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WAR MACHINE Lyrics by Rema is a latest English song in the voice of Rema. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new War Machine song lyrics are also written by Rema. War Machine by Rema is a high-energy track where he boasts about his relentless drive and power. Rema dives straight in with his unique sound, stating he thrives in chaos and likes stirring up trouble. He presents himself as a force to be reckoned with, calling himself a “commando” ready to confront any challenge. The song is filled with swagger and confidence, as he talks about always coming out on top and driving others crazy. He compares himself to a loaded gun, ready to fire from Lagos to Illinois, and likens his success to scoring goals like a top footballer. The chorus emphasizes his dominance and the effect he has on his rivals, making them feel the heat of his success. With nods to his roots and influences, Rema asserts his place in the music world, promising to keep delivering hits that “pepper” his competitors.


[Intro: Rema]
Another banger

[Verse 1: Rema]
“Kor-kor-kor,” Rema na you be that? (Na me)
I don come again with another one, oshey
Wahala, I like wahala
Shebi you dey find my trouble, shey you like wahala?
Who I go kpolo, who I go, who I go, who I go kpolo?
Who I go pin for corner put am for choke hold?
Try me, make I for give you spanking like okpo
E don tey since I tell una say I be commando

Who be you? I no come here Miamanau, mhm
Drive them crazy like kabu-kabu, mhm
Always come first like my name na Abu, mhm

[Chorus: Rema]
Give them, mm-mm-mm
Another one, mm-mm-mm
I dey pepper dem, mm-mm-mm
E dey pain dem, mm-mm-mm

Raise am, raise am, raise am, raise am
Raise am, raise am, raise am, raise am
Ahh, Blvck sheep forever, blvck sheep for life
Izgaaju till we kpeme, Antiworld gangsters
G.E. Records, you get me? Odumodublvck
Ayy, NATIVE (Ahh)

Look at my eliminations
Anenih focus on their blood, I am not done
Dem no get NEPA, na my light demma feed on
Remy the tip is all you put, she dey give up
Oya, choke am like hicup

Foul play, red card, referee no fit book us
Kalamantus, fall out with your bazoo-bazoo
Balotelli, why always me, I score the shanga with yanga, your papa
Hulabalu, can you?
Subdue, bend am, she dey call me Shallipopi (I—)
Confuse, confuse
I dey load gun like I’m paranoid
From Lagos, I fire, e reach Illinois
Jiggy boy, I go pull up in expensive toy
Like Burna Boy, okala madu, okala muo

[Pre-Chorus: Rema & ODUMODUBLVCK]
Who dey, who dey, who be you? (Okala muo)
I no come here Miamanau, mhm (Ayy)
Drive them crazy like kabu-kabu, mhm (Ooh)
Always come first like my name na Abu, mhm

[Chorus: Rema & ODUMODUBLVCK]
Give them, mm-mm-mm (Ahh)
Another one, mm-mm-mm (Grrt, grrt)
I dey pepper dem, mm-mm-mm (I dey pepper dem, oh)
E dey pain dem, mm-mm-mm
Omo, I go give them, mm-mm-mm
Another one, mm-mm-mm (Grrt)
I dey pepper dem, mm-mm-mm
E dey pain dem, mm-mm-mm

Remy boy

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WAR MACHINE Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
Rema kicks off the song by announcing his presence with confidence, emphasizing that he’s back with another hit. He thrives on chaos and enjoys trouble, challenging anyone who tries to mess with him. He questions who he should take down or trap in a chokehold, showing his readiness to confront challenges head-on. Rema warns that he’s not afraid to retaliate and prove his strength, reminding everyone that he’s been asserting his dominance for a while now. He asks rhetorically who others think they are to challenge him, stating he’s here to cause a stir and drive people crazy like a chaotic cab ride. Rema finishes the verse by declaring that he always comes out on top, much like someone who consistently finishes first in a race.

In the chorus, Rema boasts about consistently delivering hits that make his rivals feel the sting of his success. His triumphs “pepper” them, causing them discomfort and jealousy.

ODUMODUBLVCK steps in with a commanding presence, urging listeners to raise their energy. He identifies with the “black sheep” mentality, embracing his uniqueness and rebellious nature. He mentions his gang, “Antiworld gangsters,” and acknowledges his record label, G.E. Records. This bridge is all about pride, loyalty, and the strength of his crew.

[Verse 2]
ODUMODUBLVCK talks about his dominance and the numerous people he’s defeated. He highlights how his enemies lack power (no NEPA, the Nigerian power singerity) and rely on his energy. He mentions how women give up easily for him. He uses violent imagery, like choking and foul play, to show his ruthlessness, adding that even referees can’t stop him. He continues with playful yet assertive lines about scoring goals like the controversial footballer Mario Balotelli, who is known for his phrase “Why always me?” ODUMODUBLVCK’s mention of Shallipopi and his actions suggests he’s unpredictable and hard to pin down. He speaks of loading a gun, metaphorically preparing for any threat, and boasts about his global reach from Lagos to Illinois. He references Burna Boy, another successful artist, to underline his own success and luxurious lifestyle.

Rema and ODUMODUBLVCK jointly question who their challengers are, emphasizing that they didn’t come to play. They declare their intent to drive their opponents crazy and assert their dominance, always finishing first.

The chorus repeats, with both Rema and ODUMODUBLVCK emphasizing their ability to keep delivering impactful music. They take pleasure in the discomfort their success causes their rivals, asserting their dominance and the continued effect of their hits.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Wahala, I like wahala
Rema thrives on trouble and chaos. He’s saying he enjoys the excitement and challenges that come with confrontations and difficulties. It’s like he’s embracing the drama and unpredictability that life throws his way.

2. “Drive them crazy like kabu-kabu
Here, Rema compares his effect on people to a chaotic cab ride. Just like a wild, unpredictable taxi ride can drive someone nuts, his presence and actions have a similar effect, causing confusion and agitation.

3. “I dey pepper dem, mm-mm-mm
Rema uses the phrase “pepper dem” to describe how his success and actions sting his rivals. He’s essentially saying that his achievements are making others uncomfortable and envious, causing them metaphorical pain.

4. “Blvck sheep forever, blvck sheep for life
ODUMODUBLVCK identifies as a “black sheep,” embracing his outsider status. He’s proud of being different and rebellious, seeing it as a lifelong identity. It’s about owning his uniqueness and non-conformity.

5. “Like Burna Boy, okala madu, okala muo
ODUMODUBLVCK likens himself to Burna Boy, a successful artist known for his global impact. “Okala madu, okala muo” roughly translates to “like a human, like a spirit,” suggesting he’s versatile and powerful, impacting both the physical and spiritual realms.


Q. Who has sung WAR MACHINE song?
A. WAR MACHINE song is sung by Rema.

Q. Who wrote WAR MACHINE lyrics?
A. WAR MACHINE lyrics are penned by Rema.

Q. Who has given the music of WAR MACHINE song?
A. WAR MACHINE music is composed and produced by Rema.

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