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Dis Time Lyrics by Kodak Black is a latest English song. Kodak Black has created its tune while brand new Dis Time song lyrics are written by Kodak Black.

“Dis Time” by Kodak Black reflects on personal growth, past mistakes, and the harsh realities of street life. Kodak acknowledges his past struggles with drügs, regrets causing pain, and expresses vigilance against threats. He contrasts his current success with prior hardships, emphasizing self-reliance and loyalty. The lyrics delve into themes of betrayal, perseverance, and the consequences of street violence. Kodak highlights the importance of staying true to oneself amidst changing circumstances, cautioning against deceit and false friendships.

Dis Time Lyrics by Kodak Black

I done popped me a Perc’, but I ain’t really tryna get back on the Perc’
I’m sad when you hurt, but I swear that it wasn’t my intention to hurt you
N!ggas stay getting murked, I know they wanna get back on me and I’m sure
So I stay on alert, stop popping that molly, you’re making me nervous
And lately, I ain’t been in the projects like that, I done learned
N!ggas be hating, and they’ll put them crackers on you ’cause they scared
I revived my career, I was tripping last year, my vision got blurry
Now I’m seeing it clear, every decision I make gon’ be worth it
From now on, yeah, every minute gon’ count on this Earth
Ran it up with my peers, put it up for my children and them
[‘fore I splurge?]
Take it light on the streets, can’t help my Z with your brain on the curb

Thinking ’bout all my sins, I’d rather be there for them, I don’t learn
When they all see me,
[I’m naked and hurting?]
B!tches be scheming and n!ggas be lurking

[I’m battling my demon right out and it’s surgical?]
Kill a n!gga on easy while I’m writing in church
Pull up, pop the s*it, and swerve (Swerve, swerve, swerve, swerve)
I got a gift or a powerful curse, yeah
I ain’t fu*k the b!tch, I just bought her a purse
Ain’t you was dissing? Now look how it work
Now I’m focused, I don’t want no friends, I got enough
Let’s say I don’t win, let’s see who those friends when time is rough
When I was broke as s*it, what would these hoes give? They ain’t giving no fu*k
I was just homeless
Even my own friends ain’t giving no fu*ks
I was just homeless
Even my own gang wouldn’t put me up
I was just homeless
Even my own gang ain’t make sure I’m tucked
Stick to your own plan, don’t be letting everyone tell you what they would’ve done
You had your pole and ran, now you ran ’cause you know what you should’ve done

Put a lil’ hole in one, fu*k n!gga, you don’t even own a g*n
I’m finna smoke the boy, tell the truth, I don’t even know lil’ bruh
Dropping off one of ’em, since a n!gga acting like I owe him something

I’m finna help them up, fu*k around, put
[it on your door, on this, boy?]

Ain’t on no Diddy s*it, n!ggas getting they wig split
Take that, take
I smack me a elderly b!tch
I even might kill me a kid, but I ain’t raping
They ain’t coming with no plans, they ain’t coming with no bands
Then they had dead, they tryna wait ’til you stop
Then hop out the car when they hit you in the back of your head

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Dis Time Lyrics Meaning

In the verse, Kodak Black reflects on various aspects of his life. He mentions his past use of Percocet, expressing a desire to avoid falling back into that pattern. Despite his tough exterior, he acknowledges feeling remorse when others are hurt, emphasizing that he doesn’t intend to cause harm. He remains cautious of potential threats, knowing that people may seek revenge. Kodak contrasts his current lifestyle with his past, recognizing the importance of learning from mistakes and making decisions that benefit his future and his family.

‘Fore I splurge?’ refers to Kodak urging himself to be cautious and responsible, especially in dangerous situations. He reflects on his past sins and mistakes, realizing the need to prioritize being there for his loved ones rather than indulging in risky behavior.

‘I’m naked and hurting?’ highlights the vulnerability and danger Kodak faces from those around him. He acknowledges the presence of deceitful individuals who scheme against him and others who lurk with ill intent.

‘I’m battling my demon right out and it’s surgical?’ delves into Kodak’s struggles with his past and his determination to overcome them. He describes the ease with which he could resort to violence, yet he’s trying to focus on positive changes. Kodak reflects on his experiences of homelessness and betrayal, emphasizing the importance of staying true to oneself and making sound decisions.

The bridge section conveys Kodak’s assertiveness and readiness to confront challenges. He speaks about asserting dominance and dealing with those who have wronged him, indicating a sense of empowerment and resolve.

‘It on your door, on this, boy?’ seems to be a continuation of the assertive and confrontational tone, suggesting a warning or threat directed at someone who has crossed him.

In the outro, Kodak adopts a harsh and aggressive tone, discussing violent retribution against those who wrong him. He expresses disdain for those who lack plans or resources yet seek to harm others. The outro underscores the harsh realities of street life and the need for self-defense in a hostile environment.


Who has sung “Dis Time” song?
Kodak Black has sung “Dis Time” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “Dis Time” song?
Kodak Black has written the lyrics of “Dis Time” song.

Who has given the music of “Dis Time” song?
Kodak Black has given the music of “Dis Time” song.

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