Grippy Lyrics – Cash Cobain

“Grippy” by Cash Cobain and J. Cole is a playful and explicit song celebrating romantic and s*xual encounters with various women. The lyrics describe lavish dates, intimate moments, and the strong attraction the artist feels for his partners. He uses the term “grippy” to describe a woman’s physical appeal and s*xual prowess. The song is filled with vivid imagery, name-dropping multiple women, and expressing his desires and experiences with them. Despite the explicit content, the tone remains light-hearted and emphasizes his admiration and affection for the women mentioned.

Grippy Lyrics

[Verse 1: J. Cole]
She like my kick game
And when you me, you don’t kick game
I put her front row at the Knick game
Now she in my phone with a nickname
It’s, it’s, it’s, hmm (Mmm)
Yeah (Gvrlnd! I’m rocking with this one)
Grippy, huh
Grippy, I call her that ’cause it’s grippy
She thick in the hips, she a hippie
And she thick in the lips, she gon’ lick me

And she sending a flick when she hit me
With a kissy emoji, she miss me
When she see me, she say she gon’ strip me
She gon’ chew on this stick like it’s Wrigley’s
Mm, yeah, believe it or not like Ripley’s
She said she was gay until I slayed, now she strictly d!ckly
As soon as she page, I’m on the way, and I be showing up quickly
On the highway, I’m doing a hundred-and-fifty
Like, I gotta get you up out of them Vickies, uh, like
Pu*sy so good, I just had an epiphany
It’s grippy and wet, you know I’m a vet, but you making me feel like a rookie
How you make me tap out so swiftly?
But I’m back for the second round victory
I remember I saw you on Fifth Ave with your homies Sabrina and Tiffany
I was thinking like, “Damn, your whole clique bad”
But I wanted your body specifically, hmm
Like, I’m tryna see how that glove gon’ fit me, hmm
Like, I wanna feel like I’m touching your kidneys, hmm
Like, b!tch, I’ma send all your kids to Disney, hmm
I’ma pay a lil’ extra, make sure they meet Mickey, hmm
She a what? She a what? She a grippy, huh (Mmm)
She a what? She a what? She a grippy

[Verse 2: Cash Cobain]
Destiny, I’m tryna give you the best of me

I wanna kill it like rest in peace
Eat on that pu*sy like it was a recipe, like
Shanti, I wanna make you a m*mmy
You look good as a redhead, dreadhead
Black hair, pink hair, blondie, like
Zari, I know I be on ya body
Not Meg Thee Stallion, but you a hottie
You let me hit I’ma buss ya scalotti, like damn
Mia, I cannot wait ’til I see ya
I cannot wait ’til I eat ya
You got a n!gga then I wanna be him, like damn
Jada, you know I would never play ya
Can I put you on my face, love
I want ya pu*sy now and want it later, like
Kayla, got a body like you Wayda
Can I put you on my face love
That pu*sy creamy call you mash potatoes, like
China, You got that good up vagina
I gotta, find ya
I gotta hit one more time to remind ya, like damn
Niyah, you the quiet, you the shy one
I wanna, mm, nevermind love
Fu*k that, I want parts of ya vagina, like damn
Toni, I know that s*it macaroni
I wanna be more than homies
Gimme that pu*sy don’t be acting phony, like
Onny, you the opposite of boney
Can you ride it like a pony?
Whenever you want it m*mmy, you could call me, like
TNT, I wanna have us a 3v3
Make it a movie, DVD
All of us got our phones on DND, like damn
Tiq the freak, Destiny, Lexi, I got a BNB
Polishers, like the eatery
None of these others n!ggas ever seeing me
Marni, Marni, I don’t wanna talk about Marni
I don’t think that I should talk about Marni, fu*k it, I’ma talk about Marni
You piss my b!tches off like a potty
Can’t get these n!ggas off of your body
I wanna put it all in your body
Wanna get in ya draws ’til my d!ck is soft, now my d!ck is off in ya body
I got that different talk
If a n!gga say that he don’t want you then he get gizz lotti, like damn

