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Neverland Lyrics (English Translation) by (G)I-DLE is a latest Korean song in the voice of (G)I-DLE. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Neverland song lyrics are also written by (G)I-DLE. It is a song about finding a place of belonging and comfort. The lyrics describe a journey to reunite with someone special, overcoming past anxieties and uncertainties. The singer expresses joy in finally being with their loved one again, emphasizing the warmth and peace found in their presence. The song also touches on cherishing memories and looking forward to a future filled with dreams and happiness together. It’s a heartfelt ode to love and resilience, celebrating the bond that makes life meaningful.

Neverland (English Translation) Lyrics

[Intro: All]
Ooh, eh-oh
Ooh, eh-oh
Ooh, eh-oh

[Verse 1: Yuqi]
It was a long trip
I flew a long way to see you
A flower has already bloomed with just a smile
My spring time was shaken and anxious, yeah

[Pre-Chorus: Minnie]

There were so many stories to tell, but
The past days without you, I just forget everything (Ah, ah, ah)

[Chorus: Miyeon, Soyeon]
Now step on the warm land where you live and dream a new dream
I’ll hold your hand and run as far as I can out of breath
Landing on the way, a half journey that is now complete
It’s time to take my hand and smile

[Verse 2: Shuhua, Yuqi & Minnie, Yuqi]
This place where you live and breathe
Now I’ve finally found my place
Sharp waves and strong winds
When I pass by you, it becomes quiet, take away
As long as I have you like this, I’m okay
Ooh-eh-eh, I know I’ll say

[Pre-Chorus: Shuhua]
I can’t count all the stories I want to tell, but
The past days without you, I just forget everything (Ah, ah, ah)

[Chorus: Miyeon, Minnie, Soyeon]
Now step on the warm land where you live and dream a new dream
I’ll hold your hand and run as far as I can out of breath
Landing on the way, the journey is now half completed

It’s time to take my hand and smile (Yo, uh)

[Verse 3: Soyeon]
Scattered from the days gone by (scattered)
Pieces of broken moments spread through my mind, yeah
The precious memories I kept with you (Uh)
Come to me when you need a place to lean on
Don’t be afraid even if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow
Even if it’s just a day full of regrets, don’t get caught up
Because spring comes again (Uh)
Because you are such a warm being to me (Ah, ah, ah)

[Chorus: Yuqi, Miyeon]
Now fly above the sky you see and have a dazzling dream
I’ll hold your hand and fly high enough to reach the clouds
Landing on the way, a journey that will begin again and last forever
It’s time to take my hand and fly


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Neverland (English Translation) Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
Yuqi describes a journey of longing and anticipation, having traveled a great distance to be with someone special. Her metaphorical reference to a blooming flower signifies the joy and warmth she feels upon seeing her loved one’s smile, which contrasts with the anxious feelings she experienced during her wait.

Minnie reflects on the impact of reunion, where the past struggles and solitary days fade away in the presence of her loved one. She emphasizes how the stories she wanted to share become insignificant compared to the happiness of being together again.

Miyeon and Soyeon celebrate their reunion in a comforting environment, where dreams are born anew. They express a deep connection by metaphorically describing running hand in hand, capturing the completeness they feel now that they are together again.

[Verse 2]
Shuhua, Yuqi, and Minnie express contentment in finding their place beside their loved one. They metaphorically describe the calming effect their presence has, amidst life’s challenges (“sharp waves and strong winds”). They find solace knowing that as long as they have each other, everything will be alright.

Shuhua echoes Minnie’s sentiment about forgetting the hardships of separation when finally reunited. The focus shifts to the present moment of joy and togetherness, emphasizing the peace found in their union.

Miyeon, Minnie, and Soyeon reaffirm their commitment to exploring life together in their newfound happiness. They acknowledge that while their journey isn’t yet complete, being together is already fulfilling and brings smiles to their faces, symbolizing their readiness to embrace the future hand in hand.

[Verse 3]
Soyeon reflects on cherished memories and moments shared with her loved one. She describes these memories as pieces of a past that sometimes haunt her mind but also provide solace and strength when needed. Despite uncertainties, she finds comfort knowing that just like spring follows winter, brighter days will come with their warmth and presence.

Yuqi and Miyeon dream of soaring together above the clouds, symbolizing their shared aspirations and dreams. They express a desire to explore new heights and embark on a journey that promises to be eternal and full of wonder. Holding hands, they face the future with optimism and determination to make their dreams a reality.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “A flower has already bloomed with just a smile
This phrase suggests that the recipient’s smile brings immense joy and happiness, likening it to the blossoming of a flower. It highlights the power of simple gestures to brighten someone’s world.

2. “Sharp waves and strong winds
Refers to life’s challenges and obstacles, metaphorically described as turbulent waves and strong winds. It symbolizes difficulties faced but implies that with their loved one, these challenges become more bearable.

3. “Scattered from the days gone by (scattered)
Describes memories and moments from the past that are now fragmented and scattered in the mind. It emphasizes nostalgia and reflects on how these memories can be both comforting and bittersweet.

4. “Don’t be afraid even if the sun doesn’t rise tomorrow
Encourages resilience and hope, reassuring that even in difficult times, there’s strength to face uncertainty. It signifies unwavering support and comfort, promising to be there through thick and thin.

5. “It’s time to take my hand and fly
Symbolizes embarking on a new journey together, filled with excitement and aspirations. It signifies a commitment to facing the future hand in hand, ready to explore new horizons and dreams together.


Q. Who has sung Neverland (English Translation) song?
A. Neverland (English Translation) song is sung by (G)I-DLE.

Q. Who wrote Neverland (English Translation) lyrics?
A. Neverland (English Translation) lyrics are penned by (G)I-DLE.

Q. Who has given the music of Neverland (English Translation) song?
A. Neverland (English Translation) music is composed and produced by (G)I-DLE.

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