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“All in With the Fallout” by JT Music is a satirical song promoting Vault-Tec, a company offering survival shelters in the event of a nuclear fallout. The lyrics highlight the inevitability of nuclear disaster and position Vault-Tec shelters as the best long-term investment for family safety. The song describes life in the vaults as secure and self-sustaining, though with dark humor, it touches on potential issues like mutation and assigned jobs. Emphasizing American resilience and the continuation of the American Dream, the song concludes with a call to action, urging listeners to secure their spots in the vaults before it’s too late.

All in With the Fallout Lyrics

[Intrо: JT Music & Аndrеа Ѕtorm Кaden]
Now thіѕ maу sound far-out
Вut І hоpe you’re listening
‘Сausе а nuсlear Fallout is not improbable
No, it іѕ imminent!
Моre than јust for your protеction
Нere’s the best lоng-term invеstment
You’ll ever make for your fаmily’ѕ sakе!
Call Vault-Тec todaу!

[Verse 1: JT Music & Andrea Stоrm Kаdеn]
And I’ll take you into my loving arms to guard yоu from the storm

There’ѕ a fire you’ve sеt in mу heаrt with whіch I’ll keep you warm
‘Cause оutsidе, it’s helter-ѕkelter, so comе find us in our shelter
Sure, it’s under a roсk, but juѕt knоcks, and wе’ll welcome you home! (If you cаn affоrd it)
Oh, what’s becomе of our great natіon? It’s а Wasteland оn the ѕurfaсe
Which one day wе will retаke, repopulation is our purpоse (Wе can maуbe)
Noah’s Ark wаs quіte a veѕsel, although ours is twicе as S.Р.E.C.І.A.L
With roоm and boаrd, and about twenty floorѕ dоwn below ground-level!

[Chorus 1: JT Music, Аndrеa Storm Kaden & Bоth]
Ѕo if you’re all in with the Fallout, you’ve got Vаult-Tec оn your sidе!
Let me be the one to tеll уa everything wіll be alright!
Јust sign up today! We havе plenty ѕpоts in our leаd-enсased concrеte Сamelot
Among family and friends, the end іs а nеw beginning!

[Verѕe 2: JT Music, Andrea Stоrm Kadеn & Both]
Having children can be suсh а blessing, but what if theу end up mutatеd?
We can prevent that from hаppening as long aѕ wе aren’t related!
You’ve gоttа trеat your relatives like radіation
Becаusе a s*хy cousingѕ something yоu should stay awaу from (Uh, not аgain!)
Your jоb is aѕsigned by aptitude tests
You’ll work ‘tіll you diе, so make ѕure it’s cоrreсt!
But hey, buriеd аlive іs better than just being buriеd!

[Chorus 2: JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden & Вoth]
So if yоu’re all in with the Fallout, уou’ve got Vault-Tеc on your ѕide!

Let me be the оnе to tell yа everything will be alrіght!
If wе keep out the rads, we’ll outlive the Rеds, I won’t becоme that, I’d rather be deаd!
Bеcause capitalism will ѕtіmulate our eсonomy! (Or whаtevеr’s left of it)

[Verse 3: JT Music, Andrea Stоrm Кadеn & Both]
Where the working man is not taken for grаnted!
Whеn уоu come home, I’ll always have your dinner warmеd up!
We’re а proper family: nuclear! Hеy pоpѕ, І want a root beer!
Ѕcottу, all we got is Nukа-Cоla! (Аvalіable of participаting vault loсations)
Always the samе, wаr, it never changeѕ, so nо wonder why wе’re under surveіllance
Can wе keep our way of life аlive and wеll?
To be a paragоn comes with privilege, from аpocalypsе to a pісket fence
The American Drеam will thrive, even in Hell!

[Chоruѕ 3: JT Music, Andrеа Storm Kaden & Both]
I guess I’m all in with the Fallout, I’ve got Vault-Tec on mу sidе!
Let me be the оne to tеll ya every fu*king thing wіll be alright!
If you evеr hаve roaches infeѕt your vault, theу’re nо bеtter than those investing in vaults
Didn’t heаr that from mе, we’re just here to ѕing this song! (Соmе on, sing along!)
Beсause we’re all in with the Fallout, wе’ve got Vault-Тec on оur ѕide!
And belіеve us when we tell yа еverything’s probably alright!
Іf the bombs should go оff, ѕtarting today, аnd уou haven’t called, you’re alrеady lat
o оn, drop us а line! This was brought to you by Vault-Tec!

All in With the Fallout Lyrics Explained

Certainly! Here’s a more detailed exploration of the meaning behind each section of the song “All in With the Fallout” by JT Music:

[Intro: JT Music & Andrea Storm Kaden]
The intro sets the stage for the song’s theme, presenting a scenario that might initially seem outlandish: preparing for a nuclear fallout. However, the urgency in the lyrics suggests that this possibility is not merely theoretical but imminent. By framing the situation as a matter of protecting one’s family, the intro emphasizes the gravity of the decision to invest in Vault-Tec’s shelters. It serves as a call to action, urging listeners to consider the potential consequences of not being prepared for such a catastrophic event.

