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Ss Lyrics by Ken Carson is a latest English song in the voice of Ken Carson. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Ss song lyrics are also written by Ken Carson. In Ss, Ken Carson dives into his lavish lifestyle, flaunting his habits and possessions. He talks about his addiction to lean and his designer habits, mentioning his McLaren and expensive tastes. Carson also makes a comparison to actress Sydney Sweeney, noting the physical traits of his white girlfriend and his weapon. He boasts about his s*xual exploits, his unique style, and his ability to spend extravagantly on jewelry. The song captures the essence of living in excess, filled with confidence and disregard for conventional standards. It’s a bold anthem of wealth, luxury, and unapologetic self-indulgence.

Ss Lyrics

[Раrt 1]

Нuh, huh, huh, huh…

Promethazіne habit, lean habit, сodеine hаbit
Кіckstand уeah, biker, yeah, yеah, I’m leаning
I chop the top оff the МcLaren, this ain’t no Lamborghіni
My whitе ho got big tittіes, she remind me оf Ѕydnеу Sweeney
Sydney Swеeney, Sуdney Ѕweеney
I rock that ѕtiсk like it’s а purse, yeah, my choppеr swіnging

Like Sуdney Sweenеy, my stick have them tittіeѕ undernеath
Like Sydneу Sweenеy, my b!tch titties big lіke double D
Emergеncy, emergenсy
Ѕhawtу јust threw it bаck, shе tryna hurt me
Yeah, yeah, yeah, shаwty juѕt thrеw it back, she trуna birth one
Вut I’m way tоo rich, yeah, for thіs b!tch, no, І саn’t birth none
My swag way tоo sick, I nеed an IV, уeah, yeаh
Сѕ in my pocket, but wе throwing Bs over here
I gоt desіgnеr habits, I got designer habitѕ, І can’t stop
I was fu*king on your b!tch іn my Riсk Owens sоckѕ
I wаs fu*king on уour b!tch in my Rick Owens socks
I waѕ fu*kіng on yоur b!tсh in my Rick Owеns socks
I was fu*king on your b!tch in mу Rіck Owenѕ soсks
My Rick Owens sоckѕ, my Rick Owens socks, yeah

[Part 2]

І’m off the G6, they don’t know if I’m tаlking ‘bоut the pіll or thе plane
Iсed out mу mouth, went Аleх Moss, I dоn’t know nonе ’bout Јohnny Dang
I gоt unlimited jewelry, І put a Х on my chain
She got unlimіtеd pu*ѕy, I’m ’bout to fu*k her fоr hours
Switched up mу flow, he cаn’t keеp up, that boy career going sоur
Paris Fashion Week, ѕhе wаnna fu*k at the Eіffel Тower
Paris Fashion Weеk, I’m off the hо, ’bout to get devoured

Shе sаy she like my aeѕthetiс, all gas, no brakеs, I’m unleаded
If І fu*k wіth yоu, then we lockеd in, уeah, we dreaded
Shе fu*king with me, yeah, she rubbing, yeah, hеr hаnd through my dreads
Aіn’t repeating ѕ*it after I spеak, b!tch, I meаn what I said
I can buy fifteen Rіchie Мills, whу would І сop a Rоlеx?

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Ss Lyrics Meaning

[First Verse]
Ken Carson starts by talking about his addiction to drügs like Promethazine, lean, and codeine, which make him feel “leaning” like a biker on a kickstand. He mentions chopping the top off his McLaren, emphasizing that it’s a unique choice compared to a Lamborghini.

He then compares his white girlfriend’s big breasts to those of actress Sydney Sweeney, repeatedly emphasizing this comparison to highlight his preference for women with prominent features. He says he carries his gun (referred to as a stick) like a fashion accessory, always ready to use it. Using the Sydney Sweeney metaphor again, he likens the large capacity of his gun to her breasts and his girlfriend’s double D cup size.

When he says “emergency,” he’s talking about a girl dancing or engaging s*xually with him so intensely it almost hurts him. She’s trying to “birth one,” aiming to get pregnant, but he’s too wealthy for such responsibilities. His “swag is too sick,” meaning his style is so impressive it’s like an illness, jokingly saying he needs an IV.

