Unusual Slander “Free3.0” Lyrics – YFG FATSO

Unusual Slander “Free3.0” Lyrics by YFG FATSO is a latest English song in the voice of YFG FATSO. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Unusual Slander “free3.0” song lyrics are also written by YFG FATSO. Unusual Slander ‘Free3.0’ by YFG FATSO is a raw and candid track about his street life and experiences. He starts by acknowledging his return and asserts his presence. He talks about not mistreating women unless they disrespect his money, being around drug users, and facing challenges from rivals. He mentions being cautious with his rap style and staying aware of those looking for him. The song reflects his reality of dealing with legal issues, seeking wealth and power, and maintaining loyalty to his crew. Despite past struggles, he’s focused on success and staying true to his roots while addressing detractors and staying prepared for any conflict.

Unusual Slander “Free3.0” Lyrics

Y’all know what’s going on, y’all know how I’m coming, man
Free 3.0, man, I’m finna be back real soon
You know what’s going on
* * *, going on

I don’t treat women wrong, but I can’t treat them hoes don’t like my money
I’m with fiends inside a dog house ’cause of my b!tch, bro, if you looking for m
otta switch how I rap, they gon’ say Lil Go sound like corny
I’m outside on Princeton block, n!ggas be lying saying they looking for me

Hail Mary, 2Pac, I’m in Dubai if the jakes start looking for me
White b!tch play with her nose, she love this s*it, I’ma make her cook it for me
How wanna play with the Reapers? Shorty ‘nem reap s*it, they take souls
Cook on the stove, AP frozen, after I’m done, I need you to book this for me
Can’t wait ’til I get Ms, I’m taking my can, I’ll never forget lil’ buddy
Stay wanna lie in his raps, that boy don’t clap, heard Scoom put a diss out for me
N!ggas play four-v-one and I know it’s a press, I be quick tryna click the button
‘Member when I was kid, I didn’t wanna beg, I was quick to go steal me something
Yeah, but now I got money and power, I’m changing the way
Folks got a Gen5, four more, a Gen9, quick to put ten mil’ over his face
I lost ten, they put me back on the band, lost another ten, brand new case
I like Gens, ARP snug the fit, but I’d rather bounce out with a Drac’, come on
They broke, they ain’t getting no money
Laughed at me, now look at who funny
Diamond, your son been up to something
Saying I’m broke, that’s a bad assumption
Bang out, middle of the block, broad day, we don’t give no fu*k how it go down, we bumping
Bang out, middle of the block, broad day, tryna swing his chop, my Drac’ was thumping
G-O-S-K-I-I-I-I-I, a bad motherfu*ker
Every day, I get high-high-high-high-high, I’m always ‘Wood tucking
Suck it good and I’m gon’ pay you dubs, don’t be no wood chucker
Family matter, I’m young and paid good, they wish I would trust ’em
But it’s me, I cannot
All this s*it I gained come off the block
Socks hold my rocks

Paper came fast, I made a lot
All them cars that bronem striked out, need a lot
Need ’em sitting for that random spinning, make them b!tches hot


Unusual Slander “Free3.0” Lyrics Meaning

In the intro, YFG FATSO is setting the stage by confidently announcing his return. He’s letting everyone know that he’s coming back strong and soon, reinforcing his presence and reputation. It’s a bold statement of his resilience and readiness to get back in the game.

In the verse, YFG FATSO dives deep into his life and experiences. He starts by clarifying that while he doesn’t mistreat women, he doesn’t have time for those who disrespect his money. He finds himself in rough environments, sometimes due to the company he keeps, but he’s unapologetic about it.

He acknowledges that he needs to switch up his rap style to avoid sounding repetitive or corny. He points out that people falsely claim to be looking for him while he’s out and about in his neighborhood. If law enforcement ever starts searching for him, he has a plan to flee to Dubai, drawing a parallel to 2Pac’s “Hail Mary.”

He talks about a white woman who uses drügs, indicating a transactional relationship where he benefits from her addiction. He mentions the Reapers, likely his crew, who are known for their ruthlessness. He’s in control, cooking drügs on the stove, and he needs his activities to be well-coordinated and booked.

YFG FATSO expresses his anticipation for future wealth, and he’s determined to take care of his people, never forgetting those who stood by him. He criticizes other rappers who lie in their lyrics, mentioning a specific diss track aimed at him.

He recalls how, as a child, he resorted to stealing instead of begging. Now, with money and power, he’s changed his approach to life. He describes the weapons he and his crew use, emphasizing their readiness for any confrontation. Losing money to legal issues is a recurring struggle, but he remains resilient.

He prefers certain firearms for their effectiveness and expresses disdain for those who are broke and laughed at him in the past. Now, he finds it ironic that he’s successful while they’re not. He addresses a specific person, Diamond, mentioning their son’s troublesome behavior and denying any assumptions that he’s broke.

He describes violent confrontations happening in broad daylight, showing his fearlessness. His weapon, a “Drac,” is powerful and effective. He proudly claims the title “G-O-S-K-I-I-I-I-I,” emphasizing his toughness. He admits to frequently getting high and always being prepared.

He’s willing to pay for s*xual favors, but he doesn’t want to deal with anyone who can’t meet his standards. Family is important to him, but he’s cautious about whom he trusts. He emphasizes that everything he has achieved came from his hard life on the streets.

He keeps his drügs hidden in his socks, and his wealth came quickly once he found success. He needs multiple cars for different purposes, particularly to avoid police attention. Overall, YFG FATSO paints a vivid picture of his gritty life, his rise to power, and his uncompromising attitude toward challenges and rivals.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “I don’t treat women wrong, but I can’t treat them hoes don’t like my money
He respects women in general but won’t tolerate those who disrespect his financial hustle. It’s about maintaining respect and setting boundaries with people who don’t value him or his efforts.

2. “Hail Mary, 2Pac, I’m in Dubai if the jakes start looking for me
This means if the police start hunting for him, he’ll escape to Dubai, similar to 2Pac’s “Hail Mary.” It’s his way of saying he has a plan to avoid trouble and stay ahead of the law.

3. “Cook on the stove, AP frozen, after I’m done, I need you to book this for me
He’s cooking drügs while wearing an expensive Audemars Piguet watch (“AP frozen”), and he needs everything coordinated smoothly. This shows his involvement in illegal activities and the need for precision.

4. “Yeah, but now I got money and power, I’m changing the way
Reflecting on his past struggles, he highlights how his current wealth and influence have transformed his life. He’s no longer the person who had to steal to survive; now, he has control and singerity.

5. “Bang out, middle of the block, broad day, we don’t give no fu*k how it go down, we bumping
He describes being involved in violent confrontations in broad daylight, showing his fearlessness and readiness to face any conflict head-on. It emphasizes his bold and daring nature in dangerous situations.


Q. Who has sung Unusual Slander “Free3.0” song?
A. Unusual Slander “Free3.0” song is sung by YFG FATSO.

Q. Who wrote Unusual Slander “Free3.0” lyrics?
A. Unusual Slander “Free3.0” lyrics are penned by YFG FATSO.

Q. Who has given the music of Unusual Slander “Free3.0” song?
A. Unusual Slander “Free3.0” music is composed and produced by YFG FATSO.

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