Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi Lyrics – Mac Lethal

Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi Lyrics by Mac Lethal is a latest English song in the voice of Mac Lethal. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Tom Macdonald Is A Nazi song lyrics are also written by Mac Lethal. In Mac Lethal’s song Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi, he addresses past conflicts with Tom MacDonald, criticizing his music and personal life choices. Mac Lethal accuses MacDonald of seeking attention through controversial lyrics and disses, highlighting perceived hypocrisy and insensitivity in his content. The song explores their feud and criticizes MacDonald’s style and public persona, alleging he misrepresents hip-hop culture. Mac Lethal challenges MacDonald’s authenticity and suggests he focus on more meaningful contributions instead of divisive antics.

Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi Lyrics

[Part I]

Let’s be clear about one thing
You started it, you sneak-dissing pu*sy
Hahahahaha, oh my god
I thought it was funny too
We already squashed this, dude, what’re you doing?

Here’s a backstory
A couple years ago, Tom MacDonald got his feelings hurt

And made a track towards me
Tried to diss me in a rapping war
Tried to bait me into going back and forth
But I really didn’t have the passion for it
So I made one song, and I had to ignore
I don’t wanna sound rude, I just think he’s mad corny
I didn’t wanna give it energy
A transphobic, homophobic culture vulture
Rapping ’bout white supremacy
Isn’t worthy of facing me lyrically
But I’m getting tired of watching this dude embarrass hip-hop’s history
And the other day, he dropped a new song
And for some reason, he was dissing me
Fine, fight, contract, sign
Normally, I wouldn’t pay this any mind
But you made a nine-minute song about your personal life
Why the fu*k you mention mine?
I’ve been minding my business, I’m buying some property
Why are you dissing me? Why you take shots at me?
Man, are you buying prescriptions again?
Is it lines that you’re sniffing? It’s gotta be
Fu*k it, ding-ding, let’s begin, you got weak skin
We followed each other on IG, we DM’d
We even agreed that we would be friends
Thomas, we already squashed it

Last time, I took the high road
This time, I’m getting toxic
First off, your music sucks
You’re goofy as fu*k, your beats are trash
I bet a million dollars cash that I could easily beat your ass
Your girlfriend is a skeezer with diseases, she got fleas and crabs
She used to go to Russell Simmon’s house and eat his ass
Nova Rockafeller (Hahahahahaha), known for rocking fellers
She was a groupie over at Death Jam and a ho at Rockefeller
You nerdy cuck, I wouldn’t touch that dirty for thirty bucks
You’re not even in the top ten rappers, your girl is fu*ked
Oh my god, she’s vaginally infected, I’ll get back to her in a second
First, I’m smashing you on this record
I’ll punch you so hard you’ll see three of me
You’ll say, “Hi, Dave, hi, Dave, hi, Dave”
Half your fu*king fanbase wishes they could buy slaves
“I donate my money to veterans”
Okay? What you want? A peppermint?
Don’t complain about it, just do it
Quit patting yourself on the back for the camera lens
You’re just Doja Cat for nazis, a feminine racist on every beat
They call you an anti-woke rapper ’cause your music puts everybody to sleep
Fu*k everything that your lame ass do
If Dave Matthews had a braid and a face tattoo
And made a song called “If I Was a Gay Black Jew”
We would all be like, “Hey, that’s you”
Acting like you represent the blue-collar working man, rocking army boots
When you live in Woodland Hills and wear five thousand dollar Versace suits
You’ll never fu*k with Mac
Look at this blond b!tch surrounded by shirtless African-American actors
What? You ’bout to get gang-banged in a episode of Blacked? (Hahahahahaha)
Your fans cheer when planes fly over Gaza, dropping b0mbs
“I’m a fifty-two-year-old soccer mom
I hate rap, but you’re awesome, Tom”
You a fake fraud, poser, liar, charlatan, and grifter at heart
You have no fu*king dignity, you’ll do anything just to get on the charts
B!tch, I’m a star, kicking these bars
Burning this body, I’ll rip it apart
Tom, did you call yourself the white version of Kendrick Lamar?
Talking like you kick down doors for the Indie movement
B!tch, you stole that same blueprint from Rhymesayers and Strange Music
I paved your road, real Indie since ’01
Now I’m Marvin Gaye’s father, I’m killing my own son

[Part II]

There’s a story ’bout a boy named Tom
He had a rich dad and a racist mom

Nova (Daddy)
Here, Nova (Daddy)
Come here, girl, sit
Aww, good girl, here’s a treat (Daddy)

