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2 Rings Lyrics (English Translation) by Dreamcatcher is a latest Korean song in the voice of Dreamcatcher. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new 2 Rings song lyrics are also written by Dreamcatcher. It is a high-energy anthem celebrating the thrill of the ride and the rush of living on the edge. The song paints a picture of exhilaration and freedom, likening life’s journey to a fast-paced race towards personal fulfillment. The lyrics speak of tearing through obstacles, fueled by a desire for adventure and the adrenaline rush of pushing limits.

The repeated refrain of “Harder, deeper, Faster, drive” echoes the intensity and determination of the singer, who embraces challenges head-on. The metaphor of “two rings” symbolizes commitment and achievement, suggesting that the singer is ready to conquer whatever comes their way.

The song’s message is about embracing life’s uncertainties and finding joy in the journey, even amidst risks and challenges. It encourages listeners to pursue their passions boldly and without hesitation, echoing themes of empowerment and living in the moment.

Overall, “2 Rings” is a dynamic anthem that captures the spirit of daring adventure and the thrill of chasing dreams, set against a backdrop of pulsating beats and empowering vocals.

2 Rings (English Translation) Lyrics

[Verse 1: SuA, Handong, Yoohyeon, Siyeon]
I enjoy the thrill
On the road, I’m on my way
The end of this thrilling race is holy day
It resembles my heart (No way)
They cry like they’re burning
The highway of two crossroads, no worries, no way
Full throttle to the spot, ride

[Chorus: Gahyeon, JiU, Handong, Siyeon]
Harder, deeper

Faster, drive
enjoy it even more
I’m starting with my two rings
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Got my two rings
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

[Verse 2: Yoohyeon, Siyeon, SuA, Dami]
Drive me, crave
Pretending to be sweet, strong attraction
Drive me, crave
I risk everything and join this game (Yeah, yeah)
Run to the highlands, to where I wanted to be
Pull full throttle in, this moment, unstoppabl
ame changer, decided to play with this board
Too dangerous. but never mind, I can handle it

[Chorus: JiU, Dami, SuA, Siyeon]
Harder, deeper
Faster, drive
enjoy it even more
I’m starting with my two rings
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

Got my two rings
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)

[Bridge: JiU, (Yoohyeon), Gahyeon, Handong, Siyeon]
I feel the runner’s high
(Left everything behind, yeah)
the light is fantastic
After making the tail
Follow me side by side
The regrets I couldn’t let go of
As if shaking it off oh

[Chorus: SuA, Gahyeon, JiU, Siyeon]
Harder, deeper (Harder, deeper)
Faster, drive (Drive)
Enjoy it even more (Ah)
Unstable (Woah, woah)
I’m starting with my two rings
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)
Got my two rings
(Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh)


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2 Rings (English Translation) Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
The first verse of “2 Rings” sets the stage with imagery of speed and excitement. It talks about tearing through challenges and enjoying the thrill of the journey. The “holy day” symbolizes a moment of triumph or achievement that resonates deeply with the singer’s emotions. The highway metaphor reflects choices and decisions made without hesitation, full of determination to reach their destination.

The chorus emphasizes intensity and drive. “Harder, deeper, Faster, drive” suggests pushing oneself further, enjoying the experience to the fullest despite the instability or uncertainty. The mention of “two rings” signifies a personal commitment or achievement that fuels the singer’s passion and determination.

[Verse 2]
In the second verse, the lyrics express a craving for adventure and the thrill of taking risks. It talks about diving into challenges headfirst, drawn by a strong attraction to the excitement and rewards. The reference to running to the highlands metaphorically represents striving towards personal goals with unwavering determination, embracing change and the unpredictability of life.

Similar to the first chorus, this section emphasizes pushing boundaries and enjoying the journey with intensified passion. The repetition of “Harder, deeper, Faster, drive” reaffirms the singer’s commitment and readiness to overcome obstacles, guided by the symbolism of “two rings” representing their personal aspirations.

The bridge describes a euphoric feeling akin to a “runner’s high,” where past regrets are left behind. The imagery of light and the feeling of shaking off regrets symbolize a sense of freedom and liberation. “Follow me side by side” suggests companionship or support on this journey towards personal fulfillment.

[Final Chorus]
The closing chorus echoes the earlier themes of intensity and determination. It emphasizes enjoying life’s challenges despite their instability, driven by personal goals symbolized by “two rings.” It encapsulates the song’s message of embracing life’s journey with passion and resilience.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “tearing
“Tearing” here implies moving swiftly and energetically, possibly through challenges or obstacles with determination and vigor.

2. “enjoy it even more
This phrase expresses a heightened enjoyment or satisfaction derived from pushing oneself further and embracing the thrill of the experience.

3. “I risk everything and join this game
The lyric reflects a bold decision to fully commit to a challenging endeavor, despite its risks, driven by a strong desire for excitement and achievement.

4. “the light is fantastic
This suggests a moment of clarity or realization, where everything feels positive and illuminated, possibly after overcoming difficulties or making significant progress.

5. “Follow me side by side
This phrase encourages companionship or support in pursuit of goals, implying solidarity and unity in facing challenges together.


Q. Who has sung 2 Rings (English Translation) song?
A. 2 Rings (English Translation) song is sung by Dreamcatcher.

Q. Who wrote 2 Rings (English Translation) lyrics?
A. 2 Rings (English Translation) lyrics are penned by Dreamcatcher.

Q. Who has given the music of 2 Rings (English Translation) song?
A. 2 Rings (English Translation) music is composed and produced by Dreamcatcher.

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