TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) Lyrics (English Translation) – Ankhal

“TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel)” by Ankhal is a diss track where Ankhal aggressively calls out Noriel, accusing him of being weak and irrelevant. He mocks Noriel’s career and personal life, portraying himself as dominant and superior in the trap music scene. The song is filled with braggadocio, threats, and boasts about Ankhal’s own prowess and success. He underscores his message by repeatedly using the phrase “finger down,” signaling Noriel’s downfall and Ankhal’s victory.

TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation) Lyrics

Bring it down to everyone
Tighten the nut, this is not what he deserves, we dedicate ourselves to continuing like this
If we don’t squeeze everything, we’re never going to fall in love like K—
Mera, what the hell is happening to this creep?
A talkative ‘s*it ba*tard, daddy, we’re going to make you s*it’, did you hear?, hold the pressure
And since Nobody Knows Us (Ah)
F*k you! (ILikeThat; uh)

The Lord of Death is in a boat and is looking for Noriel who is swimming

Uh, asking for help for the danger, it’s not dangerous now
I didn’t know he was a pirate, well now I’m teaching you (Ah)
Leave the cry’era, rascabicho, what there is is finger down (Hey)

[Verse 1]
I’m going to go over you with the boat
So that the engine breaks your body with the elices’ (Grr)
My brother, you don’t stay afloat, not even gargling with the milk of the elite.
Ba*tard, you can make my apprentice (Yeih)
Listening to this you’re going to be screwed (What?)
I recommend wearing glasses, this is going to cause an eclipse
Noriel I notice you are down, listen to a verse of mine to make you emperique
And with this he is not back to ‘being in pa’, ah
Not even if he makes you do yoga, not even if he meditates.
It cannot be that a disabled person weakens you.
You no longer sound global or on the island where you grew up (Weh)
Finger down, you haven’t changed the run down for almost a decade
In all the events it is the same, it has the fans enzorra’o
This is like Anonimu’ with the past frustrated, -a’o
And now people shout “finger down”
You went out in PR and went to another place
He doesn’t have four babies because everyone left him
I told you, ba*tard
I am the best of all time
Your brother is snoring and we’re going to drag him all the way down the 6-5 to Fajardo

They don’t know the pirates, but they are calling to make sure that something doesn’t happen to them (Do you understand me?; uh)
‘Stop, have you been rapping for how long? Since 2011, that is, I was 11 years old?
When you were starting out, I’ve been writing since I was 13, now I’m 23, daddy, I’m teaching you how to mop
Your DNA is weak, you can’t beat me
I’m going to lend you one of my chairs because I’m going to sit you down to take class.
The trap boss, boss, we put him to cape (Grr)
So you want me to snore, you want me to snore
You look small, I’m going to make you take shade under my balls.
I’m going to give you a burnout in the face with my rubber
This is so that the old people and the New Wave respect me
Come out, what happened? You’re snoring us, who’s showing up? (Hey)
In the first round Noriel is touching the canvas (Brr)
I break the platforms’ whatever
And you with your two legs have never made a Choli or a Coca-Cola
Ba*tard, they robbed you and according to you you are a gangsta
Baby Rasta and Gringo are the toughest in La Monja
They also told me that you screwed Juanka
The yellow Porsche takes publishing, it is for sale
But if you’re not that stupid, ba*tard
They bought it for 22 and sold it to you for 40 (Ah)
You are more s*it than Tempo, who spends his time snoring with the coast
Mine’ catch shh—, yours’ lobster’

Acho, go to hell
I’m done smoking this ba*tard
A *** b!tch (Ah)
I know that I am the best in the world
I did this to show you that times change and children grow up, don’t be confused.
“Trap Island, Trap Island” what is Trap Island, motherfu*ker?
Pirate Trap! (Fu*k, fu*k)

The Lord of Death is in a boat and is looking for Noriel who is swimming
Uh, asking for help for the danger, it’s not dangerous now
I didn’t know he was a pirate, well now I’m teaching you (Ah)
Leave the cry’era, scratcher, what’s there is finger down (Hey)

Finger down, fi-fi—, fi-fi— fi-fi—, finger down
Fi-fi—, finger down, fi-fi—, fi-fi— fi-fi—, finger down, heh

[Outro: Those of Anti-Judaz]
Mera, tell me, Ankhalino
We are the pirates ‘who give’ to him and his group with the Valentinos
And don’t get rude, they know who’s talking to them
Sincerely, El Brutito
Mera, Ankhal
I know that we are Anti-Judah to the core
That we really do *** car by car, we’ll get out and let them hit these ba*tards
Your country’s ***
Mera, tell me, Lino
That not *** much
*** over there, did you hear?
And remember that we’re the real pirates, you hear? oh
Álo, Ankhal, here’s the Anti-Juda, daddy, from Montebrisa, you already know, let’s take it off with ***
That *** on the shore *** a lot of suspicion *** in the house, brr
Mera, brother, go to the fire, you already know who is talking to you
I’m walking around with a 47 with a lot of ‘comb’, crazy ‘and turning it on wherever
You know that we’ve got it pretty hot from M to Vista Hermosa
Anti-Judaism to the core

TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation) Lyrics Explained

The introduction sets a confrontational tone, addressing the audience and tightening the metaphorical screws on Noriel, whom Ankhal considers undeserving of respect. Ankhal emphasizes persistence and intensity, suggesting that if they don’t apply maximum pressure, they’ll never achieve the desired impact. He mocks Noriel as a talkative, annoying person, promising to humiliate him. Ankhal declares that even though they may not be well-known, they will still bring the heat and disdain for Noriel.

