Guapanese Lyrics – Jaywall

In “Guapanese” by Jaywall, the rapper flaunts his wealth and lifestyle, describing his luxury watches and expensive jewelry. He emphasizes a no-nonsense attitude, ditching anyone who doesn’t add value to his life. He talks about late-night conversations, partying with Hennessy shots, and navigating city life with flashy cars and firearms. Jaywall portrays himself as a dominant figure, likening his moves to Brady in the fourth quarter. He boasts about his financial success, comparing himself to an otter building dams, and mentions his close relationship with his grandmother. The song also touches on avoiding legal trouble and maintaining a tough, vigilant persona.

Guapanese Lyrics

Yeah I switch it up
Switch that b!tch if she can’t feel my vibe
I went ape s*it on my wrist, I told my jeweler check my shine
Cause it’s bitting n!ggas
Late night conversation with lil bitty
Told her if she ain’t adding value
It’s real motion in my city
And she on milly rock
Every time they bringing out that bottle
She on henny shots
And I ain’t tryna complicate it

Every time I look them n!ggas on the net just like they made
We the one who hoppin out them C8’s step on s*it live pavement
Hoping out that alley with them drakes we put up ninas
Treat s*it like I’m Brady in the 4th, they in the bleachers
And I been tryna lay back off this s*it for real cause I get wicked
Fu*k a holiday we wrap a opp up like its Christmas

Dropping big deposits
We was in the water building dams just like a otter
Most these n!gga treat em like my sons without no father
Most these n!ggas treat em like my sons lt ain’t no foster
Like what yall hitting for
Told my shooter make that they know
That’s why we hit em close
Told em if I take her s*it s*it get serious
I got her hitting notes
Told lil bro to stop that gleecing
Every time im in the mirror I be tussling with
My demons
Fu*k a lesson, I get on em with that ruler this ain’t teaching
They like Jaywall you been getting really vocal I ain’t speaking
And all that switching sides
I know shooters who goin spin two times and they just switching slides
Everyday Thanksgiving at our table how we been getting by

And my grandma like you on your greens now
Put her in that Culli she on IG spilling tea now
Can’t even close the trap house for two seconds cause the feens out
And they like that boy lowkey on his rap s*it but he peach now
They like that boy lowkey on his rap but been hot
I be on they head just like a skully, like it’s wind out
Like it’s wind
Every time they look they say big wall go up for ten

Pray that we don’t bend
Pray that you don’t see me in the flesh
Shooter hit a route
Then he reach like OB for the catch
And we ain’t pulling over
Tint on 5 percent when we on licks, this car be full of doja
And I can’t catch no charges like a hellcat
Lil bro did a spin but we ain’t Zelle cause he left shells back
And she what in I’m on my Tony Hawk s*it off the rail back
I’ve been on my heavy fitness s*it with no elliptical
They like how you got here to this point this ain’t a ritual
And every time I look into her eyes, she like spiritual
And ever since I stepped into her life is like a miracle

Guapanese Lyrics Explained

Jaywall begins the song by asserting his readiness to switch up his lifestyle and relationships if they don’t align with his vibe. He brags about his expensive jewelry, telling his jeweler to check the shine on his wrist, a sign of his wealth and success. In late-night conversations with a woman, he emphasizes that if she doesn’t add value to his life, she’s not worth his time. He observes that in his city, there’s constant movement and action, and he notes the woman’s lively behavior when partying. He also highlights how he avoids unnecessary complications, pointing out that others on the internet pretend to be successful. Jaywall and his crew, in contrast, are genuinely living the high life, stepping out of luxury cars and handling business in the streets, sometimes violently. He compares himself to Tom Brady in the fourth quarter, implying that he performs well under pressure. Despite trying to take a step back from this intense lifestyle, he acknowledges the danger and recklessness that come with it, even referencing wrapping up opponents like Christmas presents.

In the second paragraph, Jaywall talks about making large deposits and compares his hustle to an otter building dams, emphasizing hard work and resourcefulness. He views many of his peers as his protégés, asserting dominance in his social circle. He instructs his shooter to ensure their targets know who’s responsible, underscoring the seriousness and precision of their actions. When he’s with a woman, he makes her sing, indicating intense, emotional experiences. Jaywall advises his younger brother to stop brandishing his weapon, and he admits to struggling with personal demons in the mirror. Rejecting traditional lessons, he takes matters into his own hands, meting out discipline himself. People have noticed his increasingly vocal presence, though he claims he hasn’t been speaking out much. He’s aware of people switching allegiances, and he mentions his shooters who are relentless and unpredictable. His life is so filled with abundance that every day feels like Thanksgiving, highlighting his prosperity.

In the final paragraph, Jaywall reflects on his grandmother’s approval of his success, mentioning how he’s provided for her. She’s now enjoying life, even sharing moments on social media. The trap house, a hub for illicit activities, is always busy, reflecting the constant demand in his lifestyle. Despite appearing low-key, his music career has been heating up. He describes his persistent efforts, comparing himself to a skully (beanie) on someone’s head, always present and ready. People recognize his success and hard work. He prays for resilience and hopes not to confront enemies directly. His shooter is compared to a football player making a catch, signifying skill and precision. They avoid police detection with tinted windows and are always ready for action. Jaywall avoids legal trouble, comparing his evasion skills to a Hellcat’s speed. He mentions his brother’s violent actions and their lack of electronic money transfers, leaving evidence behind. Jaywall’s prowess is likened to Tony Hawk’s skateboarding tricks. He’s focused on physical fitness without the need for an elliptical, indicating intense, varied workouts. People are curious about his success, which he claims isn’t due to rituals but hard work. Finally, he reflects on the spiritual connection he feels with a woman, describing his positive impact on her life as miraculous.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “I went ape s*it on my wrist, I told my jeweler check my shine”
Jaywall uses this phrase to highlight his extravagant spending on luxury items, particularly his wristw*tch. “Ape s*it” implies going all out or spending excessively, while “check my shine” suggests he wants his jeweler to admire the brilliance and quality of his expensive jewelry. This line underscores his wealth and flamboyant lifestyle.

2. “Treat s*it like I’m Brady in the 4th, they in the bleachers”
In this line, Jaywall likens himself to Tom Brady, the legendary quarterback known for performing exceptionally well under pressure, especially in the fourth quarter of a game. By saying “they in the bleachers,” he implies that while he is actively and successfully engaged in critical moments, his competitors or enemies are mere spectators, unable to match his prowess.

3. “Dropping big deposits, we was in the water building dams just like a otter”
This phrase reflects Jaywall’s financial success and industrious nature. “Dropping big deposits” indicates he’s making substantial bank deposits, signifying significant earnings. Comparing his efforts to an otter building dams emphasizes hard work and resourcefulness, as otters are known for their industriousness in creating their habitats.

4. “Everyday Thanksgiving at our table how we been getting by”
Here, Jaywall describes his abundant lifestyle by comparing it to Thanksgiving, a holiday known for its plentiful feasts. This metaphor suggests that he and his associates are constantly enjoying wealth and prosperity, to the point that every day feels like a celebratory feast. It emphasizes the continuous and lavish nature of their success.


Who has sung “Guapanese” song?
Jaywall has sung “Guapanese” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Guapanese” song?
Jaywall has written the lyrics of “Guapanese” song.

Who has given the music of “Guapanese” song?
Jaywall has given the music of “Guapanese” song.

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