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Kratos Vs. Maui Lyrics by Freshy Kanal is a latest English song in the voice of Freshy Kanal. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Kratos Vs. Maui song lyrics are also written by Freshy Kanal. In Kratos vs. Maui by Freshy Kanal, the song hilariously pits Kratos, the fierce Greek warrior, against Maui, the trickster demigod of Polynesian lore. Kratos boasts of his battles through Hel and icy realms, mocking Maui’s shallow tricks and lack of lasting legacy. Meanwhile, Maui fires back, taunting Kratos for his rigid seriousness and self-centeredness, comparing his feats like holding up the sky to Maui’s more fun-loving exploits. It’s a playful clash of egos, blending mythologies with humor and bravado.

Kratos Vs. Maui Lyrics

[Verse 1: Kratos (McGuinnsBook)]
Fear or start your prayers
To the god of your creation
If they sent me after you
Then you must be forsaken
I went through Hel’s scorching borders
And coldest corners in fist fights
You’d piss your grass skirt
If your reputation’s on thin ice
There was a demigod hated near and far
He decided no one loved him

So he had to steal a heart
Was it worth his sense of purpose
Changing earth with dirty tricks?
‘Cuz once he died, he still had
Not a single soul that worshipped him!
When the tides turn on this fraud
He falls apart on the spot
What kind of islander god
Would sink in water like rocks?
You offered the earth gifts
But you’re shallow on the surface
You can shapeshift to a bird’s skin
But can’t change to a better person
This is my fate
I decide when wars are over
Cut you into shape
This is how you make a soldier
You provide for the praise
And strengthen your culture
But, when they cry for your aid
You offer a cold shoulder

[Verse 2: Maui (Mega Ran)]
We all like to goof a little
Trust me, I won’t judge you

Although, I don’t murder all of Greece
You know, like some do?
I spent my time creating mountains
And kingdoms you might cross
I prob’ly made the island
You and your shame like to hide on
So, thanks! But I’m gonna decline
The olive branch that you offered politely
You’ve been hiding inside of that ivory tower
So why don’t you come down and fight me?
You pray all alone because
You eviscerated your only love
You keep your emotions like coconuts
‘Cuz I gotta break you to open up
You say that I’m the one shifting the shape
You play pretend as a Norse deity
You threw your mythology away
Like a Spartan’s deformed baby
I rock the boat with the fire
That I gave to humankind, I don’t take lightly
So when I’m striking the son of Zeus twice
There’s a funeral worthy of fake vikings
I got tattoos
Of all my victories, no sweat
While the only mark that you’ve left
Is yet another one on my chest
Mine are a map
Yours are just ashes to ashes
Directing to the exactly
Zero family members you have left

[Verse 3: Kratos (McGuinnsBook)]
I was fighting in the field
‘Til I no longer had chains
While you were marinating
Inside your mancave
Hid away since your parents
Saw your face and were sickened
Don’t be surprised if I go overboard
Like you as an infant
So many wars helmed
I forged through Greece and the Norse realms
I lived through lives in the damn time that you spent
Writing an anthem ’bout nothing but yourself
I chose my solace
While you were just banished away as a lonely convict
Your boats on water but the stars couldn’t help you
Find any excuse for your broken promise
So I’ll raise a toast to this fraud
Who’s loathed by most of the coastal goddesses
He’s a pu*sy from start to end
As his fate was woven onto him

[Verse 4: Maui (Mega Ran)]
Maybe add a sense of humor
To your massive arsenal – you don’t seem that amused
Got so many weapons on stock
Yet you’re the biggest tool for Athena to use
I held up the sky, dealt with the fire
And those ain’t my greatest stunts
You scream at your loved ones ’til they’re long gone
Do I gotta show you how to raise a sun?
You got me acting like Baldur
‘Cuz all your blows are painless
For once, take a step back
This ain’t the cliff you fell from
To all the pantheons
That I saved from eradication
By finishing him once and for all
You’re Welcome!

Kratos Vs. Maui Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1: Kratos (McGuinnsBook)]

Kratos begins his verse with a menacing tone, challenging his opponent to fear and pray to their gods, implying that facing him is akin to facing divine punishment. He suggests that anyone sent after by him must be forsaken by their own deities. Kratos boasts of his trials through Hel’s fiery borders and the harshest corners of the world, emphasizing his resilience in brutal hand-to-hand combat. He mocks Maui, likening him to someone who would be terrified if his reputation were in jeopardy.