In the chorus, Ankhal paints a vivid picture of Noriel in danger, likening him to a swimmer being pursued by the Lord of Death in a boat. Noriel’s cries for help are dismissed as no longer effective. Ankhal uses this imagery to assert his dominance and teach Noriel a harsh lesson, urging him to stop whining and accept his defeat, symbolized by the “finger down” gesture.

Verse 1
In this lengthy verse, Ankhal intensifies his attack on Noriel, using violent imagery to emphasize his superiority. He describes metaphorically running over Noriel with a boat, breaking him down completely. Ankhal asserts that Noriel cannot stay afloat, even with elite support, and mocks him by suggesting he could only serve as Ankhal’s apprentice. He predicts that listening to this verse will devastate Noriel and compares himself to an eclipse, overshadowing Noriel’s presence.

Ankhal notes Noriel’s decline, offering a verse to motivate him, but doubts it will help. He criticizes Noriel’s lack of global and local relevance, highlighting how he has stagnated over the years. Ankhal compares Noriel to other frustrated artists and claims the fans have turned against him, chanting “finger down.” He ridicules Noriel for leaving Puerto Rico and losing his children, boasting about his own greatness.

Ankhal recalls his early start in music and how he has outpaced Noriel, calling his DNA weak and challenging his abilities. He offers to “teach” Noriel, positioning himself as the true boss of trap music. Ankhal belittles Noriel, describing him as small and weak, deserving of disrespect. He boasts about causing a stir in the music scene, criticizing Noriel for never achieving significant milestones like performing at big venues.

Ankhal accuses Noriel of being a fake gangster and references other respected artists, insinuating that Noriel has betrayed them. He mocks Noriel’s financial decisions, highlighting a bad deal involving a yellow Porsche. Ankhal concludes by comparing Noriel unfavorably to another artist, Tempo, and dismissing Noriel’s crew as inferior.

In the interlude, Ankhal expresses his satisfaction with his verbal takedown of Noriel. He reiterates his belief in his superiority, asserting that he is the best in the world. Ankhal uses this segment to emphasize that times change, children grow up, and Noriel should not be confused about his current standing. He mocks the concept of “Trap Island,” branding it as “Pirate Trap” and dismissing it with profanity.

The chorus repeats, reinforcing the imagery of the Lord of Death pursuing Noriel, who is now helpless and no longer dangerous. Ankhal reiterates his role as a teacher, emphasizing that Noriel must stop crying and accept his defeat, symbolized by the “finger down” gesture.

In this brief segment, Ankhal repeatedly chants “finger down,” emphasizing Noriel’s defeat and signaling the end of his relevance. This repetitive chant serves to drill in the finality of Noriel’s downfall.

In the outro, Ankhal and his crew, referred to as “Those of Anti-Judaz,” declare their dominance. They portray themselves as pirates ready to confront Noriel and his group. El Brutito, another member, emphasizes their hardcore attitude and readiness to confront any challenge. They promise to deal with Noriel’s group aggressively and assert their presence in the music scene.

Ankhal and his crew identify themselves as true pirates, committed to taking down their rivals. They convey a sense of territorial control, mentioning their readiness to handle any situation. The outro reinforces their collective identity and dominance, with a warning to their enemies that they are well-armed and ready for conflict, emphasizing their hardcore, uncompromising nature.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Bring it down to everyone”
Ankhal is rallying his audience, suggesting they should all focus on bringing Noriel down. It’s a call to action to spread the word about Noriel’s supposed failings and unite against him.

2. “The Lord of Death is in a boat and is looking for Noriel who is swimming”
This line depicts Noriel in a perilous situation, being pursued by a powerful and deadly force. It symbolizes Noriel’s vulnerability and the imminent danger he faces from Ankhal’s wrath.

3. “Leave the cry’era, rascabicho, what there is is finger down”
Ankhal tells Noriel to stop whining and accept his defeat. The “finger down” gesture represents Noriel’s failure and humiliation in the face of Ankhal’s dominance.

4. “I’m going to go over you with the boat so that the engine breaks your body with the elices'”
Using violent imagery, Ankhal threatens to utterly destroy Noriel, metaphorically running him over with a boat and breaking his body. This showcases Ankhal’s intent to completely overpower Noriel.

5. “Your DNA is weak, you can’t beat me”
Ankhal claims that Noriel is inherently inferior, suggesting that his very nature is weak. This highlights Ankhal’s confidence in his own superiority and strength in the music scene.

6. “In the first round Noriel is touching the canvas”
Comparing their conflict to a boxing match, Ankhal declares that Noriel is already defeated in the first round. This underscores Noriel’s perceived weakness and Ankhal’s confidence in his victory.

7. “I did this to show you that times change and children grow up, don’t be confused”
Ankhal asserts that he has grown and evolved over time, while implying that Noriel has not. This line serves as a reminder that Ankhal is no longer the underdog but a dominant force.


Who has sung “TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation)” song?
Ankhal has sung “TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation)” song?
Ankhal has written the lyrics of “TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation)” song.

Who has given the music of “TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation)” song?
Ankhal has given the music of “TRAP ISLAND (RIP Noriel) (English Translation)” song.

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