Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut) Lyrics – The Chalkeaters

“Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut)” by The Chalkeaters captures the absurdity of modern times with a blend of dark humor and social commentary. The lyrics reflect on humanity’s achievements and failures, from conquering diseases to the looming threat of AI dominance. The song touches on forgotten lessons from history, the trivialization of serious issues, and the inevitability of our self-destructive tendencies. Despite the bleak outlook, there’s a hint of acceptance and even excitement for the chaos to come, depicted through references to popular culture and gaming.

Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
What a time, oh, what a season
To be among the human race
We are conquering diseases
Sending Teslas off to space

We won’t set the world on fire
No big iron on my hip
I’ve stayed news-free for a while
Wonder what if something slipped

[Verse 2]
This just in: we have invented
Our own existential threats
AI works just like intended
Soon we’ll work for it instead

We learned nothing from that COVID
Next time we’ll all just die out
If ice caps don’t melt and flood us
We’ll arrange our own Fallout

[Verse 3]
The World Wars have been forgotten
Back to killing for some land
Back to juggling red buttons
(It’s okay with the UN!)

We turn tyrants into heroes
Cancel guiltless over thoughts
Summing up, the end is near
We’re all doomed! Now, on to sports

I should be dreading
But strangely, I’m ready
My bottle cap fortune

Will rise in stock for real

So roll out the Fallout
Come on, take us all out
I can’t wait to sign up
With Brotherhood of Steel

(Is he talking to an imaginary character?)
(Yeah it’s kind of his thing)

Just roll out the Fallout
Go grab Nuka Cola
And call round my Vault
I reside in 92

My bad days are over
With ghoulish makeover
Yeah, war never changes
Good thing that we do

Roll out the Fallout
The curtain called out
To raging fog crawlers
To tear this world apart
Just roll out the Fallout
The front rows are sold out
We live in an open-world game
That was rigged from the start

Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
The first verse celebrates the achievements of humanity in conquering diseases and exploring space, symbolized by sending Teslas (referring to Elon Musk’s SpaceX program) into space. It contrasts this progress with a sense of detachment from the chaos of the world, questioning the consequences of being uninformed.

[Verse 2]
The second verse satirizes humanity’s tendency to create its own problems, referring to the invention of existential threats like AI. It reflects on the lessons not learned from past crises like COVID-19 and highlights the potential for self-inflicted disasters like nuclear fallout if environmental concerns are ignored.

[Verse 3]
In the third verse, the song delves into the irony of history repeating itself, with references to forgotten lessons from World Wars. It criticizes society’s tendency to glorify questionable figures and trivialize serious issues, suggesting a sense of impending doom while also acknowledging a strange readiness to face it.

The chorus calls for the acceptance of the inevitable chaos (“Fallout”) and even expresses excitement about joining a fictional post-apocalyptic faction, the “Brotherhood of Steel.” The playful banter between characters adds a layer of humor to the grim subject matter, reinforcing the theme of finding amusement in despair.

The bridge reflects on personal transformation in the face of adversity, symbolized by a “ghoulish makeover.” It juxtaposes the constant of war with the potential for positive change in human behavior, suggesting resilience and adaptation in the face of challenges.

The outro reinforces the theme of chaos and destruction, likening it to an “open-world game” rigged from the beginning. It implies that the world’s fate is predetermined and out of individual control, with the metaphor of “raging fog crawlers” representing the forces tearing society apart.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Conquering diseases
This phrase refers to the advancements made in medical science to combat illnesses that once plagued humanity. It celebrates the progress in treating and eradicating diseases, highlighting the triumphs of modern medicine.

2. Existential threats
“Existential threats” describe dangers that pose a fundamental risk to human existence or the stability of society. In the context of the song, it suggests that humanity’s own creations, such as artificial intelligence, have the potential to become significant threats to our survival.

3. Fallout
“Fallout” symbolizes the aftermath of a catastrophic event, often associated with nuclear war or environmental disaster. It represents the chaos and destruction that follow such events, as well as the societal and environmental repercussions that ensue.

4. Brotherhood of Steel
The “Brotherhood of Steel” is a fictional faction from the Fallout video game series, known for its militaristic approach to surviving in the post-apocalyptic wasteland. Mentioning it reflects a desire to align with a powerful group in the face of impending chaos, adding a touch of dark humor to the song’s themes.


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The Chalkeaters has sung “Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut)” song.

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The Chalkeaters has written the lyrics of “Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut)” song.

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The Chalkeaters has given the music of “Roll Out The Fallout! (Video Cut)” song.

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