Rule No. 1 Lyrics – DD Osama

“Rule No. 1” by DD Osama is a raw portrayal of street life, filled with gritty imagery and cautionary tales. The lyrics delve into the struggles and dangers of urban existence, where survival means adhering to certain rules. The protagonist reflects on the harsh realities of violence and betrayal, emphasizing the importance of being prepared to defend oneself in dangerous situations. The song serves as a stark reminder of the consequences of street life, with poignant references to loss and the pain it brings to loved ones left behind. Through vivid storytelling and a haunting refrain, DD Osama delivers a powerful message about the brutal nature of the streets and the need for vigilance in navigating its perils.

Rule No. 1 Lyrics

I don’t know what the fu*k going on, n!gga
Feels weird
14, 17
(That’s nasty)
Bow, bow-bow
(Yo, Lucas, you heard?)
Bow, bow-bow

[Verse 1]
Like, why is they playing wit’ my body? (Like, what?)
What they smoking on Notti? (No, they not)

Like, what they smoking on Dot? (No, they not)
If they smoking on bro, send ’em up with Lotti (Lotti)
I remember them nights, taking trips (I remember)
Me and Notti toting on that stick, saw an opp, threw a shot, and we made ’em run Rick, like
He was bugging, trying to make ’em a spliff (Bow, bow-bow, on bro)
N!ggas be acting real crazy, like
Like, whole time, they not
When I bring out my .30, I pass it to Loc, cause I know he gon’ get ’em, he gon get ’em shot (Bow, bow-bow)
‘member days posted up on the Ave, young lil n!gga tryna get ’em a bag
He ain’t have nun’, so he had to go trap, started bugging, and flipping them packs
Nowadays, see the face of this s*it, he can go to D.O, get whatever he get
Can’t a n!gga say nothing, ’cause he box on s*it
Saw the opps in the V, they ain’t parking that whip (Bow, bow)
They ain’t parking that whip, like
He gon’ tweak, he gon’ throw about 6
He lost his brother, he ain’t going for s*it
Before they take a hit, put one in the spliff (Put one in the spliff), n!gga

Rule number one, you go on that drill, you better pull that trigger
Rule number two, you gotta watch out for the D’s
Move tact, they always out to get you
Rule number three, it should’ve been rule number one
Thank god, you made it out the picture
If not, that bullet flying would’ve hit you (Bow, bow)

Now your mother crying, cause she miss you (Cause she miss you)

[Verse 2]
Now we back on that block
I’m outside, so my killy’s totin on that knock
Move rogue when I pump cos I’m going get you got
Bow, bow-bow
We gon’ say you off to god
*** so he getting that chain
Forget about RG, Bloody, Banga
These are my n!ggas that’ll let it bang
Better make sure they lock back door
If not, you getting sent to the Lord
N!ggas be greedy, you give ’em a hand
Whole time they’ll snake you and bite a hand off, like
They’ll bite a hand off
Even after you done give ’em clothes
I will never trust a n!gga, no
We get slime, we the ones that be wiping they nose

Rule number one, you go on that drill, you better pull that trigger
Rule number two, you gotta watch out for the D’s
Move tact, they always out to get you
Rule number three, it should’ve been rule number one
Thank god, you made it out the picture
If not, that bullet flying would’ve hit you (Bow, bow)
Now your mother crying, cause she miss you (Cause she miss you)

Rule No. 1 Lyrics Explained

The introduction sets a disoriented tone, reflecting confusion and discomfort. The speaker expresses a sense of being out of touch with reality, possibly due to the chaotic nature of their environment. The numbers “14, 17” could imply an age reference or a cryptic message, adding to the enigmatic atmosphere. The repeated sound effects “Bow, bow-bow” create a sense of tension and anticipation, signaling the intensity of the forthcoming narrative.

[Verse 1]
The first verse delves into the speaker’s experiences and observations in the streets. They question the motives of others and express suspicion about their activities, particularly regarding drug use (“smoking on Notti?,” “smoking on Dot?”). The mention of “bro” and “Lotti” suggests a close-knit group facing external threats. Memories of past encounters and conflicts resurface, highlighting the unpredictable and often violent nature of their surroundings. The speaker reflects on the necessity of self-defense and loyalty within their circle, juxtaposed with the harsh realities of survival and competition in their environment.

The chorus outlines survival rules in the speaker’s world. Rule number one emphasizes the imperative of taking action when faced with danger, even if it means resorting to violence. Rule number two warns against the constant surveillance and threats posed by law enforcement (“the D’s”). Rule number three, retrospectively declared the most important, underscores the gratitude for surviving perilous situations. The mention of a bullet symbolizes the deadly consequences of street life, contrasting with the grief of loved ones left behind.

[Verse 2]
The second verse returns to the gritty reality of street life, with the speaker back in their familiar environment. They describe readiness for confrontation (“killy’s totin on that knock”) and the inherent dangers of their lifestyle. References to specific individuals suggest camaraderie and shared experiences within their circle, where loyalty is prized but betrayal is a constant threat. The verse ends with a cautionary note about the treachery of associates and the need for constant vigilance and mistrust.

The final chorus reinforces the survival rules outlined earlier, emphasizing the importance of swift and decisive action in dangerous situations. The speaker acknowledges the precariousness of their existence and expresses gratitude for surviving, contrasting with the sorrow of those left mourning the loss of loved ones. The repeated sound effect “Bow, bow” serves as a grim reminder of the violence that permeates their reality.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Feels weird”
This phrase suggests a sense of disorientation or discomfort experienced by the speaker. It conveys a feeling of being out of place or disconnected from their surroundings, possibly due to the chaotic nature of their environment or the actions of others around them.

2. “What they smoking on Notti?”
This line refers to questioning the substances or activities of certain individuals, particularly someone named “Notti.” It implies suspicion or curiosity about their behavior, indicating a desire to understand their actions or motivations.

3. “He was bugging, trying to make ’em a spliff”
Here, “bugging” likely means acting erratically or aggressively. “Making ’em a spliff” refers to preparing a joint of mar!juana. This phrase suggests that someone was behaving unpredictably, possibly escalating tensions or conflicts in the speaker’s environment.

4. “Before they take a hit, put one in the spliff”
This line implies a preemptive strike or act of self-defense. “Taking a hit” could refer to initiating violence or making a move against the speaker or their associates. By “putting one in the spliff,” the speaker suggests taking action before their adversaries can, indicating a readiness to confront threats head-on.

5. “We get slime, we the ones that be wiping they nose”
This phrase uses slang to convey a sense of superiority or dominance. “Getting slime” refers to outsmarting or outmaneuvering others, while “wiping their nose” implies cleaning up after them, metaphorically suggesting that the speaker and their associates are in control and capable of dealing with any challenges or threats they encounter.


Who has sung “Rule No. 1” song?
DD Osama has sung “Rule No. 1” song.

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DD Osama has written the lyrics of “Rule No. 1” song.

Who has given the music of “Rule No. 1” song?
DD Osama has given the music of “Rule No. 1” song.

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