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“Filipino Maple” by Lokikaos is a rap song that delves into themes of identity, gaming, and cultural pride. The lyrics describe the experience of downloading what seems to be a version of the popular game MapleStory, specifically the “Filipino Maple” version. The protagonist injects their Filipino heritage into their gaming experience, expressing dominance and skill. They boast about their ability to compete in tournaments and assert their superiority, intertwining references to Filipino culture and gaming seamlessly. The song celebrates the fusion of cultural identity with virtual worlds, highlighting the power of individuality and heritage in gaming.

Filipino Maple Lyrics

Yo type s*it right (Yeah yeah)
I just hopped on Maple right (Yeah, type s*it)
And I downloaded that s*it (Type s*it)
And I think I downloaded the Filipino Maple bro (Alright, Filipino Maple for real bro)
Because when that s*it was installed on my computer (Nah)
The cursor was off the screen and s*it (I don’t believe that s*it exists though)
Like what the fu*k is even goin-

[Verse: lokikaos]
(Woah) I got maple in my veins
Imma inject all this Filipino brain

Then you could get away, Korean boy I’m insane
Took you out the team now I’m taking out your brain

Took your mom to Tokyo
And I showed her Filipino rodeo
Took her back to my crib (That s*it is not a house)
It’s like a little baby’s crib

[Chorus: lokikaos]
I downloaded the wrong maple
It was Filipino maple
Maple, Filipino Maple
Maple, Filipino Maple

[Verse: mrekk]
Filipino Maple
I’m not able to p-p-play on stable
Yeah I’m little but I’m big
I can fu*k you up in tournaments, little b!tch

And you said I wouldn’t do it but I did it anyways
Exterminator squad we gon’ kill ’em anyways
It’s in my filipino blood and my veins
Like maple in the trees, b!tch I’m gay

No I’m not, that was a slip up, anyways
I’m boutta run yo yen like its cheque up
Never loved my Filipino blood so I injected maple
I’m like bane in this b!tch with all these tubes running Maple into my veins

Like, its all Maple bro
Maple, Filipino Maple
Maple, Filip-
Filipino Maple, Filipino Maple

Filipino Maple Lyrics Explained


The introduction sets the tone for the song, with the artist reflecting on their gaming experience. It starts with a casual conversation-like exchange, where the artist mentions downloading Maple, a likely reference to the game MapleStory. The term “Filipino Maple” suggests a customized or culturally infused version of the game. The mention of the cursor being off-screen hints at the surreal or glitchy nature of the experience, adding a humorous and incredulous tone to the narrative.

[Verse: lokikaos]

In this verse, the artist asserts their dominance and skill in gaming, metaphorically claiming to have “maple in their veins.” They express their intention to excel by injecting their Filipino heritage into their gaming persona. The reference to a “Filipino rodeo” juxtaposes cultural imagery with modern gaming, showcasing a fusion of identities. The mention of taking someone’s mom to Tokyo and describing their living situation humorously adds to the playful and boastful tone of the verse.

[Chorus: lokikaos]

The chorus emphasizes the artist’s realization of downloading the “wrong” Maple version, suggesting that they intended to download a different variant. The repetition of “Maple, Filipino Maple” reinforces the theme of cultural identity intertwined with gaming.

[Verse: mrekk]

In this verse, the artist continues the theme of cultural pride and gaming prowess. They assert their ability to compete and excel in gaming tournaments despite their perceived limitations. The references to a slip-up and injecting “maple” into their veins metaphorically convey their commitment to gaming and cultural identity. The comparison to Bane from the Batman series adds a sense of intensity and determination to the narrative.


The outro echoes the chorus, emphasizing the significance of the Filipino Maple variant in the artist’s gaming experience. The repetition of the phrase “Filipino Maple” reinforces its importance and serves as a closing statement for the song. Overall, the outro solidifies the theme of cultural pride and identity within the context of gaming.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Yo type s*it right”
This phrase serves as an informal greeting or introduction, indicating the speaker’s readiness to engage in a conversation or activity. It suggests a casual and relaxed demeanor, inviting the listener to participate in a shared experience, likely related to gaming or internet culture. The use of slang and censorship in the phrase adds to its informal and playful tone, reflecting the vernacular of online communities.

2. “I got maple in my veins”
This metaphorical expression suggests a deep connection or affinity with Maple, likely referring to the game MapleStory or a similar gaming experience. By likening Maple to something coursing through their veins, the speaker emphasizes the integral role it plays in their identity and life. The phrase conveys a sense of passion and dedication to gaming, implying that it is an essential part of who they are.

3. “Took your mom to Tokyo”
This line is likely used figuratively, employing hyperbole and humor to assert dominance or superiority over an opponent. By claiming to have taken someone’s mom to Tokyo, the speaker metaphorically asserts their authority and control, suggesting that they have outperformed or outsmarted their adversary. The mention of Tokyo adds an exotic and adventurous flair to the narrative, further emphasizing the speaker’s confidence and swagger.

4. “I’m not able to p-p-play on stable”
This phrase suggests technical difficulties or instability in the gaming experience, likely referring to issues with server performance or connection reliability. The use of stuttering in the phrase “p-p-play on stable” adds emphasis to the struggle or frustration the speaker is facing. It highlights the challenges and obstacles inherent in online gaming, where technical issues can disrupt gameplay and impact the player’s experience.

5. “I’m like bane in this b!tch with all these tubes running Maple into my veins”
This simile draws a comparison between the speaker and Bane, a character from the Batman series known for his strength and reliance on a substance called “Venom” to enhance his abilities. By likening themselves to Bane, the speaker conveys a sense of power and dominance, suggesting that they are formidable opponents in the gaming world. The mention of “tubes running Maple into my veins” reinforces the earlier metaphor of Maple being an integral part of their identity, implying that it fuels their prowess and success in gaming.


Who has sung “Filipino Maple” song?
Lokikaos has sung “Filipino Maple” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Filipino Maple” song?
Lokikaos has written the lyrics of “Filipino Maple” song.

Who has given the music of “Filipino Maple” song?
Lokikaos has given the music of “Filipino Maple” song.

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