[Bridge: Cash Cobain]
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmh

[Verse 3: Cash Cobain]
Jess, we could make a mess, tss
I got something I must confess, tss
I wanna see you get undressed, for sure
I’m bout to send you my address
Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm
And when it in doubt, got me figured out, can’t forget about
Millie, I wanna fu*k your body ’til you’re dizzy
Want you to suck it sloppy, make it spitty
I’m about to call your phone so come get with me
Know you don’t drink, can you sip me?
I want ya face, you so pretty, I got a thing for your titties
I wanna eat your body like a ten piece, damn

[Outro: Cash Cobain]
Like a ten-piece McNugget, baby, for sure, yeah
For sure

Grippy Lyrics Explained

Verse 1: J. Cole
In the first verse of “Grippy,” J. Cole starts by mentioning that a woman admires his “kick game,” a slang term referring to his impressive collection of sneakers or his style in general. He contrasts this by stating that when she’s with him, she doesn’t need to play games or impress him; their connection is straightforward and genuine.

Cole then describes taking her to a high-profile event, sitting in the front row at a Knicks basketball game. This gesture signifies both his wealth and his desire to give her an exclusive, memorable experience. Their relationship becomes more personal as he saves her contact with a special nickname in his phone, suggesting intimacy and familiarity.

The term “Grippy” is introduced as a playful nickname for the woman. He elaborates that he calls her this because of her physical attributes and how she makes him feel during their intimate moments. She has a curvaceous figure (“thick in the hips”) and full lips, enhancing her allure. Their physical relationship is highlighted as she sends him explicit photos (“flick”) and emojis that convey her affection and desire for him.

The verse progresses with her stating intentions to strip for him and perform oral s*x, likened to chewing gum (“Wrigley’s”), implying she is eager and enthusiastic. Cole uses the phrase “believe it or not like Ripley’s” to emphasize the surprising and almost unbelievable nature of their s*xual chemistry. He humorously recounts how she identified as a lesbian until their encounter, which was so impactful that she now prefers men (“strictly d!ckly”).

When she contacts him, Cole is quick to respond and drive at high speeds to meet her, highlighting his eagerness and dedication. He vividly describes their s*xual encounters, using the metaphor of “Vickies” (Victoria’s Secret) to denote lingerie and expressing that her s*xual prowess makes him feel like a novice despite his experience.

Cole recalls first seeing her with her friends on Fifth Avenue, noting the attractiveness of her entire group but having a specific desire for her. He uses various metaphors to express his s*xual attraction, mentioning how he wants to fit into her life (“glove fit me”) and feel deeply connected (“touching your kidneys”). He humorously pledges to spoil her children with trips to Disney, ensuring they meet Mickey Mouse, further emphasizing his commitment and generosity.

The verse concludes with a repeated affirmation of her nickname “Grippy,” reinforcing her impact on him and the special name he has given her, encapsulating their intense physical and emotional connection.

Verse 2: Cash Cobain
In the second verse, Cash Cobain starts by addressing a woman named Destiny, expressing his desire to give her the best of himself, suggesting he wants to fully satisfy her emotionally and physically. He uses the phrase “kill it like rest in peace,” indicating his intent to perform exceptionally well in their s*xual encounters. He likens eating her out to following a recipe, implying he takes a meticulous and passionate approach.

Cobain continues to name various women, each with a unique attribute or appeal. He mentions Shanti, saying he wants to make her a “m*mmy,” indicating a desire for a deep, possibly family-oriented relationship. He appreciates her beauty in different hair colors and styles, highlighting her versatility and attractiveness.

Zari is described as a “hottie,” with a nod to Megan Thee Stallion’s influence. Cobain indicates that if she allows him to have s*x with her, he will climax quickly (“buss ya scalotti”). Mia is another woman he eagerly anticipates seeing and pleasuring, expressing a desire to replace her current partner.

Jada is addressed with respect, promising he would never play her and expressing a desire to perform cunnilingus immediately and in the future. For Kayla, he makes a playful reference to her body resembling that of Jada Wayda, and he desires to orally pleasure her, comparing her genitalia’s creaminess to mashed potatoes.

China is acknowledged for her exceptional vagina, which Cobain wants to experience again. He also mentions Niyah, the quiet and shy one, indicating his interest in her despite her reserved nature. Toni is noted for having a particularly enjoyable vagina (“macaroni”), and Cobain wants to be more than just friends.

