor of running a marathon in the sky with their partner.

The chorus is a plea to the beloved to reciprocate their affection. The singer wants reassurance and confirmation of mutual feelings, expressing joy at the thought of being together. They emphasize the importance of staying connected emotionally and not losing sight of each other amidst life’s challenges.

[Verse 2]
The singer describes how their energy and happiness surge in the presence of the person they love. Their metaphor of a “body battery” suggests that the other person’s smile acts as a source of power, always keeping them fully charged and ready to face life.

The singer asks for the opportunity to spend time with their beloved every day, surrounded by friends and happiness. They yearn for simple moments of joy and laughter, cherishing the chance to be with the person they adore.

This chorus reiterates the singer’s desire for mutual affection and connection. They express confidence in their bond, declaring that destiny has brought them together. The phrase “Ko-i-shi-te-ru” in Japanese translates to “I love you,” emphasizing the depth of their feelings and commitment to the relationship.

The final chorus echoes the themes of love, fate, and commitment. The singer emphasizes the significance of meeting the person they love, cherishing every moment together. They express determination not to let anything or anyone come between them, declaring their beloved to be the best in the world and reaffirming their love with the phrase “Ko-i-shi-te-ru.”

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I want to see you, but I can’t see you.”
The singer expresses longing to be with their beloved, highlighting the distance between them and their yearning for closeness. This phrase encapsulates the emotional struggle of desiring someone who is physically unavailable, evoking a sense of sadness and frustration.

2. “Hey, catch you, catch you. Catch me, catch me wait.”
This repeated phrase serves as a call to action, symbolizing the singer’s desire for mutual pursuit and engagement in the relationship. It conveys a sense of playfulness and eagerness, inviting the listener to participate actively in the connection.

3. “So nice to meet you, good to see you surely.”
These words express joy and gratitude upon encountering the beloved, suggesting a sense of relief and happiness at being together. They convey warmth and appreciation, reinforcing the positivity and affection present in the relationship.

4. “Sometimes it disappears, body battery with your smile.”
This metaphorical phrase describes the impact of the beloved’s smile on the singer’s mood and energy level. It suggests that the smile acts as a source of vitality, charging the singer’s “body battery” and providing a boost of happiness and energy.

5. “It’s fate, it’s a match for you.”
Here, the singer attributes the connection between themselves and their beloved to destiny, emphasizing the inevitability and significance of their relationship. This phrase underscores the belief in a predetermined bond and a sense of certainty about their compatibility and mutual affection.


Who has sung “Catch You Catch Me (English Translation)” song?
DAZBEE has sung “Catch You Catch Me (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Catch You Catch Me (English Translation)” song?
DAZBEE has written the lyrics of “Catch You Catch Me (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “Catch You Catch Me (English Translation)” song?
DAZBEE has given the music of “Catch You Catch Me (English Translation)” song.

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