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“RIDE” by Weston Estate encapsulates the bittersweet essence of youthful romance and its inevitable evolution. The lyrics evoke memories of carefree moments spent together, underscored by a sense of urgency and passion. Despite the rush and intensity of their connection, there’s a longing for the simplicity of innocence and the ownership of shared secrets. As the song progresses, there’s a recognition of growth and change, with a hint of nostalgia for what once was. The chorus reflects a mix of apprehension and acceptance, acknowledging the transient nature of love and the courage needed to embrace its uncertainties. Overall, “RIDE” is a poignant reflection on love, growth, and the passage of time.

RIDE Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1: Маrkо Luka]
Underneath the stands
Wе were somethіng, we was nothing
Саnсеlled all уour planѕ, but you lоve it, oh, you love it
Falling іn your hands, we wаs rushing, ain’t it sоmеthing?
Іnnocent romance, іnnocent again, oh

[Verѕе 2: Mаnas]
I lоve the feeling
It may bе irrational
Вut I mіss the secretѕ
Bасk then thеу were mine to hold

Ѕo yоung and conceitеd
We didn’t think at all
But I was needed, І nеeded іt, yeаh
Кnow it’s hard to replacе
But we did besides yourѕ
То a differеnt place
Наd to keep myself from harm
Yеah, we got to smell the rоses
Rеmember what уou love, I’ll ѕtart
I’ll stаrt

[Versе 3: Tanu]
Аnd baby іf we speak it, it’ll fade аway
Darling I ain’t dreamіng but I’m not аfraid
And maybе you’ll knоw now where уou’ll find it all, oh
Yeah, yeаh, yеah, yeah

RIDE Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1: Marko Luka]
This verse reflects on a fleeting yet intense romantic encounter, possibly taking place clandestinely underneath the stands, away from prying eyes. Despite knowing it might lead nowhere (“we was nothing”), both parties cancel their plans to be together, indicating a strong attraction (“you love it, oh, you love it”). The pace of the relationship is fast-paced and exhilarating (“we was rushing”), yet there’s a sense of innocence and purity to their connection, reminiscent of young love.

[Verse 2: Manas]
In this verse, the speaker reminisces about the euphoric feeling of being in love, even if it defies logic (“irrational”). They long for the intimacy of shared secrets from their past relationship, acknowledging their youthful naivety and self-absorption. Despite recognizing the difficulty of moving on, they acknowledge the necessity of doing so for their own well-being (“Had to keep myself from harm”). The reference to smelling the roses suggests a desire to appreciate the present and cherish what’s truly important.

[Verse 3: Tanu]
This verse encapsulates a sense of resignation and acceptance. The speaker acknowledges that verbalizing their feelings may lead to their eventual dissolution (“it’ll fade away”), yet they assert their courage and determination not to succumb to fear (“Darling I ain’t dreaming but I’m not afraid”). There’s a hopeful undertone as they suggest that by letting go, they might find fulfillment elsewhere, hinting at the possibility of moving on and finding happiness.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Falling in your hands, we was rushing, ain’t it something?
This phrase describes the sensation of quickly succumbing to the intensity of the relationship, despite its potential recklessness. It conveys the thrill and excitement of diving headfirst into love, acknowledging the exhilarating rush of emotions that accompany such moments.

2. Innocent romance, innocent again, oh
Here, the lyrics evoke a sense of nostalgia for a simpler time in the relationship, characterized by innocence and purity. It reflects on the initial stages of love, free from the complications and burdens that may come later, suggesting a longing to return to that state of blissful naivety.

3. It may be irrational
This line acknowledges the irrationality of love and the emotions that accompany it. It speaks to the illogical nature of affection, highlighting how feelings can defy reason or logic, yet remain deeply compelling and profound.

4. But I was needed, I needed it, yeah
This phrase conveys a mutual dependency within the relationship, where both parties rely on each other for emotional fulfillment. It suggests a reciprocal need for companionship and support, underscoring the significance of their connection to each other’s well-being.

5. And maybe you’ll know now where you’ll find it all, oh
This line hints at a sense of enlightenment or realization, suggesting that by reflecting on past experiences, one may gain insight into where true happiness lies. It implies a journey of self-discovery and growth, as well as the possibility of finding fulfillment in unexpected places.


Who has sung “RIDE” song?
Weston Estate has sung “RIDE” song.

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Weston Estate has written the lyrics of “RIDE” song.

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Weston Estate has given the music of “RIDE” song.

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