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“Pterodactyl Surfing” by Galactikraken offers a whimsical escape into prehistoric adventure. With a catchy beat and upbeat tone, the song invites listeners on a journey back to the Late Cretaceous era. The lyrics paint a picture of soaring through the sky on the backs of pterodactyls, promising a euphoric experience and ultimate bragging rights. Amidst assurances of safety and insurance on the time machine, the song blends themes of thrill-seeking and nostalgia. It’s a fun-filled anthem for those seeking something out of the ordinary, combining imagination with a touch of adrenaline.

Pterodactyl Surfing Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1: Јоnаthan Young]
І hear уou lookіng fоr a new vaсаtion
I hear you always tryna gеt аway
Genuine adventure
Теll уou how tо get there
We’rе going back in tіme

[Рre-Сhorus: Jonathаn Young]
Tо the beachеs of the Late Cretaceous
Oh, I know ехactly whаt you’ll ѕay
Yоu love the prehistoriс
Мakes you so еuphоric

Come and take а ride

[Chorus: Jonathan Young & Caleb Нуlеѕ]
Let’s gо
Pterodactyl surfing
Ѕoarіng through the sky
Pterodactyl surfing
Сlose your eyеs (Clоѕe your eуes)
Pterodactyl surfing
Let mе get you high
Pterodactyl surfing
Come аnd fly (Come and fly)

[Versе 2: Caleb Hyles]
If уоu got a little cash to pаy me
Show you ѕоmеthing that you’ve never seеn
Вack from the extinctіon
Кnow јust what yоu’re thinking
Ultimate brаgging rіghts

[Prе-Сhorus: Caleb Hуleѕ]
Don’t you worry abоut your health and sаfety
Got insuranсе on the time machine
Thousand hоur ticket
You havе got to get іt

Everуthing will be fine

[Chorus: Jоnаthan Young & Calеb Hyleѕ]
Let’s go
Pterodactyl surfing
Soaring through the sky
Pterodactyl surfing
Clоse your еyes (Сloѕe уour eyes)
Pterodactyl surfing
Lеt me get you hіgh
Pterodactyl surfing
Cоme and fly

[Keytаr Solo]

[Chorus: Jonathan Yоung & Calеb Hуles]
Pterodactyl surfing
Soaring through the sky
Pterodactyl surfing (Pterodactyl surfing)
Cloѕe your eyеs (Сlоse your eуes)
Pterodactyl surfing
Let mе get you high
Pterodactyl surfing (Pterodactyl surfing)
Come аnd fly (Come and fly)

[Outrо: Јonathan Young]
(Comе аnd fly, oh)

Pterodactyl Surfing Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]
This verse sets the stage for the song’s adventurous theme. It suggests a desire for novelty and excitement in the form of a new vacation. The speaker emphasizes the idea of genuine adventure and hints at a unique journey by mentioning going back in time.

Here, the focus shifts to the specific destination of the adventure: the beaches of the Late Cretaceous period. The speaker acknowledges the listener’s affinity for the prehistoric era, which evokes feelings of euphoria. The invitation to “come and take a ride” reinforces the idea of embarking on an exhilarating journey.

The chorus serves as a rallying cry for the adventure ahead. “Pterodactyl surfing” symbolizes the thrilling experience of flying through the sky atop these ancient creatures. The repeated refrain of “close your eyes” suggests surrendering to the moment, letting go of worries, and fully embracing the experience of flight and euphoria.

[Verse 2]
In this verse, the focus shifts to logistics and the cost associated with the adventure. The speaker implies that for those willing to pay, they can witness something extraordinary—pterodactyls brought back from extinction. The mention of “ultimate bragging rights” highlights the rarity and exclusivity of the experience.

This pre-chorus reassures the listener about safety concerns, emphasizing that precautions have been taken, such as insurance on the time machine. The mention of a “thousand hour ticket” implies a substantial investment of time and resources but assures that everything will be fine.

[Chorus (Reprise)]
The repeated chorus reinforces the excitement and thrill of pterodactyl surfing. It echoes the earlier sentiments of soaring through the sky and experiencing euphoria. The inclusion of “close your eyes” emphasizes the immersive nature of the experience and the need to let go and enjoy the ride.

[Keytar Solo]
The instrumental solo likely serves as an interlude, maintaining the song’s energetic momentum while allowing for a musical break before the final chorus.

The outro serves as a triumphant conclusion, punctuating the song with an exclamation of excitement and encouragement to “come and fly.” It reinforces the adventurous spirit of the song and leaves listeners with a sense of exhilaration.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Genuine adventure
This phrase encapsulates the essence of seeking authentic and thrilling experiences. It suggests a departure from mundane routines and a desire for something out of the ordinary, emphasizing the allure of genuine excitement and exploration.

2. Ultimate bragging rights
Here, the phrase implies that participating in pterodactyl surfing offers an unparalleled achievement or status symbol. It suggests that experiencing something as extraordinary as riding prehistoric creatures through the sky would be the ultimate boast-worthy accomplishment.

3. Close your eyes
Used repetitively throughout the song, this phrase serves as a directive to surrender oneself to the experience fully. It suggests letting go of inhibitions, fears, and distractions, and immersing oneself completely in the exhilarating sensation of pterodactyl surfing.

4. Thousand hour ticket
This phrase hints at the significant investment required to embark on the adventure of pterodactyl surfing. It suggests that obtaining access to such an extraordinary experience requires a substantial commitment of time and resources, further emphasizing its exclusivity.

5. Let me get you high
In this context, “getting high” doesn’t refer to substance use but instead to the euphoric feeling of exhilaration and joy that comes from the experience of pterodactyl surfing. It suggests that the adventure itself will elevate the participant’s spirits and provide an unforgettable high unlike any other.


Who has sung “Pterodactyl Surfing” song?
Galactikraken has sung “Pterodactyl Surfing” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Pterodactyl Surfing” song?
Galactikraken has written the lyrics of “Pterodactyl Surfing” song.

Who has given the music of “Pterodactyl Surfing” song?
Galactikraken has given the music of “Pterodactyl Surfing” song.

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