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“Orbit I Can Teach You” by iayze is a confrontational track where the artist addresses his critics and adversaries. He dismisses accusations and insults aimed at him, asserting his dominance and success in the rap game. iayze calls out specific individuals, boasting about his achievements and criticizing others for their lack of authenticity and failures. The song combines aggressive lyrics with a confident tone, emphasizing iayze’s belief in his own prowess and his disdain for those who question or challenge him. The artist also offers advice on how to succeed, stressing authenticity and confidence.

Orbit I can teach you Lyrics

Ayy, ayy, go (Rrr-rrr, b!tch)
Go, ayy (Real murdaworth s*it I’m talm ’bout)
We already know what you gon’ say (You know how the fu*k I’m rocking)
Ayy, he gon’, he gon’ say, “Jace a snitch” (Ayy, ayy, you know?)
He gon’ say, “Jace ain’t on s*it, Jace ain’t never did s*it” (Go, go, go)
And that’s cool ’cause we still on that (Go, go, go)

[Verse 1]
Ayy, I’m looking confused ’cause who in the fu*k is you, Slump?
This s*it might be for the views (Ayy), I’m keeping it cool for the fans
I see you boy, I’m attacking you

Every time you talk ’bout bodys gang just wanna clap at you
Free Cujo, n!gga, he laugh at you
Talking my s*it, b!tch, I’m back at it (Back at it)
You need to go back to soccer practice
“Fu*k Jace, that boy be with the ratt pack, we know he ain’t with no action” (Action)
And you know I wanna get you turnt for that s*it that you said ’bout that boy who killed himself on accident
Look at yo’ numbers, lil n!gga, the underground been left your stupid dumbass in the past tense
Every time a rapper try me, I’m doing a million (B!tch), a million (Million)
I’m doing numbers when I rap this stream
You feel off harder than Jidion
We already know what that boy finna say about me (Rrr)
I don’t think it’s different no more
Okay cool, you wanna fu*k my BM’s, ooh, I’m so scared of him
He’s the ruler, 5.7 on me it’ll do ya’
Cujo be eager to shoot ya’
Okay cool, you blew up first, somehow still lose
Blew up first and you ain’t doing no views
Don’t bring up no Goose Creek s*it, fu*k Clarence
Lil’ boy, that’s between me and you
I just put a Reverence billboard in Goose Creek, fact’s, all fact’s, n!gga
I know you say you gon’ shoot me (B!tch, rrr)
Ooh, that’s cap ’cause you wack, n!gga (Cap)
I’m T’d up, what more in the fu*k could you say about me?
“He a ratt and a old ass dad”
This finna heat up, say he in the street but we got him in 4K, a young n!gga beating yo’ ass

Say, “Fu*k Jace, you ain’t hang with the gang, that lil’ n!gga 6ix9ine”
Been awhile since we seen yo’ name, you fell off, I think it’s time
You talk about n!ggas that ain’t mean to kill theyself
B!tch, you should’ve killed yo’ self
That lil’ boy fell off, but it’s nobody fault
Lil’ n!gga, you killed yo’ self
Woah, woah (Wait, wait)
Lil’ n!gga, you killed yo’ self
Woah, woah (Wait), woah (Wait)
You should’ve killed yo’ self
Woah (Wait), that’s it
B!tch, I think I’m orbital, ooh (Wait)
B!tch, I think I’m orb—

[Verse 2]
-Kid, don’t shoot at my— (*** n!gga)
Top Kid, don’t shoot at my—, I shot ’em
Top Kid don’t shoot him, I shot ’em, b!tch
Sometimes I think that I’m the problem, b!tch
Hang him up by his dreads, ’til he get (bed head?)
Just like a baby, I dropped him (Dropped him)
It was like you, ‘Wes, ‘Dami, ‘Amiri, and many more n!ggas, I stopped ’em (Stopped ’em)
The king of s*it talking, lil’ n!gga, I’m s*it talking
You don’t wanna see me on the offense
Hop out, brr, bow, blitz left on the curb, right on top of your chin
Hop out, boo, bow, b!tch, Top Kid the one in the city that spin (Ayy, b!tch)
I got like twenty more seconds, I’ma keep going real quick (Rrr, rrr, rrr, ayy)
Listen up Slump6s, do you wanna learn how to make these people head bump when yo’ music come on?
You just gotta cut all the cap rap (Cap rap)
I’m serious, n!gga, it’s that bad
Listen up fu*k n!gga, do you wanna learn how to *** that n!gga
First I boss up, n!gga, get chicken
If you weren’t that broke, you could get you come children
Hop on the mic, it don’t sound like you b!tching
Say it with yo’ chest like you meant it, we trying to listen (B!tch, ayy)