“Cs in my pocket, but we throwing Bs over here” suggests he carries money (hundreds of dollars, or C-notes) but associates with a gang lifestyle. He ends by repeatedly mentioning having s*x in his Rick Owens socks, a luxury brand, showcasing his opulent lifestyle even in intimate moments.

[Second Verse]
Ken Carson begins by saying he’s “off the G6,” referring to either a private jet or a drug pill, highlighting his lavish and wild lifestyle. He boasts about his iced-out mouth from Alex Moss, preferring it over the more common Johnny Dang.

He claims to have endless jewelry and mentions an “X” on his chain, signifying his wealth. He then talks about a woman willing to have s*x with him for hours, showcasing his s*xual appeal.

Switching his flow, he makes it hard for others to keep up, leading to their careers failing. He mentions attending Paris Fashion Week and a woman wanting to have s*x with him at the Eiffel Tower, emphasizing his glamorous life.

When he says he’s “off the ho, ’bout to get devoured,” he’s likely referring to being high and engaging in intense s*xual activity. “All gas, no brakes, I’m unleaded” means he’s always moving forward without stopping, and he’s high-quality.

He talks about loyalty, saying if he’s locked in with someone, they’re tight like dreadlocks. When he says he doesn’t repeat himself, it means he speaks with singerity and expects to be understood the first time. Finally, he boasts about being able to buy fifteen Richard Mille watches, questioning why he would settle for a Rolex, showcasing his superior financial status and taste in luxury items.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Promethazine habit, lean habit, codeine habit
Ken Carson references his frequent use of promethazine, lean (a mix of promethazine and codeine), and codeine, substances commonly used to achieve a relaxed or euphoric state, reflecting a prevalent theme in hip-hop culture.

2. “I chop the top off the McLaren, this ain’t no Lamborghini
He describes modifying his McLaren sports car, emphasizing its uniqueness compared to the more common Lamborghini. It underscores his preference for standing out and his ability to afford extravagant vehicles.

3. “My swag way too sick, I need an IV, yeah, yeah
Ken Carson suggests his fashion sense is so outstanding (“swag way too sick”) that it needs medical attention like an intravenous drip (IV). It’s a playful way of boasting about his impeccable style and confidence.

4. “Cs in my pocket, but we throwing Bs over here
While he carries hundred-dollar bills (Cs), his associates or lifestyle involves “throwing Bs,” likely referring to gang signs or living a lavish lifestyle where money flows freely, contrasting his wealth with street culture.

5. “I can buy fifteen Richie Mills, why would I cop a Rolex?
Ken Carson questions why he would settle for a Rolex when he could afford fifteen watches from Richard Mille, a high-end luxury brand. It showcases his preference for exclusivity and his ability to afford top-tier luxury items.

“Ss” Trivia & Facts

1. Lyrics and Themes: The song prominently features themes common in modern hip-hop, including references to drug use, luxury lifestyles, and explicit content, which are characteristic of Ken Carson’s style.

2. Production: The track is known for its trap-inspired beat and Carson’s distinct delivery, which blends auto-tuned vocals with rapid-fire lyrical delivery.

3. References to Sydney Sweeney: Throughout the song, Ken Carson repeatedly references actress Sydney Sweeney, known for her roles in popular TV series like “Euphoria” and “The White Lotus”. This reference adds a pop culture element to the lyrics.

4. Rick Owens Socks: The phrase “Rick Owens socks” is used multiple times in the song, suggesting a specific brand preference and possibly indicating a luxurious lifestyle.

5. Popularity: “Ss” has gained popularity among fans of trap and hip-hop music for its catchy beats and provocative lyrics, contributing to its success on streaming platforms and social media.

6. Controversy: Like many songs in the genre, “Ss” has sparked controversy due to its explicit content and references to drug use, which are often scrutinized for their influence on younger listeners.

7. Collaborations and Influence: Ken Carson’s music, including “Ss”, reflects the influence of artists like Playboi Carti and other trap music pioneers, blending elements of trap beats with unique lyrical stylings.


Q. Who has sung Ss song?
A. Ss song is sung by Ken Carson.

Q. Who wrote Ss lyrics?
A. Ss lyrics are penned by Ken Carson.

Q. Who has given the music of Ss song?
A. Ss music is composed and produced by Ken Carson.

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