Yes Freestyle Lyrics – Sleepy Hallow

Yes Freestyle Lyrics by Sleepy Hallow is a latest English song in the voice of Sleepy Hallow. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Yes Freestyle song lyrics are also written by Sleepy Hallow. In It, the vibe is all about energy and swagger. The track kicks off with Sleepy reflecting on changes in his lifestyle, ditching weed and lean for a cleaner path. He’s surrounded by a buzzing trap house that’s still thriving, celebrating with confidence. Sleepy’s into the scene, noting a girl’s fine looks and making moves to subtract her man. He’s all about that flashy life, from designer kicks to rubbing shoulders with actresses. There’s a hint of drama too, as he navigates relationships and fame under the flashing lights. Throughout, Sleepy asserts his dominance in the rap game, dropping bars that double as Instagram captions. With catchy beats and his trademark flow, “Yes Freestyle” is a testament to Sleepy Hallow’s rise, blending personal growth with the hustle of street life.

Yes Freestyle Lyrics

[Intro: Sleepy Hallow]
Hold on, Fresh came in here and gave me a shot, bro
Trap-trap-trap-trap house still doing backflips, baby, you fine
I stopped puffing the weed, uh
I stopped sipping on lean, uh
Bro just popped two beans, uh
We don’t even smoke no weed
(Great John on the beat, by the way)

[Verse 1: Sleepy Hallow & Sheff G]
Hold on, ayy, let’s get active
Trap house still doing backflips

Baby, you fine, I find you attractive
Where your man at? Let me subtract him, ayy
Ass too fat, you be causing this traffic
Baby, you causing this madness
Looking back on what happened, was tragic
Like how I turn you to a savage
Fly like Aladdin, my sneakers say Lanvin
I’m in the back how I’m backing
I’m an actor, I’m fu*king an actress
I was fu*king your friend for some practice
I’ll pick you up, ain’t no need for the address
Girl, I hate when the cameras be flashing
Gotta pay for my love, I be taxing
Drop a song, they gon’ use it for captions
I stopped puffing on weed, uh
I stopped sipping on lean, uh
Bro just popped two beans, uh
We don’t even smoke no weed
Ask about Sleepy, he green (Yes)
B!tch, free Monny and Ceez, uh
B!tch, you don’t love me, then— uh
B!tch, you don’t love me, then leave

[Verse 2: Sheff G]
Look, baby, I’m fine, like I been relaxing

But you know I drop s*it like a laxative
Hit from behind, she love how I wax it
Use my thumb ’cause she known to get nasty
Baby, you active
Lil’ baby, you active
And she don’t need no practice
Just treat her like march, based on all the madness, look
Sliding on water, b!tch said, I be dripping
Stepping on laces, how could I be tripping?
Like how I’m standing, I’m stepping on business
No, I ain’t playing no games, no scrimmage, look
Know I’m on go, let’s get it, uh
Know I’m on go, let’s— uh, uh
Say she got dreams, let’s live it, uh
Number-one ho, she did it, yes

Yes Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

In the intro, Sleepy Hallow sets the stage with a shoutout to his friend Fresh, who gave him an opportunity. He mentions the trap house, a place synonymous with the hustle and fast-paced lifestyle. Sleepy talks about making personal changes, like quitting weed and lean, and notes his friend taking pills (“popped two beans”). This verse also credits the producer Great John (“Great John on the beat”), establishing the musical backdrop for the song.

[Verse 1]
Sleepy Hallow and Sheff G jump into the first verse with a burst of confidence and charisma. Sleepy addresses someone attractive (“baby, you fine”), playfully flirting and asserting his interest while suggesting he could replace their current partner. He compliments the person’s physical appearance (“ass too fat”) causing attention (“causing this traffic”) and excitement (“causing this madness”). Reflecting on past events, Sleepy acknowledges the drastic change in behavior, likening himself to turning someone into a “savage.” He boasts about his fashion sense and lifestyle (“Fly like Aladdin, my sneakers say Lanvin”) and hints at his involvement with actresses and relationships (“I’m fu*king an actress”). Despite his flashy lifestyle, he’s critical of the attention (“hate when the cameras be flashing”). Sleepy emphasizes his sobriety again and sends a message of support to friends (“free Monny and Ceez”).

[Verse 2]
Sheff G takes over in the second verse with a relaxed demeanor, boasting about his confidence and s*xual prowess. He describes himself as calm and cool (“I’m fine, like I been relaxing”) yet potent (“drop s*it like a laxative”). Sheff G references s*xual intimacy (“Hit from behind, she love how I wax it”) and hints at playful interactions (“Use my thumb ’cause she known to get nasty”). He praises the person’s active involvement in their relationship (“Baby, you active”) and asserts that they don’t need practice because they’re already skilled. Sheff G metaphorically describes his smooth moves and success (“Sliding on water, dripping”) while confidently managing his business (“stepping on laces, no tripping”). He’s focused on his goals (“on go, let’s get it”) and encourages pursuing dreams together. Overall, the verse portrays a mix of confidence, intimacy, and ambition in relationships and personal goals.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Trap house still doing backflips
This phrase symbolizes the energetic and successful hustle of the trap house, where business is thriving and dynamic, akin to the acrobatic feat of a backflip. It suggests that despite challenges, the trap house continues to thrive energetically, possibly referring to its ongoing success and activity.

2. “Baby, you causing this madness
Here, “causing this madness” implies that the person addressed is creating a wild and chaotic situation, likely due to their irresistible charm or disruptive impact. It indicates that the person’s presence or actions are causing excitement or commotion, adding an element of frenzy to the situation.

3. “Like how I turn you to a savage
Turning someone “to a savage” suggests influencing them to become bold, assertive, or fierce in demeanor or behavior, possibly under the speaker’s influence. It refers to the speaker’s ability to transform someone into a confident and bold individual, possibly through their lifestyle or interactions.

4. “Drop a song, they gon’ use it for captions
This line implies that the speaker’s songs are so catchy or impactful that people use their lyrics as captions on social media, highlighting their influence and popularity. It suggests that the speaker’s music resonates strongly with listeners, to the extent that they use its lyrics to express themselves on social platforms.

5. “Number-one ho, she did it, yes
This phrase celebrates someone’s achievement, possibly referring to a person who has attained a significant status or accomplishment in their endeavors. It acknowledges someone as a top achiever or successful individual, emphasizing their accomplishment with affirmation and pride.


Q. Who has sung Yes Freestyle song?
A. Yes Freestyle song is sung by Sleepy Hallow.

Q. Who wrote Yes Freestyle lyrics?
A. Yes Freestyle lyrics are penned by Sleepy Hallow.

Q. Who has given the music of Yes Freestyle song?
A. Yes Freestyle music is composed and produced by Sleepy Hallow.

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