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“Thrown Around” by James Blake delves into the complexities of modern life and the struggle to maintain authenticity amidst societal pressures. Blake reflects on the intertwining of wealth and health, noting the dissonance between societal norms and personal fulfillment. The song explores themes of alienation and longing for connection, juxtaposed with a sense of familiarity in chaos. Blake’s introspective lyrics touch on existential themes, portraying a yearning for meaning and understanding in a world that often feels overwhelming and fragmented. Through its haunting melody and poignant lyrics, “Thrown Around” captures the essence of emotional turbulence and the quest for identity in a constantly shifting reality.

Thrown Around Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Getting to my wealth is getting to my health
Couldn’t be myself for long
Getting to my wealth
Everything that’s right
Everything that’s right is wrong
As an animal
Programmed or it’s not programmed
There’s a gun in the small of my back
An itch you can’t scratch that takes me all
Takes me all over the world

Gets me thrown around
Gets me thrown around
(Gets me thrown around)
(Gets you thrown around)

(Around, around, around)
(Around, around, around, around)
(Around, around, around, around)

[Verse 2]
I live for a call back
History loves to rhyme
So I look to the past
For everything lasting

Gets me thrown around
Gets me thrown around

(Around, around, around, around)
(Around, around, around, around)

[Verse 3]
It’s an itch that nietsche can’t reach
The vicar can’t preach
The guru can’t teach
It’s all at my feet
The need to be seen
Is turning us green
I find and they keep
They’re living my dream
I live on my screen
They’re skimming my cream
But they take me all over the world

Thrown around

Gets me thrown around
Gets me thrown around

[Verse 4]
I’m familiar like the cold
Like a bursting pipe
Like a bar fight
I’m familiar like a late train
Like the sentiment
Of a film I’ve seen again and again
And again and again in my mind
In my mind

Thrown Around Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse of “Thrown Around” by James Blake addresses the interconnection between material wealth and personal well-being. Blake suggests that striving for wealth often compromises one’s authenticity and inner peace, symbolized by the inability to remain true to oneself. The repetition of “Getting to my wealth” emphasizes the relentless pursuit of monetary success despite its detrimental effects. Blake also touches on the existential dilemma of human nature, questioning whether individuals are inherently programmed for certain behaviors. The metaphor of a gun at the small of the back symbolizes a constant threat or pressure, while the itch represents a deep-seated desire or compulsion that drives one to traverse the world in pursuit of fulfillment.

The chorus succinctly expresses the feeling of being tossed or unsettled by life’s challenges or circumstances. It reflects a sense of disorientation and vulnerability in the face of adversity, echoed by the repetition of “Gets me thrown around.”

The post-chorus consists of repetitive phrases, emphasizing the cyclical nature of being thrown around or experiencing upheaval.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, Blake delves into the concept of seeking validation and meaning through past experiences. The mention of living for a call back suggests a longing for recognition or acknowledgment, while the reference to history rhyming implies a search for patterns or continuity in life.

Reiterates the feeling of being tossed around or unsettled.

Repeats the cyclical nature of upheaval and disorientation.

[Verse 3]
Blake’s lyrics in this verse explore the insatiable nature of desire and the quest for significance. He references influential figures like Nietzsche, a philosopher, the vicar, a religious figure, and a guru, suggesting that even their wisdom or guidance may fall short in addressing the complexities of human longing. The imagery of being at one’s feet symbolizes a sense of powerlessness or submission to external forces. Additionally, the need for recognition and validation is depicted as a source of envy and dissatisfaction, leading to a reliance on virtual interactions and the perpetuation of unfulfilled aspirations.

The bridge serves as a brief interlude, emphasizing the feeling of being thrown around or unsettled.

Echoes the sentiment of being tossed or unsettled by life’s challenges.

[Verse 4]
In the final verse, Blake draws parallels between familiar sensations and experiences, likening them to recurring themes in life. The cold, a bursting pipe, and a bar fight evoke imagery of discomfort and conflict, while a late train and repetitive films symbolize the monotony and predictability of certain experiences. These repeated motifs suggest a sense of resignation or acceptance of life’s cyclical nature, even amidst chaos and uncertainty.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Getting to my wealth is getting to my health
This phrase reflects the idea that the pursuit of material wealth often comes at the expense of one’s physical and mental well-being. It suggests a connection between financial success and personal health, implying that the stress and pressure associated with wealth accumulation can negatively impact overall wellness.

2. Everything that’s right is wrong
Here, Blake contemplates the paradoxical nature of societal norms and values. He suggests that what is considered “right” by conventional standards may, in fact, lead to undesirable outcomes or feelings of dissatisfaction. This phrase challenges the notion of absolute morality and highlights the subjective nature of right and wrong.

3. There’s a gun in the small of my back
This metaphorical expression conveys a sense of vulnerability or threat lurking in the background. The image of a gun at one’s back suggests a constant sense of danger or pressure, perhaps from external forces or internal struggles. It symbolizes the burden or weight of unseen challenges that one must navigate in life.

4. I live on my screen
This phrase captures the modern phenomenon of living vicariously through digital devices and virtual interactions. It reflects the pervasive influence of technology on contemporary lifestyles, where individuals increasingly rely on screens for entertainment, connection, and validation. It also suggests a detachment from physical reality, highlighting the allure and escapism offered by the digital realm.

5. I’m familiar like the cold
In this comparison, Blake equates his familiarity to the sensation of coldness. The cold is a universally recognized feeling, often associated with discomfort or isolation. By likening himself to the cold, Blake conveys a sense of emotional distance or detachment, suggesting that he is familiar with feelings of loneliness or estrangement. This phrase evokes a mood of melancholy and introspection, reflecting on the familiarity of emotional states.


Who has sung “Thrown Around” song?
James Blake has sung “Thrown Around” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Thrown Around” song?
James Blake has written the lyrics of “Thrown Around” song.

Who has given the music of “Thrown Around” song?
James Blake has given the music of “Thrown Around” song.

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