And if you really be off, that’s it, you could probably just be yo’ self and stop being a b!tch ass, bumb ass n!gga
Broke ass dude, and you could stop acting like you gangster
You seen what happened to Clarence, and ‘Dami and them many more n!ggas
You already know how the fu*k I’m coming, man

Orbit I can teach you Lyrics Explained


In the intro of “Orbit I Can Teach You,” iayze sets an aggressive and defiant tone. He anticipates the criticisms from his detractors, acknowledging that they will label him a snitch and claim he hasn’t achieved anything significant. Despite these accusations, he remains unfazed and continues to assert his presence. The phrase “Real murdaworth s*it I’m talm ’bout” suggests he is referencing his tough, street-oriented lifestyle. By repeatedly saying “go,” he emphasizes his determination to push forward, undeterred by the negativity. This introduction establishes iayze’s confidence and readiness to confront any challenges.

[Verse 1]

In Verse 1, iayze directs his words towards an individual named Slump, beginning with a rhetorical question that diminishes Slump’s importance and questions his motives. iayze suggests that Slump’s criticisms might be an attempt to gain attention or views, which he dismisses as insignificant. Despite the provocation, iayze maintains his composure, indicating that he is keeping his cool for the sake of his fans.

He then shifts to a more aggressive stance, indicating that he is prepared to attack Slump both verbally and physically. Mentioning “bodys gang” wanting to “clap at you” hints at violent retaliation from his crew. iayze brings up Cujo, a figure who mocks Slump, further emphasizing Slump’s lack of respect in their circles. iayze’s assertion that he’s “back at it” signals his return to addressing and confronting these issues head-on.

Mockingly, iayze suggests Slump should return to playing soccer, implying that he is out of his depth in their current conflict. He recalls a specific incident where Slump insulted someone who accidentally killed themselves, indicating that Slump’s comments were both insensitive and provocative. iayze points out that Slump’s influence in the underground scene has waned, as reflected in his declining numbers and relevance.

iayze boasts about his own success, claiming that whenever another rapper challenges him, he responds with significant achievements, often reaching millions of streams. He draws a comparison to Jidion, suggesting that Slump’s fall from grace was even more severe. The predictability of Slump’s comments about iayze indicates that they have lost their impact.

iayze continues to dismantle Slump’s credibility, mocking his threats and fear of confrontation. He highlights the disparity between their careers, noting that despite Slump’s initial success, he has failed to maintain relevance or viewership. References to Goose Creek and Clarence point to personal disputes and territorial claims, where iayze asserts his dominance by placing a billboard in Goose Creek, turning the area into a symbol of his own success.

Slump’s threats to shoot iayze are dismissed as empty, with iayze labeling them as “cap” (lies). He ridicules Slump’s attempts to undermine him, stating that he is fully energized (“T’d up”) and ready for any further challenges. The mention of being called a “rat” and an “old ass dad” shows the personal attacks he faces, but iayze remains unbothered, indicating that he is prepared to expose Slump’s true nature (“we got him in 4K”).

iayze references another incident where Slump spoke ill of someone who didn’t intend to kill themselves, suggesting that Slump should have met the same fate. This harsh rebuke underscores the severity of the conflict between them. iayze reiterates that Slump’s downfall is self-inflicted, emphasizing that his current irrelevance is due to his own actions.

The verse concludes with iayze’s assertion of his superiority, both lyrically and personally. He describes himself as “orbital,” implying that he is on a higher level, untouchable by Slump’s criticisms. This declaration serves as a final reminder of iayze’s confidence and the futility of Slump’s attempts to bring him down.

[Verse 2]

In Verse 2, iayze continues his aggressive narrative, recounting an incident where he shot someone, asserting his dominance and fearlessness. He reflects on his own tendency to be at the center of conflicts, acknowledging that he might be the problem. The vivid imagery of hanging someone by their dreads until they get “bed head” (messy hair from being hung) and then dropping them like a baby conveys his ruthlessness.