Here’s the truth that you can’t run from
Nocando told me, “When you’re fighting monsters, don’t let it make you become one”
Your ego’s too big, it’s gotta be deflated
Trying to say political rap is a genre you created?
You gotta be fu*king kidding me
You ever heard of Ice-T, Ice Cube, Immortal Technique, X-Clan, or Public Enemy?
Of course you haven’t, you know nothing about the culture
Second amendment right, guns coming up out the holster
Put the pistol in your mouth
“Name one song off Illmatic before I pull the trigger” (“I can’t!”)
You wanna be American so bad that you won’t even rep’ your own flag
And now you’re getting toe-tagged
On every single song, you use that same dead flow
Your girl’s like Emilly Willis, a braindead ho
I shoulda known that you’re a damn snake
The type of person that’ll look right in a man’s face and offer him a handshake
Call a truce to clear peace on the landscape
Then diss his family life just to entertain your fanbase
On God mode trying to rap like Jesus
But in real-life, you act like Judas with pu*sycat-like movements
I feel like Caesar getting stabbed by Brutus
But I got whiplash, so drums make me smack my students
YouTube diss tracks, they really ain’t my vibe
When I battle a rapper, s*it, I’d rather do it live
I’ll bet fifty thousand bucks to the charity of your choice
That you won’t look me in the eyes and put clarity in your voice
And say the things about me that you said in all your diss tracks
When I’m a foot away from you, and you might just get b!tch slapped
S*it, we could battle on King of the Dot
Your girl knows all those dudes, she’s seen all their cocks
We could battle up in Canada, right in your hometown
I’ll let you pick the city and venue it goes down
And I promise I’ll get a bigger applause than you
Because in hip-hop, there ain’t a bigger fraud than you
I went on tour with D12, those dudes are my new friends
They showed me some video you made for Eminem
They told me they were in the studio with Slim when he watched it
He cringed, and he cut it off thirty seconds in
Eminem doesn’t like you, he does not respect you
You made a love song about him, begging him to peg you
Have you noticed that publicly he’s never even mentioned it?
I’m sorry buddy, I know that’s not how you envisioned it
You thought he’d call you like, “Hey Tom, it’s Slim Shady
You’re so controversial, how are you this crazy?
You wanna make a song about how transgender men are pretend ladies
And all the lib’ ladies having mixed babies?
And how the Mexican border is being invaded
By woke Palestinians causing inflation?
We’ll call it “White Boyz, Pt. 12,” it’ll be awful”
And the Grammy goes to Eminem and Tom MacDonald
I’m sorry that you didn’t get to do a song with your hero
At least you got to do a song with Ben Shapiro
The dude that censored Candace Owens’ views quick
And he tried to see rap music isn’t real music
And he tried to say that pussies aren’t supposed to get wet
“That song was so controversial and over the edge” (I’m kidding)
Nobody cares about your facts or your feelings
You make music for people who stormed the Capitol building
You make rap tunes for white-trash inbred people
That snort crank in dirty-ass gas station bathrooms
People who shoot AR-15s in classrooms
That never heard of Nas, Del, Wu, or Black Moon
You make music for people that hate Black dudes
People that huff gas fumes, got barbed wire tattoos
People that say the N-word while playing Call of Duty
People that buy a case of Bud Light just to shoot it
Incels that are terrified of s*x
And people who pay money to be verified on X
People that say, “Now, normally, I don’t like rap
But this Tom MacDonald dude is great ’cause he ain’t black”
I rewrote this diss three times, kept throwing out the verses
Punchlines weren’t cutting it, needed substance and some purpose
I realized I needed to try to cut beyond the surface
And instead of murdering you, maybe I could be of service
You constantly just brag about the ways you feel yourself
It’s obvious you’re losing your battle with mental health
Tried to fill the emptiness in your soul by getting wealth
But the money, fame, Louis, and Gucci, it didn’t help
You need to go to Balenciaga and get a belt
Put it ’round your neck, kick out the stool, then kill yourself
You need to put a gun to your head, then drill yourself
‘Cause to yourself, you’ve never revealed yourself
I swear to god, I know record label execs
That managed you, represented you, brought you a couple checks
They told me all sorts of s*it about you
How you like to—

Maybe your best course
Would be to tread lightly

Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi Lyrics Meaning

[Part I]

The speaker starts by emphasizing a point: “You began this by indirectly criticizing me, but it’s actually funny. We settled this already, so why are you bringing it up again?”

In this extended verse, the speaker delves into the backstory of a contentious relationship with Tom MacDonald, a fellow rapper who initially targeted the speaker with a diss track. The speaker explains that despite MacDonald’s attempts to engage in a rap battle, the speaker lacked the desire to escalate the conflict, choosing instead to respond with just one song and otherwise ignore further provocation. However, MacDonald’s persistence and recent release of another diss track aimed at the speaker have reignited tensions.

The speaker opens with a scathing critique of MacDonald’s music, labeling it as subpar and mocking his style and beats. He accuses MacDonald of being a “culture vulture,” exploiting sensitive issues like race and s*xuality in his lyrics without sincerity or depth. The speaker dismisses MacDonald as unworthy of engaging in lyrical battles and expresses frustration at MacDonald’s repeated attempts to draw them into conflict.