Onny is appreciated for her fuller figure, and Cobain asks if she can ride him like a pony. He offers his availability whenever she desires. He then references TNT, expressing a desire for a threesome and creating a cinematic experience, with all their phones on Do Not Disturb to avoid interruptions.

Cobain lists more women, including Tiq, Destiny, and Lexi, mentioning a rented BNB (Bed and Breakfast) for their encounter and emphasizing their preference for oral s*x (“Polishers”). He mentions Marni, expressing hesitance about discussing her but ultimately describes her impact on his other relationships and his strong desire for her.

The verse is filled with vivid and explicit s*xual references, showcasing Cobain’s playful, lustful, and sometimes humorous approach to his relationships with these women. Each woman’s unique trait or appeal is highlighted, creating a mosaic of s*xual and emotional desires.

Bridge: Cash Cobain
The bridge in “Grippy” by Cash Cobain consists solely of vocalizations (“Mmmh, Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmmh”). This part of the song serves as a brief, melodic interlude, providing a moment of reflection or pause between the verses. It can be interpreted as an expression of satisfaction, contemplation, or anticipation, adding a sensual and rhythmic break to the song.

Verse 3: Cash Cobain
In the third verse, Cash Cobain addresses a woman named Jess, indicating a desire for a messy, passionate encounter. He confesses he wants to see her undress, revealing his physical attraction and eagerness for intimacy. He plans to send her his address, signaling his readiness to meet and engage in s*xual activities.

The repetitive vocalizations (“Mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm, mmm”) add a sensual and rhythmic layer to the verse, emphasizing the anticipation and desire.

Cobain then mentions Millie, expressing a desire to engage in intense and dizzying s*xual activity. He wants her to perform oral s*x in a sloppy, enthusiastic manner. He plans to call her to arrange a meeting, expressing a longing to be with her despite her not drinking alcohol, implying he wants her to metaphorically “sip” him. He appreciates her beauty and her breasts, wanting to eat her body like a “ten piece,” comparing her to a desirable and satisfying meal.

Outro: Cash Cobain
In the outro, Cobain humorously compares the woman to a “ten-piece McNugget,” emphasizing her desirability and the satisfaction she brings him. The repetition of “for sure” reinforces his certainty and contentment with their relationship, ending the song on a playful and light-hearted note.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “She like my kick game”
This phrase means that the woman is impressed with J. Cole’s style, particularly his sneakers. “Kick game” is slang for having an impressive collection of shoes, especially sneakers. It signifies his sense of fashion and how it’s attractive to her.

2. “I put her front row at the Knick game”
J. Cole is highlighting his ability to offer exclusive and luxurious experiences by taking the woman to sit in the front row at a New York Knicks basketball game. This gesture indicates his wealth, status, and desire to give her a memorable, VIP experience, showing his investment in their relationship.

3. “Grippy, I call her that ’cause it’s grippy”
Here, J. Cole explains the nickname “Grippy” he gave to the woman, implying that she has a particularly tight and enjoyable physical intimacy. The term “grippy” is used to describe her s*xual attractiveness and the physical sensation she provides, indicating a strong, pleasurable connection.

4. “She said she was gay until I slayed, now she strictly d!ckly”
This line reveals that the woman identified as a lesbian before her encounter with J. Cole. His s*xual prowess was so impressive that she now prefers men (“strictly d!ckly”). It highlights his confidence in his s*xual abilities and the transformative impact he believes he has on her preferences.

5. “Pu*sy so good, I just had an epiphany”
In this phrase, J. Cole describes a moment of sudden realization or clarity (“epiphany”) brought about by the exceptional quality of their s*xual experience. This expression emphasizes how profoundly satisfying he finds their physical intimacy, to the point of having a moment of deep insight or revelation about its significance.


Who has sung “Grippy” song?
Cash Cobain, J. Cole have sung “Grippy” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Grippy” song?
Cash Cobain, J. Cole have written the lyrics of “Grippy” song.

Who has given the music of “Grippy” song?
Cash Cobain, J. Cole have given the music of “Grippy” song.

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