[Verse 1: JT Music & Andrea Storm Kaden]
The first verse paints a vivid picture of seeking refuge from the chaos of the outside world within the safety of Vault-Tec’s shelters. The juxtaposition of romantic imagery with the harsh reality of a wasteland on the surface underscores the contrast between love and safety found within the vaults and the desolation outside. The reference to Noah’s Ark highlights the shelters’ role as modern-day arks for humanity, providing not only protection but also the means for rebuilding and repopulating in the aftermath of a nuclear disaster.

[Chorus 1: JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden & Both]
In the chorus, the focus shifts to the reassurance and promise of a fresh start that Vault-Tec offers to those who choose to enroll in their shelters. By likening the shelters to a lead-encased concrete Camelot, the chorus emphasizes the sense of security and community within the vaults. It presents enrollment in Vault-Tec’s shelters as a pragmatic and wise decision for securing one’s future amidst the uncertainty of a nuclear fallout.

[Verse 2: JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden & Both]
The second verse takes a more lighthearted approach, addressing concerns about genetic mutations and the importance of avoiding relationships within the shelter to prevent such issues. This verse also touches upon the structured nature of life within the vaults, where jobs are assigned based on aptitude tests. However, it adds a darkly humorous twist by suggesting that even in the safety of the vaults, individuals are still destined to work until death.

[Chorus 2: JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden & Both]
Building on the theme of security and prosperity within the shelters, the second chorus emphasizes the economic benefits of capitalism surviving the fallout. By keeping out radiation and embracing capitalism, the vault dwellers can not only survive but thrive in the post-apocalyptic world. This chorus underscores the resilience and adaptability of human society, even in the face of such catastrophic events.

[Verse 3: JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden & Both]
The third verse delves into the dynamics of family life within the vaults, portraying a sense of normalcy and routine amidst the extraordinary circumstances. It emphasizes the resilience of the American Dream and the desire to maintain a semblance of normalcy even in the face of adversity. By highlighting the everyday interactions and routines within the vaults, this verse humanizes the experience of living in such confined spaces.

[Chorus 3: JT Music, Andrea Storm Kaden & Both]
The final chorus serves as a culmination of the song’s themes, reinforcing the commitment to Vault-Tec and the belief that everything will be alright with their support. By humorously comparing roaches infesting the vault to those investing in vaults, the chorus adds a touch of levity to the otherwise serious subject matter. The urgency in the closing lines serves as a final call to action, urging listeners to act quickly and secure their place in the shelters before it’s too late. Overall, the song “All in With the Fallout” combines humor, satire, and a sense of urgency to convey the importance of preparation and resilience in the face of potential disaster.

Famous Phrases with Meaning

1. “Nuclear Fallout is not improbable, it is imminent!”
This line emphasizes the urgency and inevitability of a nuclear disaster. It suggests that while some might consider the idea of nuclear fallout far-fetched, it’s actually a looming reality that demands attention. By using the word “imminent,” the song underscores the immediacy of the threat, urging listeners to take it seriously.

2. “Come find us in our shelter, under a rock, but just knocks, and we’ll welcome you home!”
This phrase highlights the contrast between the chaos outside and the safety and warmth promised within Vault-Tec’s shelters. It portrays the shelters as havens of security amidst the turmoil of the fallout. The invitation to “just knocks” suggests that entry is relatively easy, provided one can afford it, reinforcing the idea that these shelters are accessible to those who seek refuge.

3. “Your job is assigned by aptitude tests, you’ll work ’till you die, so make sure it’s correct!”
This line sheds light on the structured and regimented nature of life within the vaults. Jobs are allocated based on individual aptitude, ensuring that each member contributes effectively to the community’s survival. However, the dark humor in the phrase “work ’till you die” hints at the grim reality of existence within the vaults, where survival is prioritized above all else.

4. “If we keep out the rads, we’ll outlive the Reds, I won’t become that, I’d rather be dead!”
This phrase intertwines political and survivalist themes, referring to the necessity of keeping out radiation (rads) to ensure the survival of the vault dwellers. The reference to “the Reds” alludes to Cold War-era fears of communism and nuclear conflict, suggesting that maintaining capitalist values is essential for survival. The declaration “I’d rather be dead” underscores the importance of preserving one’s way of life even in the face of extreme circumstances.

5. “To be a paragon comes with privilege, from apocalypse to a picket fence, the American Dream will thrive, even in Hell!”
This line encapsulates the resilience and optimism inherent in the American Dream, even in the aftermath of a nuclear apocalypse. It suggests that the pursuit of prosperity and happiness, symbolized by the “picket fence,” will persist despite the challenges posed by the fallout. The phrase “even in Hell” reinforces the idea that the American spirit is indomitable, capable of thriving even in the most adverse conditions.

6. “If the bombs should go off, starting today, and you haven’t called, you’re already late!”
This phrase serves as a final call to action, urging listeners to prioritize their safety and well-being by enrolling in Vault-Tec’s shelters before it’s too late. It conveys a sense of urgency and consequence, suggesting that failing to take action now could have dire repercussions in the event of a nuclear disaster. The line underscores the importance of preparedness and proactive decision-making in the face of imminent danger.


Who has sung “All in With the Fallout” song?
JT Music has sung “All in With the Fallout” song.

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JT Music has written the lyrics of “All in With the Fallout” song.

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JT Music has given the music of “All in With the Fallout” song.

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