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REEKYOD Lyrics by Madlib, Black Thought, Your Old Droog is a latest English song. Madlib, Black Thought, Your Old Droog has created its tune while brand new Reekyod song lyrics are written by Madlib, Black Thought, Your Old Droog.

“REEKYOD” by Madlib, Black Thought, and Your Old Droog delves into the complex experiences of navigating life’s challenges while maintaining a sense of calm and purpose. Black Thought’s introspective verses touch on themes of fear, temptation, and perseverance, highlighting the dichotomy between darkness and light. Your Old Droog’s bars exude confidence and wit, dismissing doubters while asserting his prowess as a prime prodigy in the rap game. Madlib’s production sets the tone with its hypnotic vibe, creating a backdrop for the artists to showcase their lyrical prowess. Together, they craft a track that’s both introspective and assertive, cementing their places as masters of the craft.

REEKYOD Lyrics by Madlib

But listen. I’d barely arrived the fear of the god was awkward
People visibly aware of the vibe. They’ll tell ya hush
Be on your best behavior tonight. You better stay prayed up
Pay your savior tonight. For me, it’s just another day in the life in
The darkness I used to be afraid of the light
I’m the night breed that know at any moment I might need
The light speed that make a hoe in a fight bleed
They say the root of all evil is light green
Make many a wife leave pursuing the right dream
Uh, I met a few on the last train from nowhere
The reason I reside in the fast lane is to go there
The roots crew flew to the moon and did a show there

My coat made of camel, the slacks is made of mohair
My calmness comes from knowing everything is harmless
The best mescal, cinnamon is for the oranges I dressed just now
I guess I’m sippin to the saga
The king Musa Keita, y’all father

They not seeing me- The YODFather
Facts so why bother
These slow cats needa go back try harder
On no sleep, fu*king with me, You die martyrs
YOD is prime prodigy, they fire starters
Got the world open off my aura
And all the real pros know the flow is like water
Never sold keys them guys ballers, when they tied the score up
Only time they was OT with 5 quarters
Never wanted fame, I came to dissolve this
Conspiracy theory and clear me of the false charges
(What else?) Rescue your ears from that HOT Garbage
Everything I spit shine, Imma get mine regardless
Made history without reporters
It’s like that adage, if a classic drops in a forest
Heard somebody say Droog is not a complete artist
You better off trusting a man with three barbers
Then why your favorite dudes answering to m
ot em taking Q’s (Cues) like they tryna transfer to the B

It’s bugged, Everybody’s a thug, no fu*king way
(I said) 3 point turns only time they bust a K
Heads ducking strays I’m going for the kill
Give a damn who got next, I was fresh before the deal
Wrapped and sealed, my orders fulfilled
Way I see it
I’m nine hundred and ninety-nine mill short of a Bill

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REEKYOD Lyrics Meaning

The first paragraph sets a tone of self-assuredness amid adversity. The narrator reflects on past fears, suggesting they’ve overcome them to the point where the fear of God feels awkward. They acknowledge the awareness of others around them, cautioning to maintain composure and stay vigilant. Despite the challenges they face, it’s just another day for the narrator, who once feared the darkness but now navigates it confidently. The mention of being a “night breed” suggests an affinity for the night, where they find strength and adaptability.

In the second paragraph, Your Old Droog, also known as the YODFather, asserts his dominance in the rap game. He dismisses doubters and challengers as “slow cats” who need to put in more effort. Despite operating on little sleep, he exudes confidence, suggesting that those who oppose him will meet their demise. Droog highlights his status as a prime prodigy and a catalyst for change in the industry. He contrasts himself with those who seek fame and material wealth, emphasizing his commitment to his craft and the integrity of his art.

Droog continues to assert his dominance in the third paragraph, challenging the authenticity of other artists. He critiques the industry’s focus on fame and superficial success, positioning himself as a true artist who values substance over style. Droog dismisses criticisms of his artistry, suggesting that his detractors would be better off trusting someone with a more conventional image. He references his ability to control the narrative and dictate the direction of his career, confident in his ability to make an impact regardless of industry standards. Ultimately, he sees himself as on the brink of monumental success, ready to fulfill his destiny as a legendary figure in hip-hop.


Who has sung “REEKYOD” song?
Madlib, Black Thought, Your Old Droog have sung “REEKYOD” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “REEKYOD” song?
Madlib, Black Thought, Your Old Droog have written the lyrics of “REEKYOD” song.

Who has given the music of “REEKYOD” song?
Madlib, Black Thought, Your Old Droog have given the music of “REEKYOD” song.

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