The verse escalates as the speaker launches personal attacks on MacDonald and his girlfriend, Nova Rockafeller, using derogatory language and making unfounded accusations about her behavior. The insults become increasingly vicious, targeting MacDonald’s appearance, musical abilities, and personal integrity. The speaker mocks MacDonald’s claims of philanthropy and accuses him of seeking attention and fame through controversy rather than genuine artistic merit.

The tone shifts from dismissive to aggressive as the speaker unleashes a barrage of insults aimed at MacDonald’s character. They criticize MacDonald for his purported hypocrisy, accusing him of projecting a false image of being a champion for blue-collar workers while living a luxurious lifestyle in Woodland Hills. The speaker ridicules MacDonald’s attempts to align himself with the indie music scene, alleging that he has copied his style from established artists like those from Rhymesayers and Strange Music.

The verse concludes with a final devastating blow, where the speaker metaphorically declares themselves as “killing their own son,” implying that MacDonald, metaphorically their creation or protégé in the rap game, has strayed so far from their mentorship and influence that they must now figuratively destroy him. This assertion underscores the speaker’s belief in their own superiority and dominance in the rap industry, contrasting MacDonald’s perceived shortcomings with their own established career and artistic credibility.

Overall, the verse is characterized by its raw emotion, cutting insults, and a sense of deep-seated resentment towards MacDonald. It showcases the speaker’s skill not only in lyrical prowess but also in using their platform to assert dominance and settle scores within the competitive world of rap music.

[Part II]

This intro sets up a tale about a boy named Tom, describing his background with a wealthy father and a mother perceived as racist.

In this interlude, someone affectionately calls out to Nova, their pet, offering praise and a treat, emphasizing a loving and playful interaction.

This verse begins with a direct address to Tom MacDonald, challenging his behavior and criticizing his ego and claims in the rap industry. The speaker questions MacDonald’s assertion of creating political rap while pointing out respected artists in the genre whom MacDonald supposedly ignores. Accusations escalate, targeting MacDonald’s lack of cultural knowledge and authenticity, deriding his lyrical skills and perceived hypocrisy.

The verse intensifies with personal attacks, alleging MacDonald’s girlfriend is promiscuous and drawing parallels between MacDonald’s behavior and historical betrayals. The speaker accuses MacDonald of disrespecting others for entertainment and portrays him as insincere in his public persona. MacDonald’s approach to diss tracks is criticized as disingenuous, with the speaker preferring live battles over YouTube disses.

The confrontational tone persists with a challenge for a rap battle in MacDonald’s hometown, with the speaker confident of outshining him. The speaker brings Eminem into the conversation, claiming Eminem disapproves of MacDonald and mocking MacDonald’s unreciprocated admiration for Eminem. Further ridicule follows, targeting MacDonald’s collaborations and ideological leanings.

The verse takes a darker turn as the speaker suggests MacDonald’s music appeals to a controversial demographic, accusing him of catering to racist and extremist sentiments. MacDonald’s artistic integrity is questioned, alleging his music appeals to a divisive and problematic audience.

The verse concludes with a drastic escalation, where the speaker expresses concern for MacDonald’s mental health and suggests MacDonald contemplate drastic actions. The speaker criticizes MacDonald’s pursuit of wealth and fame, suggesting they haven’t alleviated MacDonald’s inner struggles.

Overall, the verse serves as a scathing critique of Tom MacDonald’s persona and career, highlighting perceived flaws in his character, musical style, and public image. The speaker uses aggressive language and provocative imagery to discredit MacDonald’s credibility and appeal within the rap community, painting a stark contrast between their own values and MacDonald’s perceived shortcomings.

The outro suggests that it might be wise for Tom MacDonald to proceed cautiously or be careful in his actions.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Let’s be clear about one thing
Meaning: This phrase sets the tone for addressing a specific point or issue without ambiguity or misunderstanding. It emphasizes clarity in communication and intent.

2. “Here’s a backstory
Meaning: Introducing the context or history behind a situation or event. It provides necessary background information to understand subsequent actions or developments.

3. “Here’s the truth that you can’t run from
Meaning: Asserting the presence of an undeniable reality or fact that cannot be avoided or ignored. It challenges the listener to confront a difficult truth.

4. “Nova (Daddy)
Meaning: Affectionately addressing someone or something named Nova, possibly a pet or a loved one, with endearing familiarity and care.

5. “Maybe your best course
Meaning: Suggesting a potential strategy or approach that might be advisable in a given situation. It implies caution or careful consideration before proceeding.


Q. Who has sung Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi song?
A. Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi song is sung by Mac Lethal.

Q. Who wrote Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi lyrics?
A. Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi lyrics are penned by Mac Lethal.

Q. Who has given the music of Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi song?
A. Tom MacDonald Is a Nazi music is composed and produced by Mac Lethal.

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