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Withdrawals Lyrics by OsamaSon, Nettspend is a latest English song in the voices of OsamaSon, Nettspend. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Withdrawals song lyrics are also written by OsamaSon, Nettspend. It and Nettspend captures the tumultuous experience of dealing with addiction and the highs and lows that come with it. The song starts with a mention of Balmain jeans, symbolizing a desire for luxury amidst chaos. The lyrics delve into the surreal nature of dreams and the struggle to leave certain behaviors behind. The chorus highlights the intense emotional and physical withdrawal symptoms, with references to both using and trying to quit drügs. The repeated mentions of “Lovato” might allude to Demi Lovato, known for her struggles with addiction, creating a connection to the theme. Throughout, the song reflects on the confusion, pain, and fleeting highs, ultimately portraying a cycle of battling inner demons.

Withdrawals Lyrics

[Intro: OsamaSon]
(Ok is the hardest, I swear to God)
Balmain, put on them Balmain jeans, yeah (We gon’ be okay)

[Verse 1: OsamaSon]
Balmain, put on them Balmain jeans, yeah
Tell me what you see when you up in your dreams, yeah
Leave ’em alone, this s*it over, over, yeah
Went overseas balling, your dream ho drop her drawls, yeah (Boop, boop-boop)

[Chorus: OsamaSon]
Withdrawals, slime go through withdrawals

He gon’ go through it all (Fssh), we gon’ go through it all
I wish I could tell you how it work, but I don’t know either (I don’t)
I was geeked without the liter, I was geeked with the liter (Slime, slime, slime)
I don’t care about these people, I was geeked with the people (Slatt, slatt)
Lovato (Slatt), Lovato (Slatt), Demi Lovato (Boop-boop)

[Post-Chorus: OsamaSon]
Lovato (Boop-boop), Lovato (Boop-boop), you high, oh (Boop-boop)
You ride, yo (Ride, boop, boop), coupe ride, bro (Ride bro, boop, boop)
Let’s ride, ho (Slime), don’t let ’em go (Slime)
Let’s go die, yeah

[Verse 2: Nettspend & OsamaSon]
Fine, withdrawals got me fu*ked up (Up)
I was thinking this s*it wasn’t nothing (Damn)
All I think about is pour up (Deuce)
I was so star-struck (Struck), what the fu*k?
In the back, Rolls truck (Truck), what the fu*k?
Got me shooting at the Sun (Sun)
And you momma crying ’cause you ain’t the one (You ain’t the one)
Do it all for love (All for love)
I’m just kidding, I just took a lot of drügs
And I ain’t finish yet, we fu*king fighting, come (Fu*k, come)
I’m just kidding, I just took a lot of drügs
And I ain’t finished yet, we fu*king fighting, come, what’s my fu*king luck?

I was tripping, started dumping at the plug (Luck)
Rolling weed up, double up the ‘Wood (‘Wood)
I’m a fiend now, withdrawals, bruh (Big bruh)
Take two steps back, we up (We, uh)
And you get smoked if you talk down ’bout Lil’ O (Ok is the hardest, I swear to God)
They get poked if they talk down on my bro, on my bro (Yeah, yeah, we gon’ be ok)
Hella fiends out at night at the door (Yah, yah)
(Fssh, fssh, fssh)
What the fu*k? Off the drügs lately (Ooh, ooh, buh-buh-buh, huh, ha, what the fu*k? Yeah)

[Chorus: OsamaSon]
Withdrawals, slime go through withdrawals (Flex, yeah, damn)
He gon’ go through it all (Fssh), we gon’ go through it all
I wish I could tell you how it work, but I don’t know either (I don’t)
I was geeked without the liter, I was geeked with the liter (Slime, slime, slime)
I don’t care about these people, I was geeked with the people (Slatt, slatt)
Lovato (Slatt), Lovato (Slatt), Demi Lovato (Fssh, fssh, fssh)

Withdrawals Lyrics Meaning

The intro sets the tone of the song by highlighting the difficulty of dealing with life’s challenges. The mention of Balmain jeans represents a facade of luxury and confidence, while reassuring listeners that despite hardships, things will be okay.

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, the artist continues the theme of luxury with Balmain jeans. He asks about dreams, suggesting a desire for something more. He speaks of moving on from past situations and hints at achieving success overseas. The line about a dream girl dropping her guard signifies moments of triumph and indulgence.

The chorus delves into the struggles of dealing with withdrawal symptoms from substance use. “Slime” refers to a close friend going through the same ordeal. The artist admits not understanding how to overcome it, reflecting confusion and helplessness. Whether with or without substances, he feels disconnected from others but acknowledges his altered state. References to Demi Lovato highlight a shared struggle with addiction.

