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BBL Drizzy Freestyle Lyrics by Knox Hill is a latest English song. Knox Hill has created its tune while brand new Bbl Drizzy Freestyle song lyrics are written by Knox Hill.

“BBL Drizzy Freestyle” by Knox Hill is a bilingual rap celebrating diversity and self-assurance. Knox flexes his lyrical prowess, contrasting his suburban upbringing with urban influences. He dismisses rivals with wordplay, asserting his uniqueness amidst industry stereotypes. Referencing pop culture and basketball, he showcases his skill and wit. With nods to Drake and Kobe, Knox establishes himself as a force in the rap game. His confident delivery hints at forthcoming projects, promising more of his signature style.

BBL Drizzy Freestyle Lyrics by Knox Hill

Ayy, shoutout my Brazilians, man
We all need a lift on this
You know I don’t speak the language
Pero en Español, soy un problema
Dale los Latinos
Manos arriba pa esto
Knox Hill
I got this

Ayy Drizzy, I’m PG, white kid from the county, count it
They talking ’bout sticks, Canadian mounties
Talking ’bout clicks, it may be accounting
Only thing you shift is surroundings
Look at me, look at me, largo, you can count it
Barcodes on my counters
Marlboro, you want smoke? Get a pound in
Unpack it, quit comparing me to these rappers
Better watch how you step, son, the family matters
Quit irking me, Family Matters
Come clique with the nerds, I get at ’em
It’s apples and oranges and flowers
You snakes never mattered, I’m flattered
The fact is you even think we are at odds
They clicking for heels, the Wizard of Oz
They playing the field, I’m Phil with the guards
On this mic like I’m Kobe, y’all fishing, just dish it
Y’all Pippens just dribble like infants
I do it, I swish it, I’m Nike with vision
Move right on pianos, I’m high-key, I’m gifted
They mad, McCann, I might be the one that they missing (Look it up)
They wanna trade for me, they tell me to switch in
I kill it for dough, they know the flow thumper
How they gon’ shoot? Oh shoot, it’s 22s

They ain’t got no jumpers, these old comers
They don’t want heat, man, it’s ’bout to be a cold summer
But shoutout the G.O.A.T.’s, I’m raising a toast
I’m burning the bread, and I may get a ghost, like hold up
Call Quentin Miller, caught up, been the stealer
No dodging them shots, my car’s parked in your spot
Go shoot at me from that garage, thinking I care?
Thinking I’m there, thinking I’ll steer
With no action, boy, quit the acting
Come shoot direct, like you the threat
On the YouTube, like who’s who, address
I’m sick of opinions of who I should diss
They shooting at me, but they move to a script
What you gon’ pull? You pulling for clicks
Ain’t pushing no T’s, you ain’t moving no clips
Be careful, I know where to dig
Muddy the water, these leeches will cut us, you not like us
Don’t tell me ’bout Vlad, I know he a sucker
I’m raising the stakes, I’m waiting for sun up
Quit moving your fingers, the Ringer, I’m one-up, the come up, I’m coming
Quit ducking, I’m hunting this summer
My blood up, get running, greed is a coal for the soul
You can earn dirty, and burn for the toll
What is the road, and what is the outcome?
Say you got drive, what is the value?
Whip like your verse, depreciate worth
They wanting a battle, heard it was beef
You one of the cattle, tale him the tattle, wait

Knox Hill
I mean, the lines speak for themselves, right?
I don’t gotta tell you who one of the best is
Chaos Theory 2, it’s coming

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BBL Drizzy Freestyle Lyrics Meaning

The introductory lines of “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” by Knox Hill serve as a welcoming gesture, embodying a spirit of inclusivity and appreciation for his diverse audience. By exclaiming “Uh-oh” at the onset, Knox Hill captures attention and anticipation, signaling that something noteworthy is about to unfold. His shoutout to his Brazilian fans not only demonstrates gratitude but also acknowledges the global reach of his music. The line “We all need a lift on this” suggests a collective desire for inspiration or upliftment, fostering a sense of unity among listeners regardless of cultural or linguistic differences. Knox’s admission that he doesn’t speak the language implies humility while his assertion in Spanish, “Pero en Español, soy un problema” (“But in Spanish, I’m a problem”), showcases his confidence and adaptability. Inviting his Latino audience to raise their hands and join him in this musical journey further strengthens the sense of camaraderie. Finally, his declaration “Knox Hill, I got this” encapsulates his readiness to deliver his artistry and command the stage.

Knox Hill’s verse in “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” is a masterclass in lyrical prowess, where he skillfully weaves together themes of identity, authenticity, and resilience while navigating the complexities of the rap industry. His reference to Drake, colloquially known as “Drizzy,” serves not only as a nod to a fellow artist but also as a marker of Knox’s own place within the rap landscape. By describing himself as a “PG, white kid from the county,” Knox juxtaposes his suburban background with the urban influences often associated with hip-hop, highlighting the diversity within the genre. The mention of “sticks” and “Canadian mounties” cleverly plays on Canadian stereotypes while subtly alluding to the prevalence of violence and law enforcement themes in contemporary rap music.

Knox then transitions into a critique of superficiality in the rap game, dismissing the obsession with image and popularity. Through wordplay and metaphors, he emphasizes the importance of substance over style, asserting his own authenticity in an industry often driven by trends and superficiality. Knox’s references to family matters and the TV show “Family Matters” add layers of depth, hinting at personal experiences and cultural influences that shape his identity as an artist. His comparison of himself to Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson underscores his dedication and skill in the craft of rap, positioning himself as a formidable force to be reckoned with.

In the outro of “BBL Drizzy Freestyle,” Knox Hill confidently affirms the strength and impact of his lyrical prowess. By stating that “the lines speak for themselves,” Knox implies that his artistry transcends the need for explanation or validation. His assertion that he doesn’t need to identify himself as “one of the best” but rather lets his work speak for itself exudes confidence and humility simultaneously. The mention of “Chaos Theory 2” suggests a continuation of Knox’s artistic exploration and growth, leaving listeners eager to see what he has in store next. Overall, the outro serves as a fitting conclusion to a track filled with introspection, wordplay, and undeniable skill.


Who has sung “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” song?
Knox Hill has sung “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” song.

Who wrote the lyrics of “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” song?
Knox Hill has written the lyrics of “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” song.

Who has given the music of “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” song?
Knox Hill has given the music of “BBL Drizzy Freestyle” song.

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