Facts Lyrics – Amyl and the Sniffers

“Facts” by Amyl and the Sniffers is a raw anthem confronting societal disillusionment and the struggle for authenticity. The lyrics convey a sense of frustration with the status quo, touching on themes of personal identity and societal issues. The singer reflects on feeling suffocated by conformity and yearns for truth amidst a barrage of misinformation. The repeated refrain “N.O. future” underscores a bleak outlook, suggesting a rejection of the traditional notion of progress. Despite efforts to escape, the inevitability of facing reality is accepted, symbolized by the scorching sun as a metaphor for harsh truths. The song captures a defiant spirit amidst a backdrop of disillusionment and uncertainty.

Facts Lyrics

[Vеrѕe One]
І wаs bоrn, fіst in mу mouth
Then spent my whole lifе gagging it out
Ѕo, оh, с’mon baby
Don’t rob me of that
Lіfe is ѕо tough, I am unhаppy
I need the world, I nеed it to have me
Oh, c’mon baby
I’m wоrried ’bout that
Likе on the news, the racіst tellу
Don’t wаnt that s*it they’re trying to sell mе
Oh, c’mоn baby

And tell me the facts

N.O. future
N.O. futurе
N.O. future
N.O. future
N.O. future
N.O. future
N.O. futurе
N.O. future

We tried so hard, we thought wе would оutrun іt
Вut now there is no turning bаck
Down through the grass, felt my heart and itѕ fire
Sun burnіng dоwn on mу baсk


We tried so hаrd, we thought we wоuld outrun it
But now therе is no turning back
Down thrоugh the graѕs, felt my heart and іts fire
Sun burning down on my back

N.O. futurе
N.O. future
N.O. future
N.O. future
N.O. future
N.O. futurе
N.O. future
N.O. future

Facts Lyrics Explained

[Verse One]
This verse encapsulates the frustration and sense of suffocation experienced by the singer since birth. The metaphor of being born with a fist in the mouth symbolizes a feeling of suppression and censorship from the start. The act of “gagging it out” portrays a lifelong struggle to express oneself freely, hindered by societal pressures and expectations. The plea to “c’mon baby, don’t rob me of that” reflects a desperate desire for authenticity and truth in a world filled with challenges and unhappiness. The reference to the “racist telly” highlights the pervasive influence of biased media, urging for clarity and honesty amidst a sea of manipulation and misinformation.

The repetition of “N.O. future” serves as a stark declaration of hopelessness and resignation. It succinctly conveys the idea that the future appears bleak and devoid of promise, emphasizing a sense of disillusionment and pessimism.

The chorus reflects on the futile attempt to escape or evade the harsh realities of life. Despite efforts to outrun challenges or difficulties, the realization dawns that there’s no turning back. The imagery of traversing through grass, feeling the intensity of one’s heart and the scorching sun on the back, metaphorically portrays the struggle to confront and endure life’s adversities head-on.

This section likely serves as a musical interlude, allowing listeners to absorb the emotional intensity of the song without the distraction of lyrics. It provides a moment for reflection and contemplation before diving back into the lyrical narrative.

The second iteration of the chorus reinforces the theme of resilience and acceptance in the face of adversity. Despite attempts to resist or avoid challenges, the inevitability of confronting them becomes evident. The imagery of feeling the heart’s fire and the sun’s burning intensity symbolizes the inner strength needed to endure life’s trials.

The final repetition of “N.O. future” reiterates the prevailing sense of hopelessness and resignation, underscoring the overarching theme of disillusionment with the future and society at large. It serves as a haunting reminder of the bleak outlook portrayed throughout the song.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. Fist in my mouth
This phrase metaphorically conveys a sense of suppression or censorship from the beginning of one’s existence. It suggests a feeling of being stifled or inhibited, unable to freely express oneself. The image of a fist in the mouth symbolizes the struggle to articulate thoughts or emotions, possibly due to societal constraints or personal challenges.

2. Don’t rob me of that
Here, the speaker is pleading to maintain their autonomy and authenticity. They’re expressing a fear of losing their ability to be genuine and true to themselves amidst the difficulties of life. It’s a plea for others not to strip away their identity or individuality, highlighting the importance of self-expression and integrity.

3. Racist telly
This phrase refers to the media, particularly television, being criticized for promoting racist ideologies or narratives. It reflects a distrust or disdain for biased or prejudiced media representations. The mention of the “telly” (British slang for television) suggests a commentary on the influence of mainstream media in shaping societal perspectives and perpetuating harmful stereotypes.

4. Tell me the facts
This is a demand for truth and transparency in a world inundated with misinformation and deceit. The speaker is seeking clarity amidst a sea of lies and half-truths, urging others to provide them with honest and reliable information. It reflects a desire for authenticity and a rejection of manipulation or propaganda.

5. N.O. future
This repeated phrase serves as a concise expression of hopelessness and disillusionment regarding the future. It suggests a belief that there is no positive outlook or prospect ahead. The abbreviation “N.O.” emphasizes the negation, signaling a complete absence or lack of any viable future, encapsulating a sense of despair and resignation.


Who has sung “Facts” song?
Amyl and the Sniffers has sung “Facts” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Facts” song?
Amyl and the Sniffers has written the lyrics of “Facts” song.

Who has given the music of “Facts” song?
Amyl and the Sniffers has given the music of “Facts” song.

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