The post-chorus continues to reference Demi Lovato, symbolizing the highs and lows of addiction. The artist talks about staying high and riding around with friends, suggesting a reckless and carefree lifestyle. The mention of not letting go and a call to “die” indicates a sense of fatalism and despair.

[Verse 2]
Verse 2 dives deep into the chaotic and destructive nature of addiction. The artist describes feeling overwhelmed by withdrawal symptoms, initially underestimating their impact. He constantly thinks about using substances to escape reality. The luxury of a Rolls truck contrasts with his inner turmoil, highlighting the emptiness behind the material wealth. The artist struggles with feelings of inadequacy, despite outward appearances. He admits to using drügs heavily, leading to violent and erratic behavior. The verse depicts a cycle of fighting, addiction, and despair. The mention of shooting at the Sun and his mother crying emphasizes the self-destructive path. He references getting high with friends and warns others against speaking ill of them. The chaos of drug use is evident, with frequent mentions of losing control and grappling with his own actions.

[Chorus (Reprise)]
The reprise of the chorus reinforces the struggles of withdrawal and addiction. The artist and his friend face these challenges together, still unsure of how to overcome them. The chorus repeats the feelings of disconnection and altered states, whether using substances or not. The reference to Demi Lovato again underscores the shared struggle and the ongoing battle with addiction.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Balmain, put on them Balmain jeans
Wearing Balmain jeans symbolizes a sense of luxury and status. It’s a way for the artist to present himself confidently, even amidst the struggles he faces.

2. “Tell me what you see when you up in your dreams
This phrase invites introspection about one’s aspirations and desires. It reflects the artist’s curiosity about what others envision for their future.

3. “Withdrawals, slime go through withdrawals
The artist talks about experiencing withdrawal symptoms, describing the physical and emotional pain of trying to quit substance use. “Slime” refers to a close friend going through the same struggle.

4. “I was geeked without the liter, I was geeked with the liter
Being “geeked” means being high or intoxicated. The artist explains that he felt this way whether he had a large amount of a substance or not, indicating a state of perpetual intoxication.

5. “Lovato (Slatt), Lovato (Slatt), Demi Lovato
Referring to Demi Lovato, the artist alludes to her well-known struggles with addiction, drawing a parallel to his own experiences. “Slatt” is a slang term indicating loyalty and brotherhood.

6. “Got me shooting at the Sun
This phrase conveys a sense of hopelessness and desperation. The artist feels so lost and out of control that he’s metaphorically aiming at an unattainable target, symbolizing his futile efforts.

7. “And your momma crying ’cause you ain’t the one
The artist describes the disappointment and sorrow caused to loved ones due to his actions and lifestyle. It’s a poignant acknowledgment of the emotional impact his struggles have on his family.

8. “Take two steps back, we up
This phrase suggests a temporary retreat or regrouping to regain composure or success. It implies that even after setbacks, they are ready to rise again, showing resilience in the face of adversity.

“Withdrawals” Trivia & Facts

“Withdrawals” by OsamaSon and Nettspend is a track that delves into the intense emotions and experiences associated with substance abuse and the subsequent withdrawal symptoms. Here are some trivia and facts about the song:

1. Collaboration: The song is a collaboration between OsamaSon and Nettspend, two artists known for their raw and unfiltered lyrical content.

2. Themes: The lyrics focus on the struggles of addiction, the highs and lows of drug use, and the personal battles faced during withdrawal periods. It highlights the chaotic and often destructive lifestyle associated with heavy substance use.

3. Emotional Depth: The song captures the vulnerability and despair that come with addiction, reflecting the artists’ personal experiences and emotions. It conveys a sense of being lost and overwhelmed by the need for substances.

4. Musical Style: “Withdrawals” combines elements of hip-hop and trap, with a heavy, bass-driven beat that underscores the dark and somber tone of the lyrics. The production complements the raw and gritty narrative of the song.

5. Impact: The song has resonated with listeners who have experienced similar struggles, providing a sense of solidarity and understanding. It has been praised for its honest depiction of a difficult and often stigmatized issue.

6. Artist Background: OsamaSon and Nettspend are emerging artists in the hip-hop scene, known for their intense and emotionally charged music. They often address themes of hardship, resilience, and the impact of their environments on their lives and choices.


Q. Who has sung Withdrawals song?
A. Withdrawals song is sung by OsamaSon, Nettspend.

Q. Who wrote Withdrawals lyrics?
A. Withdrawals lyrics are penned by OsamaSon, Nettspend.

Q. Who has given the music of Withdrawals song?
A. Withdrawals music is composed and produced by OsamaSon, Nettspend.

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