He lists several individuals (‘Wes, ‘Dami, ‘Amiri) whom he claims to have stopped, indicating his success in overpowering his rivals. By calling himself the “king of s*it talking,” iayze emphasizes his prowess in verbal confrontations and his ability to back up his words with actions. He warns that no one wants to face him when he is on the offensive, describing his sudden and forceful attacks.

iayze continues with vivid descriptions of his aggressive behavior, using onomatopoeic sounds (“brr, bow,” “boo, bow”) to illustrate his physical confrontations. He asserts his dominance in the city, claiming to be the one who “spins” (takes action) and instills fear. With only twenty seconds left in the verse, he shifts to addressing Slump6s, offering advice on how to make impactful music.

He advises Slump6s to stop “cap rap” (lying in rap lyrics) and be genuine, highlighting the importance of authenticity in connecting with listeners. iayze emphasizes the need for confidence and sincerity, urging Slump6s to speak with conviction. He critiques Slump6s for sounding like he’s complaining on the mic, suggesting that he should deliver his lyrics with more strength and intention. This mix of aggression and mentorship shows iayze’s belief in his own superiority and his willingness to offer guidance to those he deems less skilled.


In the outro, iayze concludes with advice to his adversaries, urging them to stop pretending to be gangsters and to be authentic. He references past incidents involving individuals like Clarence and ‘Dami, implying that they faced serious consequences for their actions. This serves as a warning to others who might challenge him.

iayze reinforces his established persona, asserting that his reputation and approach are well-known. He criticizes those who act tough without backing it up, emphasizing the importance of being true to oneself. The outro underscores the overarching theme of the song: authenticity and confidence. iayze’s final words remind listeners of his unshakeable confidence and his readiness to confront any challenge, solidifying his dominant stance.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “We already know what you gon’ say (You know how the fu*k I’m rocking)”
iayze anticipates the criticisms and accusations that his enemies will throw at him, particularly that he is a snitch and that he hasn’t accomplished anything. This phrase conveys his awareness of the predictable nature of their insults and his confidence in his own identity and actions. He asserts that he is unshaken by these accusations, emphasizing his unwavering stance and the solid reputation he maintains among his supporters.

2. “Ayy, I’m looking confused ’cause who in the fu*k is you, Slump?”
Here, iayze expresses bewilderment at Slump’s attempts to challenge him, questioning Slump’s relevance and significance. This rhetorical question is meant to belittle Slump, suggesting that he is not important enough to warrant iayze’s attention. It sets the stage for iayze to dismiss Slump’s criticisms as attempts to gain attention or views, positioning iayze as the superior figure in their conflict.

3. “Look at yo’ numbers, lil n!gga, the underground been left your stupid dumbass in the past tense”
iayze criticizes Slump’s declining influence and popularity within the underground rap scene. By pointing out Slump’s poor performance metrics (“numbers”), iayze underscores how Slump has fallen behind and lost relevance. This phrase serves to highlight iayze’s own success in contrast, as he positions himself as a thriving and prominent figure who continues to garner significant attention and respect.

4. “I’m doing numbers when I rap this stream”
iayze boasts about his ability to generate impressive streaming figures whenever he releases music. This statement emphasizes his commercial success and popularity, suggesting that his music consistently attracts a large audience. By highlighting his streaming success, iayze contrasts his achievements with Slump’s alleged failure to maintain relevance and viewership.

5. “Okay cool, you blew up first, somehow still lose”
iayze acknowledges that Slump might have initially gained fame before him but points out that Slump has since failed to sustain that success. This phrase underscores the idea that early success does not guarantee long-term relevance. iayze implies that despite Slump’s early rise, he has ultimately failed to maintain his status, whereas iayze continues to succeed.

6. “I’m T’d up, what more in the fu*k could you say about me?”
iayze asserts his confidence and readiness, using “T’d up” to indicate that he is fully energized and prepared for any challenges. He questions what more his critics can say about him, implying that they have already exhausted their criticisms and that he remains unaffected. This phrase reinforces iayze’s resilience and unshakeable self-assurance in the face of ongoing attacks.

7. “You just gotta cut all the cap rap (Cap rap)”
iayze advises other rappers, specifically addressing Slump6s, to stop lying in their lyrics (“cap rap”) and be more genuine. This phrase suggests that authenticity is crucial for making impactful music that resonates with listeners. iayze’s advice highlights the importance of truthfulness and sincerity in rap, positioning himself as someone who values and practices these qualities in his own music.


Who has sung “Orbit I can teach you” song?
iayze has sung “Orbit I can teach you” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Orbit I can teach you” song?
iayze has written the lyrics of “Orbit I can teach you” song.

Who has given the music of “Orbit I can teach you” song?
iayze has given the music of “Orbit I can teach you” song.

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