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Complain Lyrics by Jesse Welles is a latest English song in the voice of Jesse Welles. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Complain song lyrics are also written by Jesse Welles. It captures the common tendency to grumble about life’s challenges and societal norms. The lyrics touch on various topics, from family dynamics to the pressure of higher education and financial burdens. The song reflects on the absurdity of certain cultural phenomena, such as the popularity of “Tiger King” and the paradox of feeling both lazy and essential. It suggests that complaining can be a unifying force, allowing people to vent frustrations and find solidarity in shared grievances. Overall, it’s a humorous yet insightful commentary on modern life and the human inclination to gripe.

Complain Lyrics

I like to complain
You like to complain
We can all complain together
Whine about our moms
B!tch about our dads
Blame em for the warmer weather

Bachelors degrees
That no one really needs
Money you’re too young to borrow
Tellin all your buddies
That this wasn’t whatcha studied

But you’ll see em all at work tomorrow

If you’re lookin for a hom
o and dig a hole
Dig it deep, for good potential
Tiger King was crazy
I always thought that I was lazy
Till I found out that I was “essential”

I like to complain
You like to complain
We can all complain as one
We can all agree
Nothins as it seems
Sit back and watch the liars run

Dance another jig
Work another gig
Do your best to grin and bear it
Sure it ain’t perfect
But I reckon that it’s worth it
Life’s a nice thing to inherit

It’s good to let it out
Give a little pout

Feels alright to pass some blame
It wasn’t me or you
They jus told us what to do
And the nation up and went and changed

I like to complain
You like to complain
Could it be a generational slogan?
A phone’s a two month wage
Made by child slaves
Is it worth it jus to watch Joe Rogan?

I like to complain
You like to complain
We can all complain as one
We can all agree
Nothins what it seems
Sit back and watch the liars run

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Complain Lyrics Meaning

The first paragraph sets the scene for the song, expressing a shared tendency among people to complain about various aspects of life. It humorously highlights common targets for complaints, such as family members and the weather, suggesting that complaining is a unifying activity.

The second paragraph delves into societal critiques, questioning the value of obtaining bachelor’s degrees that may not lead to meaningful careers and the financial burden placed on young people. It reflects on the disconnect between education and employment, emphasizing the inevitability of facing the consequences of these societal norms.

The third paragraph introduces a sense of absurdity by referencing the eccentricities of popular culture, like the documentary “Tiger King.” It juxtaposes feelings of laziness with a realization of one’s essential role in society, suggesting that even mundane tasks contribute to the functioning of the world.

The fourth paragraph reinforces the theme of collective complaining and skepticism towards societal norms, encouraging individuals to question authority and not take everything at face value. It implies that truth is often obscured by deceit, urging listeners to be vigilant and discerning in their perspectives.

The final paragraph challenges societal values, particularly concerning materialism and entertainment. It criticizes the exploitation inherent in consumerism, symbolized by the production of smartphones using child labor. The mention of Joe Rogan serves as a commentary on the allure of distraction in a world filled with dissatisfaction and injustice.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “I like to complain
This line reflects a common human tendency to express dissatisfaction or annoyance about various aspects of life, often in a humorous or lighthearted manner.

2. “Bachelors degrees That no one really needs
This phrase critiques the societal pressure to obtain a bachelor’s degree despite its perceived lack of necessity for many careers, questioning the value of higher education in certain contexts.

3. “Life’s a nice thing to inherit
Here, the singer suggests that despite its imperfections, life is still a valuable and worthwhile gift to receive, encouraging listeners to appreciate the positives amidst the struggles and complaints.


Q. Who has sung Complain song?
A. Complain song is sung by Jesse Welles.

Q. Who wrote Complain lyrics?
A. Complain lyrics are penned by Jesse Welles.

Q. Who has given the music of Complain song?
A. Complain music is composed and produced by Jesse Welles.

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