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El Parque Lyrics by Chiara Oliver is a latest Spanish song in the voice of Chiara Oliver. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new El Parque song lyrics are also written by Chiara Oliver. It dives into the bittersweet feelings of loss and longing. The song paints a picture of a relationship that once brought warmth but has since grown cold, leaving the singer grappling with doubt and acceptance. Memories of better times flood back as they sit at the piano, searching for the presence of their lost love. The lyrics capture the struggle of sleepless nights and the desire to turn back time, only to realize that the park, once a symbol of their connection, is now just an empty space. As the song progresses, it becomes clear that what once felt real now seems like a staged act, leaving only echoes of a voice and a sense of uncontrollable speed in life. Despite the preparation for this separation, the singer comes to terms with their feelings, understanding that perhaps it’s better this way. The recurring question, “How long until we can go back if you’re no longer in the park?” echoes the deep yearning for what once was.

El Parque Lyrics

[Letra de El Parque]

[Verso 1: Chiara Oliver]
Hace frío en el salón
Donde entonces hubo calor
Todo cambia de color
Yo me rindo con esta canción

[Verso 2: Chiara Oliver]
Una luz me hace dudar
Quizá nada de esto fue real
No fue fácil aceptar
Que no estarías hasta el final

[Coro: Chiara Oliver]
Llevo tantas noches sin dormir
Vuelvo al piano buscándote a ti
¿Cuánto queda para volver atrás
Si en el parque ya no estás?
¿Cuánto queda para volver atrás
Si en el parque ya no estás?

[Verso 2: Violeta Hódar]
Ya no hay frío ni salón
Eran cámaras en un plató
Solo ecos de tu voz
No hay control todo es muy veloz

[Puente: Violeta Hódar]
Me preparé para echarte de menos
Me preparé pa’ enfrentarme a sentir
Y ahora tal vez no existen prejuicios
Ya comprendí que estamos bien así

[Coro: Violeta Hódar, Violeta Hódar & Chiara Oliver]
Llevo tantas noches sin dormir
Vuelvo al piano buscándote a ti
¿Cuánto queda para volver atrás
Si en el parque ya no estás?

¿Cuánto queda para volver atrás
Si en el parque ya no estás?

[Outro: Chiara Oliver]
Ooh, oh-oh-oh, oh-oh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
(Oh, I can’t understand)
(I get misty, just holding your hand)


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El Parque Lyrics Meaning

[Verso 1: Chiara Oliver[

In the first verse, the singer reflects on how the warmth and happiness in their relationship have turned cold and lifeless. They feel defeated and express their surrender through the song.

[Verso 2: Chiara Oliver[

The second verse reveals the singer’s uncertainty about the reality of their past relationship. It was hard for them to accept that their partner wouldn’t stay until the end, causing them to question everything.

[Coro: Chiara Oliver[

The chorus speaks to the singer’s sleepless nights and their habit of playing the piano to feel closer to their lost love. They wonder how long it will take to move on since their partner is no longer present in the special place they shared.

[Verso 2: Violeta Hódar[

In this verse, the singer realizes that their surroundings were like a movie set, not real. They now only hear echoes of their partner’s voice and feel like everything is out of control and moving too fast.

[Puente: Violeta Hódar[

The bridge shows the singer preparing themselves for the pain of missing their partner and confronting their emotions. They come to understand that they are better off without the relationship, free from previous judgments.

[Coro: Violeta Hódar, Violeta Hódar & Chiara Oliver[

The chorus, sung again, emphasizes the repeated longing and sleepless nights. The singer continues to seek their lost love through music and questions how to move forward without their partner being in the park anymore.

[Outro: Chiara Oliver[

In the outro, the singer expresses their confusion and emotional overwhelm, reminiscing about the simple act of holding hands with their partner, which now brings misty-eyed nostalgia.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Hace frío en el salón
This phrase means that the warmth and comfort that once existed in their shared space have vanished, leaving it cold and empty. It’s a metaphor for how their relationship has lost its warmth and connection.

2. “Una luz me hace dudar
Here, the singer is saying that something is making them question the reality of their relationship. It symbolizes doubt creeping in, making them wonder if what they experienced was real.

3. “Llevo tantas noches sin dormir
This line reflects the singer’s sleepless nights filled with thoughts and memories of their lost love. It’s a sign of deep emotional turmoil and how the breakup is affecting their daily life.

4. “Ya no hay frío ni salón
In this phrase, the singer realizes that the coldness and emptiness they felt were part of a staged act, like a movie set. It signifies the moment they understand that their surroundings were artificial.

5. “Me preparé para echarte de menos
This means the singer mentally and emotionally prepared themselves to miss their partner. It shows their awareness of the upcoming pain and their attempt to brace themselves for the inevitable feelings of loss.


Q. Who has sung El Parque song?
A. El Parque song is sung by Chiara Oliver.

Q. Who wrote El Parque lyrics?
A. El Parque lyrics are penned by Chiara Oliver.

Q. Who has given the music of El Parque song?
A. El Parque music is composed and produced by Chiara Oliver.

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