Nomad Lyrics – Clairo

“Nomad” by Clairo narrates the struggle of risking everything for love, depicting a desire for independence amidst emotional vulnerability. The lyrics portray a willingness to abandon possessions and societal norms in pursuit of a deeper connection, even if it means facing isolation. The singer grapples with conflicting emotions, oscillating between longing and self-preservation. Despite the pain of lost love, the protagonist embraces solitude over the torment of false hope, ultimately choosing autonomy over becoming a stranger to themselves. The song’s recurring theme underscores the cyclical nature of romantic longing and the bittersweet reality of dreams unfulfilled.

Nomad Lyrics

[Vеrѕe 1: Clairo]
І run the rіsk оf losing everуthing
Ѕo аll my pains bесome nomadic
I run the rіsk, јuѕt in case I might
Sell all my things and bеcome the night

[Рre-Сhоrus: Clairo]
Oh, іt’s hаrd to beliеve
It’ѕ even irrational for me
I’m cyniсal, a mеss
І’m touch stаrved, I’m shameleѕs
Мm, ah

[Chоrus: Clairo]
Вut I’d rather bе alone thаn a stranger
You’d come vіsit me latе at night
I’d rаther wake up alone than be rеminded
Of hоw it waѕ а dream thіs time

[Versе 2: Clairo]
I run the risk of losing everyone
І’d ѕail and saу my phonе wаs оverboard
I run the rіsk, just in caѕe I might
Тake a ship аround thе world to find

[Pre-Chоrus: Clairo]
Oh, where you hіd the kеy?
It’s even irrational for me
It’s chemiсal, obѕеssed
І’ll blame yоu for locking me іn
Mm, аh

[Chorus: Clairo]
But I’d rather bе alone than a strаnger
Yоu’d come viѕit me latе at night
I’d rather wake up аlone than be rеminded
Of how іt was a dream this time

[Bridge: Clairo]
It’s аlwaуs thе ѕame
Аlways the same
Every timе I see someоne nеw
І juѕt thіnk of you, nothing to dо
Cаn’t help it now
Guess I’ll have to fight

[Сhorus: Clairo]
But I’d rather bе alone than а stranger
Yоu’d come viѕіt me latе at night
I’d rather wаke up alone than be rеminded
Of how it was a dreаm this tіme

[Outro: Clairo]
It was a dream this timе
Іt waѕ а dream this time

Nomad Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1: Clairo]
The protagonist acknowledges the risk of losing everything for love. They express a sense of restlessness and displacement, likening their emotional pain to a nomadic existence. Contemplating drastic actions, they entertain the idea of selling belongings to embrace darkness symbolically.

[Pre-Chorus: Clairo]
Expressing disbelief in their own emotions, the singer reflects on their cynical and emotionally starved state. Despite feeling shameless, they confront their vulnerability and longing for connection, acknowledging the irrationality of their feelings.

[Chorus: Clairo]
The protagonist prioritizes solitude over feeling like a stranger in a relationship. They prefer the solace of night visits over the pain of waking up to the reality of lost dreams, highlighting the emotional toll of unfulfilled expectations.

[Verse 2: Clairo]
Continuing the theme of risking everything for love, the singer contemplates severing ties with everyone and embarking on a journey to find the elusive key to their heart. They entertain the idea of drastic measures, even sailing around the world to seek closure or connection.

[Pre-Chorus: Clairo]
Expressing frustration, the singer questions the whereabouts of the metaphorical key to their emotional liberation. They acknowledge the obsessive and irrational nature of their feelings, assigning blame for feeling emotionally imprisoned.

[Chorus: Clairo]
Reiterating their preference for solitude over estrangement, the singer values late-night visits over the painful reminder of shattered dreams. They would rather embrace solitude than confront the harsh reality of their unfulfilled romantic aspirations.

[Bridge: Clairo]
Reflecting on the repetitive nature of their emotional turmoil, the protagonist admits that encountering new people only serves to remind them of their past love. Despite feeling powerless, they resolve to fight against the cycle of longing and disappointment.

[Chorus: Clairo]
Repeating the sentiment of preferring solitude over feeling like a stranger, the singer emphasizes the significance of nocturnal visits and the desire to avoid the painful reminder of past dreams. They prioritize self-preservation over the fleeting hope of rekindled romance.

[Outro: Clairo]
Concluding the song, the protagonist resigns themselves to the fact that their romantic aspirations were merely dreams. They acknowledge the fleeting nature of their desires and the inevitability of facing reality.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I run the risk of losing everything”
This phrase reflects the protagonist’s willingness to take chances in matters of love, even at the cost of potential loss. They acknowledge the uncertainty and vulnerability that come with risking everything for emotional fulfillment.

2. “So all my pains become nomadic”
Here, the protagonist describes their emotional pain as nomadic, suggesting that it is transient and constantly moving. This imagery conveys the idea that their pain knows no fixed abode and can manifest itself anywhere and at any time.

3. “I’d rather be alone than a stranger”
This statement underscores the protagonist’s preference for solitude over feeling disconnected or estranged in a relationship. They prioritize maintaining a sense of familiarity and authenticity, even if it means being alone.

4. “I’d sail and say my phone was overboard”
This line signifies the extent to which the protagonist is willing to go to escape from the pressures of modern communication and social expectations. It suggests a desire for isolation and detachment from the outside world, even to the point of feigning a loss of connection.

5. “It’s always the same, every time I see someone new”
This phrase highlights the recurring nature of the protagonist’s romantic longing and the persistent memories of past love. Despite encountering new people, they find themselves constantly drawn back to thoughts of the one they’ve lost, emphasizing the difficulty of moving on.


Who has sung “Nomad” song?
Clairo has sung “Nomad” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Nomad” song?
Clairo has written the lyrics of “Nomad” song.

Who has given the music of “Nomad” song?
Clairo have given the music of “Nomad” song.

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