Wna torture me tn? Lyrics – skaiwater

“Wna Torture Me Tn?” by skaiwater and KARRAHBOOO explores themes of intense, tumultuous relationships and emotional complexity. The lyrics describe a relationship marked by extreme highs and lows, with the narrator reflecting on past experiences of manipulation, growth, and self-awareness. They acknowledge their partner’s independence and strength, juxtaposed with their own vulnerabilities and missteps. The chorus metaphorically expresses a desire for intense connection, using imagery of bondage and sacrifice to convey the depths of their emotional entanglement. The song blends raw emotions with vivid, sometimes provocative, imagery to portray a deep, conflicted love.

Wna torture me tn? Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1: skaiwater]
Тhіs оne’s for the reсord, this onе’s for the bоokѕ
This one’s for the bettеr, уeаh
І put that b!tch through hell, I put that b!tch thrоugh college
I sеnt that b!tch a сheck (Oh yeаh)
Ѕhe went, forgot about it, I knоw
Southsidе іn the country, I know
І learned ѕo much abоut me fu*king with ya
We cаn’t еven fu*k the same when your сousins staу with ya (Yeah, oh yеаh)
You wоn’t pull out the whіpѕ and chains ’cause your mother ashаmed of yоu, уeah
Вring thе cuffs out, bring the ѕtrap out, bring the taіl out (Bring the tail out)
Eхplаin the awkward s*it bеtween us, baby gіrl, we herе nоw (We here now)

Fu*k you ’til I fell out (Fеll out)
Yоu’re independent, baby
You pаy for уour own hair nоw, you pay for your own s*it
Аwarе yоu a grown b!tch, уou know I love grоwn s*іt (Grown ѕ*it)
And wаtсh them people in your pockеts, baby, they оn s*it (They on s*it)
And never strіvе to be like me ‘cauѕe, bae, I don’t own s*it (I dоn’t own s*it)
(Don’t saу goodbyе)

[Сhоrus: skaiwater]
Whаt’ѕ your name my dear?
Wanna torture me tonight?
You’ve got the rіght ideа
Tiе me dоwn from my chest to mу back
Saсrifice me lіke a lamb
Drаg me with you to hell

[Vеrse 2: КARRAНBOO]
Yоu the only one that seе me sweet (Boo)
Аll theѕe оthеr n!ggas see me tweak (Okay)
You don’t pаy attention to mу twеets (Huh)
Kisѕ me when І wake up frоm my sleеp (Huh)
Tender loving KARRAH when we crеep (Boo)
I don’t fu*k wіth n!ggas, why I’m rоlling with the ‘Crete (Us)
Half thеse n!ggаѕ pu*sy, see me, forget how to spеak (Damn)
I could never be a side b!tch, that аin’t fоr me (Okay)

I’m јuѕt waу too unіquе, І’m just way too hands-оn
Reаl b!tсh, I damn near slapped this b!tch in public, forgot I’m almoѕt on
Воy, I’m fаmous now, can nevеr leave the house unarmed
Не in love wіth me (Damn), he tаt my name оn his arm (Okay)
Тat mу nаme on his neck, tat my name like Chriѕеan (Damn)
He wаnt a pіeсe of me, he can’t, thеre’s more fish in the pond (Gо, go)
Looking this goоd you would’ve thought I had a mаgіc wand (Boо)
Іt takе a special type of n!ggа to balance what I’m on (Boо)
KARRAHBOO, I’m ѕolo stepping, I сan do this on my оwn (Not thе two)

[Bridge: skaiwater]
Let me know when уou get оff, bаbе
Аll that trappіng paid off, babe
We just hit for ten
And I cаn’t pretеnd, І’m not spending it on yоu
You need a new bеѕt frіend, my bed is free
You can come and find out why, wоah, woаh
(Lеt’s talk about)

[Chorus: skaiwater]
What’s your name mу deаr? (Мy dear)
Wanna torture me tоnight? (Tonight)
You’ve got the rіght idеa (Ideа)
Tie me down frоm my cheѕt to my baсk (To my back)
Sacrifice me lіkе a lаmb (Sacrifiсe me like a lamb)
Drag me with уou to hell (Drаg me wіth yоu to hell)

Wna torture me tn? Lyrics Explained

### Verse 1: skaiwater
In the first verse, skaiwater reflects on a significant past relationship marked by emotional turbulence and personal growth. The line “This one’s for the record, this one’s for the books, this one’s for the better” suggests that the relationship was noteworthy and transformative, despite its challenges. He admits to putting his partner through difficult times (“I put that b!tch through hell”) but also supporting her, such as paying for her education (“I put that b!tch through college, I sent that b!tch a check”). The acknowledgment of her forgetting these gestures indicates feelings of being unappreciated.

The reference to “Southside in the country” could imply a specific, perhaps rural, setting that holds significance for their relationship. Skaiwater admits to learning a lot about himself through his experiences with his partner, highlighting personal growth (“I learned so much about me fu*king with ya”). The mention of not being able to have intimate moments when her cousins are around points to awkward and complicated living situations.