The verse shifts to Kratos ridiculing a demigod who felt unloved and sought validation by resorting to underhanded tactics, questioning if such actions were worth compromising his sense of purpose. Despite the demigod’s efforts, Kratos claims he still died without earning genuine worship. Kratos then criticizes Maui’s superficial generosity, accusing him of being shallow and unable to change for the better despite his ability to shapeshift.

Kratos asserts his authority over war and the shaping of soldiers, suggesting that while Maui might provide for his culture’s praise, he fails to offer meaningful support when needed, portraying him as indifferent or uncaring in times of crisis.

[Verse 2: Maui (Mega Ran)]

Maui’s verse takes a lighter and more humorous approach compared to Kratos. He begins by acknowledging that everyone enjoys goofing off sometimes, assuring Kratos that he won’t be judged despite their rivalry. Maui humorously denies Kratos’s accusation that he murders people like those in Greece, hinting at Kratos’s reputation for extreme violence.

Maui then shifts to boasting about his own mythical accomplishments, such as creating mountains and kingdoms that Kratos might traverse. He hints that he might have even made the island where Kratos and his shame hide. He declines Kratos’s metaphorical olive branch, challenging him to come down from his figurative ivory tower and engage in a direct confrontation.

The demigod mocks Kratos’s emotional detachment, comparing his heart to coconuts that need to be cracked open. He accuses Kratos of projecting his own faults onto others, suggesting that Kratos portrays himself as a Norse deity but has abandoned his own mythology like a Spartan’s unwanted child.

Maui then boasts about his contributions to humanity, such as giving fire, contrasting Kratos’s serious demeanor with his own sense of humor and light-heartedness. He playfully mocks Kratos’s lack of family and victory marks, implying that his own accomplishments are more meaningful and lasting.

He dismisses Kratos’s threats, suggesting that humor might be a more effective weapon than the tools Athena uses. Finally, he claims credit for saving various pantheons from destruction by defeating Kratos, ending with a playful “You’re Welcome!” as if he’s just done Kratos a favor by defeating him.

[Verse 3: Kratos (McGuinnsBook)]

In his second verse, Kratos reflects on his history of battle and personal growth. He describes fighting until he broke free from metaphorical chains, contrasting his continuous struggle with what he perceives as Maui’s period of seclusion and self-disgust.

Kratos mocks Maui’s reluctance to step into the spotlight, suggesting that his opponent has been hiding away since his parents rejected him at birth. He hints at his readiness to go to extremes in their conflict, comparing himself to an infant version of Maui who was cast into the sea.

He then lists the many battles he’s fought and the challenges he’s overcome in both the realms of Greece and the Norse, contrasting the active and diverse life that he has experienced with Maui’s more passive and somewhat limited existence. Kratos also reflects on the fact that his time spent in the area.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Fear or start your prayers
Kratos warns his opponent to be afraid and pray to their gods, suggesting imminent danger or punishment.

2. “You’d piss your grass skirt
A taunt implying extreme fear or cowardice, suggesting the opponent would lose control.

3. “What kind of islander god would sink in water like rocks?
A rhetorical question mocking the opponent’s weakness, suggesting they are unfit even for their own domain.

4. “You offer a cold shoulder
Accusing the opponent of indifference or neglecting those who seek their help or support.

5. “I spent my time creating mountains
Maui boasts of his creative prowess, highlighting his achievements like making mountains and kingdoms.

6. “You keep your emotions like coconuts
Criticism of emotional repression, implying the opponent hides feelings similar to coconuts’ tough shells.

7. “You’re Welcome!
A sarcastic remark implying Maui’s superiority after supposedly saving various pantheons from destruction.


Q. Who has sung Kratos Vs. Maui song?
A. Kratos Vs. Maui song is sung by Freshy Kanal.

Q. Who wrote Kratos Vs. Maui lyrics?
A. Kratos Vs. Maui lyrics are penned by Freshy Kanal.

Q. Who has given the music of Kratos Vs. Maui song?
A. Kratos Vs. Maui music is composed and produced by Freshy Kanal.

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