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Monster Lyrics by Jorge Rivera-Herrans is a latest English song. Jorge Rivera-Herrans has created its tune while brand new Monster song lyrics are written by Jorge Rivera-Herrans.

“Monster” by Jorge Rivera-Herrans delves into introspection and moral ambiguity, questioning one’s role and actions amidst turmoil. The lyrics ponder the nature of villainy, exploring whether perceived monsters are born or made. Through haunting imagery and philosophical musings, the song wrestles with the complexities of morality and the sacrifices made in pursuit of redemption, ultimately resolving to embrace one’s monstrous side for the greater good and to ensure the safety of loved ones on the journey home.

Monster Lyrics by Jorge Rivera-Herrans

How has everything been turned against us?
How did suffering become so endless?
How am I to reunite with my estranged?
Do I need to change?

I’m surrounded by the souls of those I’ve lost
I’m the only one whose line I haven’t crossed
What if the greatest threat we’ll find across the sea
Is me?

What if I’m the monster?
What if I’m in the wrong?

What if I’m the problem that’s been hiding all along?
What if I’m the one who killed you
Every time I caved to guilt?
What if I’ve been far too kind to foes
But a monster to ourselves?
What if I’m the monster?

Is the cyclops struck with guilt when he kills?
Is he up in the middle of the night?
Or does he end my men to avenge his friend
And then sleep knowing he has done him right?

When the witch turns men to pigs to protect her nymphs is she going insane?
Or did she learn to be colder when she got older and now she saves them the pain?
When a god comes down and makes a fleet drown
Is he scared that he’s doing something wrong?
Or does he keep us in check so we must respect him
And now no one dares to piss him off?
Does a soldier use a wooden horse to kill sleeping Trojans ’cause he is vile?
Or does he throw away his remorse and save more lives with guile

If I became the monster, and threw that guilt away
Would that make us stronger?
Would it keep our foes at bay?
If I became the monster to everyone but us

And made sure we got home again
Who would care if we’re unjust?
If I became the


Oh, ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves


And deep down I know this well
I lost my best friend
I lost my mentor, my mom
Five hundred men gone, this can’t go on
I must get to see Penelope and Telemachus
So if we must sail through dangerous oceans and beaches
I’ll go where Poseidon won’t reach us
And if I gotta drop another infant from a wall
In an instant so we all don’t die

Then I’ll become the
I will deal the blow
And I’ll become the
Like none they’ve ever known
So what if I’m the
Lurking deep below?
I must become the
And then we’ll make it home

Oh, ruthlessness is mercy upon ourselves
I’ll become the monster

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Monster Lyrics Meaning

The song “Monster” by Jorge Rivera-Herrans delves into a deep exploration of self-doubt, moral questioning, and the complexities of human nature amidst adversity.

The opening stanza reflects on a sense of betrayal and adversity, questioning how everything seems to have turned against the speaker and how suffering has become overwhelming. This sets the tone for introspection and inquiry into personal responsibility.

The following stanza delves into the speaker’s internal struggle, feeling surrounded by the memories and spirits of those they have lost. They grapple with the idea of being the only one who hasn’t crossed a certain line, suggesting a moral boundary they fear transgressing.

The central theme emerges as the speaker questions whether they themselves are the “monster” they fear. They ponder if they are the source of the problems they face, reflecting on past actions and the potential harm caused by their choices. This stanza raises existential questions about identity and culpability.

The subsequent stanza draws parallels between the speaker and mythical figures like the cyclops, the witch, and soldiers from the Trojan War. Through these analogies, the speaker contemplates the nature of guilt, morality, and the justifications for violence in different contexts.

The climax of the song comes with the resolution to embrace the role of the “monster” if it means ensuring the safety and well-being of their loved ones. The speaker grapples with the notion that ruthlessness may be necessary for survival and protection, even if it means sacrificing moral purity.

In the final stanza, the speaker reaffirms their commitment to becoming the “monster” if it means achieving their goal of reuniting with Penelope and Telemachus. They acknowledge the loss and suffering endured, expressing a willingness to do whatever it takes to ensure their safe return home.

Overall, “Monster” navigates themes of self-awareness, moral ambiguity, and the sacrifices made in the face of adversity. It presents a thought-provoking exploration of the human condition and the complexities of navigating moral dilemmas in challenging circumstances.


Who has sung “Monster” song?
Jorge Rivera-Herrans has sung “Monster” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Monster” song?
Jorge Rivera-Herrans has written the lyrics of “Monster” song.

Who has given the music of “Monster” song?
Jorge Rivera-Herrans has given the music of “Monster” song.

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