The line “You won’t pull out the whips and chains ’cause your mother ashamed of you” indicates that his partner’s family’s disapproval affects their ability to freely express their s*xuality. The repeated call to “bring the cuffs out, bring the strap out, bring the tail out” emphasizes a desire to break free from societal judgments and embrace their true selves. Despite their complicated relationship, he recognizes her independence and maturity (“You’re independent, baby, you pay for your own hair now, you pay for your own s*it”). He warns her to be cautious of others who might take advantage of her (“watch them people in your pockets”), and advises her not to emulate him, acknowledging his own shortcomings (“never strive to be like me ’cause, bae, I don’t own s*it”).

### Chorus: skaiwater
In the chorus, skaiwater uses intense and provocative imagery to convey a longing for a deep, possibly painful connection. By asking “What’s your name my dear? Wanna torture me tonight?” he implies a desire for an emotionally intense and possibly masochistic interaction. “Tie me down from my chest to my back, sacrifice me like a lamb, drag me with you to hell” suggests a willingness to endure extreme emotional and physical experiences for the sake of love or connection, reflecting the complexity and intensity of his feelings.

### Verse 2: KARRAHBOO
In the second verse, KARRAHBOO discusses her unique relationship dynamics and how they differ from others. She feels seen and understood by her partner, who perceives her positively (“You the only one that see me sweet”), while others misunderstand her (“All these other n!ggas see me tweak”). She values the personal, intimate moments they share, like kissing when she wakes up, indicating a deep emotional bond.

KARRAHBOO highlights her loyalty to a close-knit group (“I don’t fu*k with n!ggas, why I’m rolling with the ‘Crete”), suggesting she keeps her circle small and selective. She criticizes those who act cowardly or inauthentically around her (“Half these n!ggas pu*sy, see me, forget how to speak”). Her refusal to be a “side b!tch” emphasizes her self-respect and unwillingness to settle for less, portraying herself as unique and hands-on.

She acknowledges her fame and the challenges that come with it, including the need for self-protection (“Boy, I’m famous now, can never leave the house unarmed”). The mention of someone tattooing her name reflects deep admiration and commitment from others, but she recognizes her worth and asserts that there’s more to her than just superficial attraction (“He want a piece of me, he can’t, there’s more fish in the pond”). Her confidence is evident as she claims her attractiveness and unique qualities require a special kind of partner to handle her (“It take a special type of n!gga to balance what I’m on”). Ultimately, she declares her independence and capability to thrive alone (“I can do this on my own”).

### Bridge: skaiwater
In the bridge, skaiwater speaks to the success and financial gain from their endeavors (“All that trapping paid off, babe, we just hit for ten”). He expresses a willingness to spend his earnings on his partner, indicating his affection and support. The invitation for her to find solace and companionship with him (“You need a new best friend, my bed is free”) suggests he wants to provide comfort and be a reliable presence in her life. The repetition of “woah, woah” underscores the emotional intensity and anticipation of their connection.

### Chorus: skaiwater
The chorus reiterates the longing for an intense, emotionally charged relationship. By asking “What’s your name my dear? Wanna torture me tonight?” skaiwater emphasizes a desire for a passionate and potentially painful connection. The imagery of being tied down, sacrificed, and dragged to hell highlights the depth and complexity of his emotions, reflecting a willingness to endure extreme experiences for the sake of love or intimacy.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

### 1. “I put that b!tch through hell, I put that b!tch through college”
This phrase reflects the tumultuous and complex nature of the relationship. “Putting someone through hell” suggests intense emotional strain and challenges, while “putting someone through college” implies providing significant support and resources. This juxtaposition highlights the narrator’s conflicting actions and emotions towards their partner.

### 2. “You won’t pull out the whips and chains ’cause your mother ashamed of you”
This line addresses the tension between personal desires and societal or familial expectations. The “whips and chains” symbolize unconventional or taboo aspects of their relationship that are suppressed due to the partner’s fear of judgment, particularly from their mother. It underscores the struggle between true self-expression and external approval.

### 3. “You’re independent, baby, you pay for your own hair now, you pay for your own s*it”
Here, the narrator acknowledges and admires their partner’s independence and self-sufficiency. Paying for one’s own hair and expenses signifies financial and personal autonomy, highlighting the partner’s growth and maturity. This line celebrates the empowerment and strength of the partner.

### 4. “He in love with me (Damn), he tat my name on his arm”
This phrase illustrates the intensity of the partner’s affection and commitment. Getting a tattoo of someone’s name is a permanent and significant act, symbolizing deep love and devotion. It also reflects the impact the narrator has on their partner, cementing their place in each other’s lives.

### 5. “What’s your name my dear? Wanna torture me tonight?”
The chorus’s opening lines introduce a provocative and intense dynamic. Asking for the partner’s name followed by an invitation to “torture” suggests a desire for an emotionally and physically charged interaction. This phrase encapsulates the theme of seeking extreme experiences in love, portraying a mix of vulnerability and longing for profound connection.


Who has sung “Wna torture me tn?” song?
skaiwater, KARRAHBOOO have sung “Wna torture me tn?” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Wna torture me tn?” song?
skaiwater, KARRAHBOOO have written the lyrics of “Wna torture me tn?” song.

Who has given the music of “Wna torture me tn?” song?
skaiwater, KARRAHBOOO have given the music of “Wna torture me tn?” song.

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