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“Numskull” by Justan Oval is a heartfelt reflection on insecurity and self-doubt. The lyrics delve into feelings of inadequacy and the fear of disappointing others. Despite the desire for reassurance and understanding, there’s a sense of resignation and acceptance of one’s flaws. The repeated apologies and acknowledgment of being a “numskull” highlight the struggle with personal shortcomings. The song captures the internal turmoil of wanting to improve but feeling stuck in a cycle of mistakes and regret. Overall, it’s a vulnerable expression of human frailty and the quest for redemption.

Numskull Lyrics

Don’t know why
That I would even start to try
To be one that would satisfy
It makes my only want to cry
I know I’m not that shy

I just want to the other side
I know I can’t see in time
It’s another day with on sight
In the end it’s not alright

Do I have to be the one that

Has to start and hold up our chat
I don’t want to start to feel sad
I know I can’t be that bad

Why am I the one that is mad
You did not do anything yet
Rhyme or reason is not present
It will end up just like that

I’m so sorry I’m a numskull
It’s not something that I foresaw
I’m so sorry I’m a numskull
It’s not something that I’m proud of

Don’t know why
That I had thought that I would cry
I make myself so terrified
I want to lock myself inside
It’s time to say goodbye

I just want to see the other side
I think I can see in time
It’s another day with new sight
In the end it will be fine

Sorry I know some stuff was said
I hope that you won’t get upset
I don’t want to make you feel sad
I know I can be quite bad

Why do I feel something’s missing?
You did not say anything yet
Is it cause I am still twitching?
I did not think about that

I’m so sorry I’m a numskull
It’s not something that I foresaw
I’m so sorry I’m a numskull
It’s not something that I’m proud of

I’m so sorry I’m a numskull
It’s not something that I foresaw
I’m so sorry I’m a numskull
It’s not something that I’m proud of

Numskull Lyrics Explained

The first paragraph reflects the confusion and self-doubt of the speaker. They question why they even attempt to please others when it only leads to disappointment and tears. Despite acknowledging their lack of shyness, they still find themselves struggling to meet expectations.

In the second paragraph, the speaker expresses a longing to escape their current situation and gain clarity about the future. They recognize their inability to predict what lies ahead, and each passing day feels like a repetition of the same struggles, ultimately leaving them feeling unsatisfied.

The third paragraph reveals the speaker’s reluctance to take on the responsibility of initiating conversations and maintaining them. They fear the potential sadness that may arise from these interactions, yet they also doubt their own ability to be truly terrible.

The fourth paragraph highlights the speaker’s frustration and confusion over their own emotions. They feel anger without a clear reason, and they anticipate that the situation will remain unresolved, leading to further frustration and helplessness.

The repeated apologies in the chorus emphasize the speaker’s awareness of their own shortcomings and their remorse for them. They openly admit to feeling like a “numskull,” expressing regret and discomfort with their own actions or lack thereof.

In the subsequent paragraphs, the speaker grapples with intense emotions, including fear, uncertainty, and guilt. They express a desire to retreat from their troubles and find solace in solitude, yet they also hold onto hope for a brighter future.

The final paragraph mirrors the earlier sentiments of apology and self-awareness, underscoring the speaker’s ongoing struggle with their own perceived inadequacies. Despite their remorse, they find themselves unable to break free from the cycle of self-doubt and regret.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Don’t know why”
This phrase encapsulates the speaker’s confusion and uncertainty about their own actions and emotions. They’re grappling with feelings they don’t fully understand, leading to frustration and introspection.

2. “I just want to the other side”
Here, the speaker expresses a desire for change or escape from their current circumstances. They seek relief from their struggles and hope for a better outcome or perspective.

3. “I’m so sorry I’m a numskull”
This line reflects the speaker’s self-awareness and humility. They acknowledge their own faults and shortcomings, expressing remorse for their actions or their inability to meet expectations.


Who has sung “Numskull” song?
Justan oval has sung “Numskull” song.

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Justan oval has written the lyrics of “Numskull” song.

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Justan oval has given the music of “Numskull” song.

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