“2 FAH 1 BO-BERRY BRANDON BISCUIT SPECIAL” by $ilkMoney is a scathing lyrical takedown aimed at a former associate, Brandon. The song delves into themes of betrayal, addiction, and personal downfall, as $ilkMoney takes aim at Brandon’s alleged drug use, career failures, and relationship issues. With biting lyrics, $ilkMoney accuses Brandon of hypocrisy, manipulation, and living off past glory. The song paints a picture of resentment and disillusionment, culminating in a declaration of the end of their association. Despite the harshness of the lyrics, there’s an underlying sense of defiance and self-assuredness from $ilkMoney, as he asserts his own greatness and moves forward independently.


My n!gga, I’m glad you said this, I’m glad you have that position

[Verse 1]
We don’t believe you
You need more people, give a fu*k if we came from the same claim, lil’ n!gga, we not equals
Balloon sucking depleacher cerebral turning your brain into a swiss cheese pool
You a prankster, drug addict (reboot?) and for that, with this pen, I’ll play Max Keeble
*** I see you spreading salacious hatred like a b!tch I fu*ked on a beach cruise
Then hopped on live off some lines, begging for the God to leap out and tweet you
S*it is pitiful, your pockets fu*ked up, but over here, s*it is plentiful
You tried to piece it up behind scenes and even say, “Shoutout in that weak ass interview

But I get it, dude, you quit chicken flipping and started whippet hitting, then got addicted and threw a fit
‘Cause the s*it with Rocky won’t clicking then smirch the God for attention
You was sucking my d!ck for almost ten years
Almost as long as your b!tch you currently with was sucking Trey d!ck in the /night cavalier, you fu*king dumb blonde
Can it, Brandon, your career face planted so you threw a temper tantrum, started scamming fans for merch pre-orders to get your fix demanded
How could they ever trust you again?
I know I wouldn’t believe a word a junkie said, he’ll steal the TV out your house just to puncture your skin
***, say, “Hi, nice to meet you,” with the meat cleaver you used to cut the chicken into equal parts
Before dropping you in the grease and cleaning you with the de-greaser
Ain’t talked to this n!gga since he left the group
And ever since, it’s been Twitter distance, indiscriminate lyrics and pretending to be Lucki’s spoof
The love of your life is just a with a price
After Bari hit, she sucked Trey d!ck and he ain’t even wanna fu*k ’cause he said the pu*sy smelled like s*it, n!gga
All my n!ggas legit, that bulls*it you tryna spin will never stick
Birds of a feather flock together, that’s why n!ggas tweet like pigeons with scripted fiction tellings
N!ggas dropping pre-recorded tracks and calling them disses
I rolled a spliff and pinned the scripture of my mom’s kitchen while eating the grit, she so gracious, n!gga
This n!gga’s burnt out, fell off, his whole roll out a fake tell all, and all them drügs already being your ass and getting you stepped on
This a spiritual lyrical warfare
The God body versus the part-time chicken distributor, Lucki and Carti hard copy that hang women over balconies
You a fraud and everything you talk is a fallacy
He really mad about between him and his b!tch, she the only one with all the bodies he claim to be catching for streams

[Verse 2]
For surely, I get him gladly

Package rap, black baggy then ship back to the past when you made good beats actually
You can’t destroy what you didn’t build
But in your case, we gave you the skill
And the sound that you claim, it came from Kahlil
You couldn’t roll a blunt until you fu*ked with us, n!gga
Now you just a junky ***, it’s such a shame that once was said to be legend now was just a fu*king bum
You (had?) to sell that funky b!tch you with to pay the rent and get a bag of fent
The b!tch was so predictable I’d do a whippet too if I wasn’t having s*it
Your mom should be ashamed of your actions, kid
But I’d never disrespect that woman that had absolutely no adding to your current manufactured taxes of grabbing d!ck
I’m feeling a bit Savvy
Been waiting for war as I sharpen my sword on the steel of your casket
Make a cold pu*sy revert backwards to when you were Kassper, n!gga
But you the new Jackson
Hanging b!tches over balcony your new passion
Spreading lies on Twitter and beefing with n!ggas your claim to fame and it’s truly saddening
But what the fu*k you expect from a n!gga named after pu*sy?
N!gga, you never had no pu*sy until you had the pu*sy every n!gga done had and then after, you took it
Talking about we burning s*it
And if we is, we probably got it from your b!tch, since we just lying for clicks
I believe for certain Brandon, esteem curtains
Or whatever you want to use to hang yourself with and hover over the surface
The Percs got you hurt, itching, living with no purpose and then uncertain
I’m in the very same loaf I went to church with
Just to personally deliver you with this sermon that your desire so passionately burned with
Thank you, Brandon

Ay, thank you, n!gga
You b!tch ass n!gga, suck my motherfu*king d!ck, pu*sy ass motherfu*ker
I ain’t gon’ tell ’em, I ain’t gon’ tell ’em you pu*sy, n!gga, I’mma just keep it between me and you, b!tch ass n!gga
It’s the God, baby
It’s me
They say, “The good die young,” n!gga
That’s why I’mma live forever, n!gga, I’m magnificent, b!tch ass n!gga
Ain’t no more motherfu*king Divine Council, n!gga
That s*it motherfu*king dead from this day fourth, b!tch ass motherfu*kers
It’s DBSB, 3272
G-L-O-B-E, A-B-B
Forever and always, baby, yours truly
I love you


The intro expresses satisfaction or agreement with a statement or position. It implies acknowledgment and perhaps approval of something that has been said or done.

