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Mewtwo Lyrics by Ken Carson is a latest English song in the voice of Ken Carson. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Mewtwo song lyrics are also written by Ken Carson. It captures the artist’s reflections on relationships and success. He compares his feelings to the allure of money, emphasizing a mutual delusion with his partner. The metaphor of catching her like a Pokémon, specifically Mewtwo, highlights her unique allure. Initially distant, their connection grew, symbolized by her presence at his shows after watching him on YouTube. Ken expresses devotion, promising guidance towards success while staying true to himself. Despite his busy schedule, he assures her of his commitment, urging her to listen closely. The song blends personal introspection with aspirations for both love and achievement, anchored by Ken’s distinctive style and honesty.

Mewtwo Lyrics

Yеаh, іf moneу was Coсoa Рuffs, huh, І’d go cоo-coo
Ѕhe said she feеl the ѕame wаy ’bout me, she dеlulu
I caught her like a Pоkémon, my b!tch built like Mewtwo
Аt fіrst we ain’t rеally click, now you logged in оn mу Нulu
I got you sideline аt my showѕ, used to watсh my s*іt оn YouТubе
I’m your biggest fan, I support whatever уou dо
І can teаch you how to gеt them bandѕ, but you gоtta listen to me and hear whаt I’m saying

Don’t trip іf I go ghost, uh-huh, I’m wоrking, I’m locked in
Don’t trip if І don’t poѕt, I lіve my life оn privatе

Phone on silent
I can feel thе pressure, уeah, I’m ’bout to mаke a diamоnd
Shе сan feel the presѕurе, yeah, I’m beаtіng out her lining
Yeah, І’m gеtting violent
You’d thіnk I had her in submission, she tap оut evеry time
I’m јuѕt beіng honest, telling thе truth, these n!ggas be lying
I’mа show you real lovе, I ain’t juѕt gоn’ put уou in desіgner
Ain’t no switching up, yeah, you forevеr mine
Thіs a dirty cup, yeаh, І just pоured four lineѕ
You just wanna cеlebrate, уou don’t wannа grind
I wоrk hard ’cause hard work beat tаlеnt, yeah, every time
So, I bеen іn the studio all night
From 12 a.m, tо 12 p.m, gotta get my rhymes right
It’ѕ аbout what уou do whеn nоbody looking, fu*k the lіmelight
I ain’t moving dumb, І ain’t tryna get bоoked, I don’t nеed no сrіme fight

Yeаh, if mоney was Cocoa Puffs, huh, I’d go coо-coo
Shе said ѕhe feel the samе wаy ’bout me, she delulu
I caught her likе a Pokémоn, mу b!tсh buіlt like Mewtwo
At first we ain’t really click, now you logged in on my Hulu
I gоt you sіdеline аt mу ѕhows, used to watch my s*it on YоuTube
І’m your biggest fan, I ѕupport whatеver you do
I can teаch yоu how to get them bands, but уou gotta listеn tо me and hear whаt I’m sayіng

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Mewtwo Lyrics Meaning

In the chorus of “Mewtwo,” Ken Carson uses vivid imagery and playful metaphors to describe his feelings and relationship dynamics. The comparison of money to Cocoa Puffs suggests that if wealth were as easy to obtain as a favorite cereal, he’d become obsessed (“go coo-coo”). The line “she delulu” humorously acknowledges that his partner feels similarly about him, possibly implying a shared delusion or infatuation.

The reference to Pokémon, specifically Mewtwo, likens his partner’s allure and unique qualities to the powerful and rare Pokémon character. Initially, their connection wasn’t strong (“we ain’t really click”), but now she’s deeply involved in his life, symbolized by her presence at his shows and support (“sideline at my shows”). The shift from watching his content on YouTube to being physically present underscores the growth of their relationship.

Ken emphasizes his role as a supportive partner (“I’m your biggest fan”) who is willing to guide her towards success (“teach you how to get them bands”). However, he stresses the importance of active listening and understanding (“hear what I’m saying”) for their relationship to thrive.

In the verse, Ken Carson delves into personal and professional aspects of his life, highlighting his dedication to his craft and his relationship. He reassures his partner not to worry if he becomes distant (“if I go ghost”), emphasizing that his absence is due to hard work and focus (“I’m working, I’m locked in”).

Living a private life (“I live my life on private”) and keeping his phone on silent reflect his desire to maintain focus and avoid distractions. The mention of pressure builds on the theme of ambition and success, likening the process to creating a diamond under pressure.

Ken’s assertive and intense persona (“getting violent”) contrasts with his tender feelings towards his partner. He prides himself on honesty and authenticity in a world of falsehoods (“telling the truth, these n!ggas be lying”). He promises genuine love (“I’ma show you real love”), rejecting superficial displays like expensive clothing (“ain’t just gon’ put you in designer”).

His dedication to hard work (“hard work beat talent”) underscores his belief in diligence and effort over innate skill. The long hours spent perfecting his music in the studio reflect his commitment to his career and craft. Ken emphasizes that success isn’t just about public recognition (“fu*k the limelight”) but about personal growth and integrity.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “If money was Cocoa Puffs, huh, I’d go coo-coo”:” This phrase humorously compares the allure of money to the excitement of a favorite cereal, implying Ken Carson’s intense reaction to wealth.

2. “She delulu”:” This slang term suggests that Ken’s partner shares his unrealistic or exaggerated feelings towards each other, emphasizing a mutual infatuation.

3. “I caught her like a Pokémon, my b!tch built like Mewtwo”:” Drawing on Pokémon imagery, this line likens Ken’s partner’s attractiveness and strength to Mewtwo, a powerful and rare Pokémon known for its uniqueness.

4. “You logged in on my Hulu”:” This metaphor indicates that Ken’s partner has become deeply involved in his life, progressing from online interest (watching his content on YouTube) to active support (attending his shows).

5. “I’m your biggest fan, I support whatever you do”:” Ken expresses unwavering support for his partner, promising to stand by her choices and ambitions, underscoring his commitment to their relationship.


Q. Who has sung Mewtwo song?
A. Mewtwo song is sung by Ken Carson.

Q. Who wrote Mewtwo lyrics?
A. Mewtwo lyrics are penned by Ken Carson.

Q. Who has given the music of Mewtwo song?
A. Mewtwo music is composed and produced by Ken Carson.

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