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“Pressure (Solo Version)” by Kanye West delves into the overwhelming feeling of pressure and stress that comes with various aspects of life. Kanye reflects on the relentless demands from family, work, and personal struggles. Despite financial success, he confronts the reality of never-ending challenges, debt, and relationship strains. The song captures Kanye’s internal battle with anxiety and societal expectations, emphasizing the inability to escape the pressures of modern life. Through introspective verses and a repeating chorus questioning “Can you be?” the track portrays Kanye’s emotional turmoil and the universal struggle to find peace amidst chaos.

Pressure (Solo Version) Lyrics

Ch-ch-ch-check this out, we just redid the whole thing
Ow, haha, tremendous, tremendous, isn’t it great? Tremendous
Yeah man, I-I’m thinking of redoing it again
Why? Haha
Because I’m making an upgrade
You’re unable to do that
Yeah, we’re doing alright, man, I can’t complain
Isn’t the market down though?
It is down hill, but she you know she wants more, so I’m giving her more, man
But the pressure, man, its like
You okay? I’m not okay

Don’t tell anybody, listen to me
I feel like I’m getting crushed and, crushed by what? Everything
The family, the baby, the job
The fu*king d!cks at work
And it’s like, you know, like, I’m trying to do this, you know, and then I’m, like, suffocating
Holy s*it
You can’t be happy all the time
Who told you you can’t be happy? It’s alright
You just do your best, you have no choice
That’s not true at all
You just, you just can’t
Ronnie, Ronnie, Ronnie

[Chorus: Kanye West & Marvin Gaye]
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Will you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Will you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Will you be? (Be)

Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)

[Bridge: Kanye West]
I got that lost of fun from my lap
I got that blunt, I can’t get that back
Stole my love, stole my hope, stole my head
Don’t have this, don’t have, I’m done for month

[Chorus: Kanye West & Marvin Gaye]
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Will you be? (Be)
Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)

Get off me, get off me, get off me, get off m
et off me, get off me, get off me, get off m

[Verse: Kanye West]
I caught a wave
Caught more air than Super Dave
Call Aaliyah, I’m super paid
Jet-lagging, tryna recuperate
Just got off the flight from Budapest
Don’t need Khaled to say “You the best”
You the type of n!gga shop at Uniqlo
Just found out my father-in-law unis*x
Running out of money, running into debt
Running from bill collectors, I ain’t paid them yet
S*it you deal with no matter how rich you get
And even more, depending on the b!tch you get
And I ain’t got the free time no more
This d!ck ain’t promotional
They say I’m antisocial, yo
She texting mad face over and over, yo
I say, “Why you getting so damn emozi-onal?”
I ain’t gotta talk about how stressed I am
I’m going crazy as Jesus, I’m going Bethlehem
N!ggas say something ’bout it, thought so
You can’t say nothing ’bout it, also
This room too fu*king crowded, caught up
Some when I’m up and out it, although
I can see you crawling through the interest
I can see your agendas and your intent
But it ain’t really gotta be that intens
o ahead, meditate, like some incense
I’m up late, 4AM, overseas
In the bed like, “Damn, I done finally reached the end of the Internet”

[Outro: Marvin Gaye]
Be a-be a—
Be a-be a—
Be a-be a—
Be afraid, be afraid
Be a-be a—
Be a-be a—
Be a-be a—
Be afraid, be afraid

Pressure (Solo Version) Lyrics Explained

The intro sets the stage for the song’s thematic exploration of pressure and stress. It begins with an exchange between individuals discussing the creation process, hinting at dissatisfaction despite accomplishments. The conversation reveals an underlying tension, with one person feeling overwhelmed and suffocated by various life aspects, such as family, work, and societal expectations. Despite attempts to maintain composure, the individual confesses to feeling crushed under the weight of responsibilities and personal struggles. The dialogue highlights the impossibility of constant happiness and the necessity of perseverance despite adversity, concluding with a mention of “Ronnie,” perhaps symbolizing an internal or external struggle.

The chorus repeatedly questions “Can you be?” suggesting a search for authenticity and resilience amidst challenges. This repetition emphasizes the existential query of one’s capability to endure and overcome life’s pressures.

The bridge conveys a sense of loss and resignation, with the speaker lamenting the theft of joy, hope, and mental clarity. The repetitive structure underscores a feeling of helplessness and despair.

The following chorus reaffirms the existential questioning of one’s ability to withstand pressure and adversity, echoing the themes introduced earlier.

The interlude is a brief repetition of the phrase “Get off me,” perhaps symbolizing a desire to break free from suffocating pressures or negative influences.

In the verse, Kanye West vividly describes his experiences with fame, success, and the burdens they entail. He reflects on the constant demands, financial pressures, and personal conflicts that accompany his lifestyle. Despite external validation, Kanye grapples with feelings of isolation, stress, and the loss of personal time. The verse delves into the complexities of fame and wealth, juxtaposed with internal struggles and societal expectations.

The outro, delivered by Marvin Gaye, emphasizes the theme of fear, suggesting a pervasive sense of anxiety and uncertainty in the face of life’s pressures. The repetition of “Be afraid” underscores the song’s overarching message of confronting and navigating fear and stress.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Ch-ch-ch-check this out, we just redid the whole thing”
This phrase captures the excitement and pride associated with making improvements or revisions to something. It suggests that the speaker has made significant changes to a project or creation and is eager to share the updated version with others. The repetition of “ch” sounds adds emphasis and enthusiasm to the statement.

2. “But the pressure, man, it’s like”
Here, the speaker acknowledges the intensity of the pressure they are feeling. The phrase “it’s like” indicates that the pressure is difficult to articulate or quantify, suggesting its overwhelming nature. This expression conveys a sense of being weighed down by various responsibilities and expectations, leading to feelings of stress and suffocation.

3. “You just do your best, you have no choice”
This statement reflects a resigned acceptance of the challenges and pressures in life. It suggests that despite the difficulty of the situation, one must strive to do their best. The phrase implies a lack of control over external circumstances and emphasizes the importance of perseverance and effort despite adversity.

4. “Can you be? (Be), Can you be? (Be)”
Repeated throughout the song, this questioning phrase prompts introspection and self-reflection. It challenges the listener to consider their own ability to withstand pressure and adversity. By repeating the phrase, the speaker emphasizes the existential nature of the question and encourages deep contemplation of one’s resilience and strength.

5. “I’m up late, 4AM, overseas / In the bed like, ‘Damn, I done finally reached the end of the Internet'”
This imagery-rich phrase depicts a scene of exhaustion and mental fatigue. It suggests that despite being physically present in bed, the speaker’s mind is still active, perhaps overwhelmed by the constant influx of information and stimulation from the internet. This portrayal captures the modern experience of feeling inundated by technology and the relentless nature of the digital age.


Who has sung “Pressure (Solo Version)” song?
Kanye West has sung “Pressure (Solo Version)” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Pressure (Solo Version)” song?
Kanye West has written the lyrics of “Pressure (Solo Version)” song.

Who has given the music of “Pressure (Solo Version)” song?
Kanye West has given the music of “Pressure (Solo Version)” song.

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