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In “Ghoul (Kaneki)” by Daddyphatsnaps, the protagonist reflects on their harrowing experiences, feeling haunted by past traumas and surrounded by threats. They embrace their inner darkness, feeling empowered by their pain and struggle. The lyrics convey a sense of defiance and acceptance of one’s own monstrous nature, with a focus on personal growth and overcoming adversity. Memories of their former self are dismissed, replaced by a newfound strength and resolve. The song blends themes of resilience, self-discovery, and the complexities of identity, ultimately portraying a character who embraces their darkness as a source of power.

Ghoul (Kaneki) Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Huh, what have you been through?
You ain’t never seen hitters they sent you
They ain’t never seen killers that end you
Boss? Please, you ain’t ever resembled
Haunt me? B!tch, remind me to trembl
odspeed when the iron to templ
od, please, feel I’m spiraling restless
All these b!tches think they essential
Chained up, but I feel like a lion
No sleep, but the feeling is restful
Big sleep only coming with death

Foot slip, and they sit on the pedal
They sleep on the demon inside
Each lash I’m unlocking potential
Each page, and I add to the book
Wreak rage in the form of the pencil, b!tch
Pain rise, but I’m feeling alive
Broke through what I thought was a threshold
Life flash, I am ready to di
rip slip on the hold of my mental
Death knocks, I am telling a lie
This hurt only come with the devil
This fate, it was meant for the worst
Cracks now on the hull of the vessel
I am sinking under, I don’t know which way is what
I might paddle toward the surface or go deeper in the mud
Don’t give a fu*k, dying since birth, and the date, I moved it up
So if you ain’t ready for the reaper, better never interrupt

The man that you used to know, well, he’s dead to me
I buried him deep below, and he’s scared to speak
‘Cause the man that you used to know, well, he’s scared of me, scared of me

[Verse 2]

I’m loving that look on your face
Thought you was coming to tip cows
No, you getting the bull at the gates
First step, it’s a foot in the grave
Next step is a p-p-p-please
Now that you put in your place
Everybody wanna p-p-piece
‘Till it’s too late to put it away
Pull it, pull it, pull it, blaow, pull out the axe
Now you wanted this, don’t tell me relax
Everybody say they seeing red
Until the red red coming out of their cap
Little men always ready to lash
Until the red is coming out of their backs
Woulda I- coulda I- shoulda I-
Woulda-coulda-shouldn’t have fu*ked with the rats
Shouldn’t have come out the sewer
Now you really gon’ fu*k with a goon?
Holy Spirit when I’m up in the spot
The arms up when I’m up in the room
Cross arms, now you upping the tool
Tool, tool, tool, tool
Crossed armed, now you up in the tomb
Tomb, tomb, tomb, tomb, tomb, tomb, tomb, tomb, hee
The hunger is coming on shine, and I love it
I used to be scared about who I can be, now it’s funny it’s me who went up interrupted
My mother ain’t give a fu*k, so why the fu*k they give a fu*k about you, motherfu*ker?
If you wanna up it, and then up it, I’m upping the count, just another body on the come up, b!tch
Now I know exactly who I see
I’m the monster of my dreams, I am only scared of me
Know they think that I am kind, but I only think of me
And they only think I’m thinking on is

The man that you used to know, well, he’s dead to me

The man that you used to know, well, he’s dead to me
I buried him deep below, and he’s scared to speak
‘Cause the man that you used to know, well, he’s scared of me, scared of me

Ghoul (Kaneki) Lyrics Explained

[Verse 1]

The first verse delves into the speaker’s inner turmoil and the adversities they’ve faced. They question the listener about their own experiences, implying that they have endured challenges beyond comprehension. The speaker highlights the constant threat of danger (“hitters they sent you”) and the presence of lethal adversaries (“killers that end you”). They assert their dominance and independence, dismissing any notion of being subordinate (“Boss? Please, you ain’t ever resembled”). Despite feeling haunted by past traumas (“Haunt me? B!tch, remind me to tremble”), they find solace in their resilience and determination (“No sleep, but the feeling is restful”). However, they acknowledge the inevitability of death and the weight of their mental struggles (“Big sleep only coming with death”). Despite their inner turmoil, they are determined to continue their journey, even if it leads to their demise.


The chorus reflects on the speaker’s transformation and the abandonment of their former self. They metaphorically bury their past, symbolized by “the man that you used to know,” indicating a significant shift in identity. The old self is depicted as fearful and silenced, unable to confront the speaker’s newfound strength and assertiveness. The speaker embraces their evolution, unapologetically leaving behind their previous persona.

[Verse 2]

In the second verse, the speaker exudes confidence and defiance, relishing in their newfound power. They confront their adversaries with a mix of aggression and cunning, asserting their dominance (“You getting the bull at the gates”). The speaker reflects on their journey from vulnerability to strength, illustrating their willingness to confront challenges head-on (“First step, it’s a foot in the grave”). They mock those who underestimated them, highlighting their capacity for violence if provoked (“Pull out the axe”). The speaker revels in their fearlessness and determination, declaring themselves as the master of their destiny and unafraid of the consequences. They assert their dominance over their past self and any perceived threats, embracing their monstrous nature without hesitation.


The refrain reinforces the theme of personal transformation and the abandonment of the past. The speaker reiterates their detachment from their former identity, emphasizing that it is now deceased and irrelevant to their current existence.

[Overall Chorus (Repetition)]

The repeated chorus underscores the speaker’s defiance and self-assurance. They emphasize the finality of their transformation, asserting their dominance over their past self and anyone who doubts their strength. The repetition serves to reinforce the central theme of embracing one’s inner darkness and overcoming adversity.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Chained up, but I feel like a lion”
This phrase encapsulates the speaker’s inner strength and resilience despite feeling restrained or oppressed. The comparison to a lion, a symbol of power and ferocity, suggests that despite external limitations, the speaker still possesses an innate sense of strength and determination.

2. “Each lash I’m unlocking potential”
Here, the speaker transforms pain and suffering into personal growth and empowerment. The metaphorical “lash” represents adversity or hardship, and by enduring and overcoming it, the speaker believes they are unlocking their untapped potential, evolving into a stronger version of themselves.

3. “Life flash, I am ready to die”
This phrase captures a sense of acceptance of mortality and a readiness to face death. It reflects a moment of existential contemplation where the speaker confronts the fragility of life and embraces the possibility of their own demise with a sense of resolve and calm.

4. “The hunger is coming on shine, and I love it”
Here, the speaker embraces their inner hunger or ambition, viewing it as a driving force for success or fulfillment. The phrase suggests a positive attitude towards challenges or obstacles, seeing them as opportunities for growth and achievement rather than setbacks.

5. “I’m the monster of my dreams, I am only scared of me”
This statement reflects a deep introspection and acknowledgment of one’s own inner darkness or potential for harm. The speaker embraces their darker impulses and fears not external threats, but rather the consequences of their own actions. It speaks to a complex understanding of self-awareness and the capacity for both good and evil within oneself.


Who has sung “Ghoul (Kaneki)” song?
Daddyphatsnaps has sung “Ghoul (Kaneki)” song.

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Daddyphatsnaps has written the lyrics of “Ghoul (Kaneki)” song.

Who has given the music of “Ghoul (Kaneki)” song?
Daddyphatsnaps has given the music of “Ghoul (Kaneki)” song.

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