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Supernatural Lyrics (English Translation) by NewJeans is a latest Korean song in the voice of NewJeans. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Supernatural song lyrics are also written by NewJeans. It is a song about reconnection and deepening emotions under a starry sky. It explores second chances and the uncertainty of feelings, yet holds onto hope and a belief in something magical. The lyrics express a desire to understand and find clarity amidst confusion, emphasizing the mystical and joyful aspects of love.

Supernatural (English Translation) Lyrics

[Intro: Pharrell Williams]
Come on

[Verse 1: Danielle & Haerin]
Stormy night, cloudy sky
In the moment, you and I
One more chance
You and I will be together again
I will be together

[Pre-Chorus: Hanni, Hyein, Danielle & Minji]
My feelings are getting deeper

I’m not sure what you think
I gotta see the meaning of it

[Chorus: Hanni & Hyein]
I don’t know what we’ve done
I’m not sure what you think I already know
Don’t know what we’ve been sold
I’ll find it
So it’s sure

[Verse 2: Minji & Haerin]
Golden moon, diamond stars
In a moment, you and I
Second chance, can’t be helped
Just wait a little longer
I’ll see the meaning of it

[Pre-Chorus: Danielle, Hyein, Haerin & Hanni]
My feeling’s getting deeper
I’ll see the meaning of it

[Chorus: Danielle & Minji]
I don’t know what we’ve done
I already know
Don’t know what we’ve been sold
You can find it

So it’s sure

[Bridge: Hyein & Minji]
It’s supernatural
It’s supernatural

[Verse 3: Hanni & Hyein]
I’m so happy
I’m so happy
Attention we should pay
To what is coming through
We had no idea, it’s crystal clear
Love is here, sitting next to you

[Outro: Minji & Hanni]
Me and you
Golden moon, diamond stars
In a moment, we unite


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Supernatural (English Translation) Lyrics Meaning

Pharrell Williams encourages excitement and engagement, setting a lively tone with the phrase “Come on” and a melodic “Ah-ah.”

[Verse 1]
Danielle and Haerin describe a moment under a stormy night and cloudy sky, expressing hope for another opportunity to be together and reaffirming their bond.

Hanni, Hyein, Danielle, and Minji reflect on deepening emotions, unsure of their partner’s thoughts, and seeking clarity in understanding the significance of their feelings.

Hanni and Hyein express uncertainty about their actions and what their partner may already know or understand, emphasizing the need to discover the truth and ensure their feelings are mutual.

[Verse 2]
Minji and Haerin evoke a romantic scene under a starry sky, hoping for a second chance despite inevitable challenges, and patiently awaiting clarity on their situation.

Danielle, Hyein, Haerin, and Hanni delve deeper into their emotions, anticipating understanding and clarity about their feelings and their relationship.

Danielle and Minji continue to ponder their actions and what they might have missed, encouraging their partner to search for answers and ensure their love is secure.

Hyein and Minji describe the love they feel as something extraordinary and beyond explanation, emphasizing its mystical and undeniable nature.

[Verse 3]
Hanni and Hyein express overwhelming happiness and clarity, realizing the importance of paying attention to their emotions and recognizing that love is unmistakably present in their lives.

Minji and Hanni reflect on the unity they feel under the beauty of a night sky adorned with a golden moon and diamond stars, symbolizing their connection and shared happiness.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Come on (Ah-ah)
Encouraging enthusiasm and engagement, urging someone to join in or participate with a lively and inviting tone.

2. “One more chance
Expressing hope for another opportunity to reconnect or reconcile with someone, emphasizing a desire to be together again.

3. “It’s supernatural
Describing a profound and mystical experience, suggesting that the feelings or connection between two people transcend ordinary explanation or understanding.

4. “Love is here, sitting next to you
Acknowledging the presence and significance of love in a moment of realization, emphasizing its closeness and importance in one’s life.


Q. Who has sung Supernatural (English Translation) song?
A. Supernatural (English Translation) song is sung by NewJeans.

Q. Who wrote Supernatural (English Translation) lyrics?
A. Supernatural (English Translation) lyrics are penned by NewJeans.

Q. Who has given the music of Supernatural (English Translation) song?
A. Supernatural (English Translation) music is composed and produced by NewJeans.

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