[Verse 1]
The first verse of “$ilkMoney’s” song “2 FAH 1 BO-BERRY BRANDON BISCUIT SPECIAL” is a blistering attack on an individual referred to as Brandon. It’s a relentless tirade that delves into various aspects of Brandon’s character and actions, painting a vivid picture of disdain and resentment. The verse begins by dismissing Brandon’s credibility outright, stating, “We don’t believe you / You need more people,” suggesting a lack of authenticity or trustworthiness in Brandon’s words or actions.

The lyrics then take a sharper turn, accusing Brandon of being a “balloon sucking depleacher cerebral,” which metaphorically implies that Brandon’s actions or influence are draining and detrimental to others, particularly intellectually. This imagery continues with references to Brandon’s alleged drug addiction, likening it to a process of “turning your brain into a swiss cheese pool.” Here, the implication is that Brandon’s drug use has eroded his cognitive abilities and mental faculties.

The verse escalates further as $ilkMoney accuses Brandon of engaging in malicious behavior, likening it to spreading “salacious hatred like a b!tch I fu*ked on a beach cruise.” This comparison adds a layer of personal animosity, suggesting that Brandon’s actions are not just harmful but also morally reprehensible. The lyrics continue to paint a bleak picture of Brandon’s circumstances, highlighting financial struggles and attempts to manipulate or deceive others for personal gain.

There’s a sense of betrayal underlying the lyrics as $ilkMoney reflects on past interactions with Brandon, implying a sense of disillusionment with someone who was once considered a friend or colleague. References to past collaborations or associations further underscore this theme, suggesting a fracture in their relationship that has led to open hostility. The verse concludes with a scathing indictment of Brandon’s character, accusing him of being a fraud and a hypocrite, with no redeeming qualities or credibility.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, $ilkMoney continues his assault on Brandon’s character and actions, doubling down on his criticisms and adding new layers of condemnation. The lyrics start with a declaration of contempt, asserting that Brandon’s downfall is something to be relished or embraced. This sentiment sets the tone for the rest of the verse, which explores themes of dependency, manipulation, and moral bankruptcy.

$ilkMoney accuses Brandon of relying on others for his success, suggesting that he lacks the talent or creativity to stand on his own. This notion is reinforced with references to Brandon’s alleged drug addiction and financial struggles, painting a picture of someone who is not only morally bankrupt but also personally and professionally incompetent. The lyrics delve into Brandon’s personal life, critiquing his relationships and lifestyle choices with a mix of scorn and pity.

There’s a sense of moral superiority underlying $ilkMoney’s words, as he contrasts his own virtues with Brandon’s vices. This juxtaposition serves to highlight Brandon’s shortcomings while positioning $ilkMoney as a paragon of integrity and authenticity. The verse concludes with a final condemnation of Brandon’s character, suggesting that his actions have left him adrift and without purpose. It’s a bleak portrayal of someone who has squandered their potential and fallen from grace.

The outro of the song serves as a final farewell to Brandon, delivered with a mix of contempt and indifference. $ilkMoney refuses to acknowledge Brandon’s worth or significance, dismissing him with vulgar insults and crude language. This final act of defiance marks a symbolic end to any association with Brandon or his group, Divine Council, as $ilkMoney asserts his own identity and independence. The outro also serves as a declaration of intent, signaling $ilkMoney’s determination to move forward on his own terms, free from the constraints of past relationships or allegiances. It’s a bold statement of self-assurance and resilience, closing the song with a sense of finality and triumph.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “We don’t believe you, You need more people”
This phrase is a dismissive statement indicating disbelief or skepticism towards someone’s claims or actions. It suggests that the speaker and possibly others do not trust or accept what the person is saying or doing, and they need additional evidence or support to validate their assertions. In the context of the song, it implies a lack of trust in Brandon’s words or actions, suggesting that he is not credible or trustworthy.

2. “Balloon sucking depleacher cerebral turning your brain into a swiss cheese pool”
This metaphorical phrase paints a vivid picture of someone’s mental deterioration due to drug abuse. It suggests that the individual’s brain is being depleted or damaged, likening it to a balloon losing air or a block of Swiss cheese with holes. The imagery implies a profound and negative impact on cognitive function and overall mental health, highlighting the destructive consequences of addiction.

3. “You a prankster, drug addict (reboot?) and for that, with this pen, I’ll play Max Keeble”
Here, the speaker accuses Brandon of being a prankster and a drug addict, suggesting a pattern of irresponsible or harmful behavior. The reference to “Max Keeble” likely alludes to the film “Max Keeble’s Big Move,” where the titular character takes revenge on bullies. In this context, it implies that the speaker intends to retaliate or expose Brandon’s actions through their lyrics, using their pen as a weapon to confront and challenge him.

4. “All my n!ggas legit, that bulls*it you tryna spin will never stick”
This phrase asserts the speaker’s allegiance to their group and their belief in their own authenticity and integrity. It suggests that despite Brandon’s attempts to distort or manipulate the truth, his efforts will ultimately fail to deceive or manipulate others. The speaker emphasizes the legitimacy of their own actions and the falseness of Brandon’s narrative, expressing confidence in their ability to withstand scrutiny and maintain their credibility.

5. “I believe for certain Brandon, esteem curtains”
This phrase signifies the speaker’s finality in their judgment of Brandon’s character and actions. It suggests that Brandon’s reputation or self-esteem is irreparably damaged or destroyed, symbolized by the closing of curtains. The phrase implies a sense of closure or resolution, indicating that the speaker has made a definitive conclusion about Brandon’s fate or downfall. It’s a final, condemning statement that solidifies the speaker’s disdain and contempt towards Brandon.


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