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Tobey Lyrics by Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron is a latest English song in the voices of Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Tobey song lyrics are also written by Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron. The song It, Big Sean, and BabyTron is a powerful rap track where each artist flexes their lyrical skills and brags about their success. They draw a parallel between Tobey Maguire’s transformation into Spider-Man and their rise to greatness, claiming they were “bit by a goat” (greatest of all time). The song is filled with clever wordplay, pop culture references, and boasts about wealth and fame. Eminem reflects on his legacy, taking shots at critics and asserting his dominance in the rap game. The energy is intense, and the verses emphasize overcoming obstacles and staying true to oneself despite the challenges.

Tobey Lyrics

[Intro: BabyTron & Big Sean]
S*it, fu*k, s*it
Boy, ha

[Chorus: BabyTron]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleeping, be thinking so woke
White Cartiers, all I’m seeing is dope
My city Leia and I’m Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke

Even while sleeping, be thinking so woke
White Cartiers, all I’m seeing is dope
My city Leia and I’m Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

[Verse 1: BabyTron]
No español, I’m allergic to rojo and legally blind, all I’m seeing is gold
D to the A, there and back, if we ride with the Drac’, can’t smoke from the T to the O
Upped in the b!tch, you can keep what you ow
ranny told me, “Boy, you reap what you sow”
Do the most, we over, even the score
Steady on the run, glued his feet to the floor
Up in my Tesla, I’m rolling up ‘Ishers, I stopped at Valero, think I should quit smoking
Life is a gamble and I’m playing slots, pull it down, close my eyes and I pray I win tokens
All Wock’, no pop, how we drive, you can come and take a baby sip, still tasted just potent
One of one, sitting ’round the stars, double R, finna race, hit the Wraith, like a spaceship it’s floating
All this drip, think I am below sea level
Cut your own wrist off with that weak bezel
Ride around with the iron giant, make ’em eat metal
Watch unc’ break a rock down to three pebbles
Bam-bam, down three, hit the grand slam
Four pockets full, fully switched, go wham-wham
Pants cramp, pull it out, I’m counting ’til my hands cramp
Road DSM on the beach, not a sand stand

[Interlude: Big Sean]

Ayy, ayy

[Verse 2: Big Sean]
They wanna bleed me and lead me to act like they need me, but fu*k it, I do it alone, woah
She wanna touch me and rub me and go back to hubby, he probably could smell my cologne (Damn)
I was immersed in the Merce, I show ’em no mercy, I really was watching the throne (For real)
N!ggas ain’t turning me down, when my baby asleep only time that I’m watching my tone (Shh)
We don’t want chips with a chip on our shoulder
If he Obi-Wan, then I gotta be Yoda
Don’t need no promoter, we pull up, they know us
I’m the Ayatollah snatching your controller
I don’t give a fu*k about you when I’m focused
Fu*k all the drügs you take, I’m taking over
I paid attention, don’t need no payola
Can’t take ‘way from me, you just need to take cover (Frr)
I can paint a picture like I made the stencil
Fu*k your whole image, I’m with Cole Bennett
I don’t know what the fu*k they done told n!ggas
I put all of my heart and my soul in it
I met you in person, you so different
I can’t listen to you for a whole minute
Took a blood test, ain’t no ho in it
Watch your motherfu*king mouth ‘fore I go in it
They like, “No, he didn’t,” got ’em more invested
If it’s one thing I make, I make no exceptions
I got new addresses, I got no reception
I got love and hate coming from both directions
B!tch, I come from the D where they BMFing
Where they moving them kis like a chord progression
B!tch, I’m omnipresent, I got no reflection
Made a living off bars, I need no correction (No)
Grinding s*it out, gotta stay patient
While you outside, we on staycation
Locked the fu*k in, ain’t no playing for real ‘less you playmaking
I take the chances you hate taking
Fu*k it, dog, I’ma go Wes Craven
I’m at the safe, fu*k a safe haven
They play with my name and I can’t take it (Lil’ b!tch)

[Chorus: BabyTron & Eminem]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleeping, be thinking so woke
White Cartiers, all I’m seeing is dope, yeah
My city Leia and I’m Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

[Verse 3: Eminem]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, me? Must’ve got bit by a goat, yeah
I used to dream as a kid I would grow (Baa)
To be one, I hope that I inspire hope (For what?)
For you to go get what you desire most, yeah
Spit fire, b!tch, I was just flying coach, yeah
Y’all thought you was sick, you were misdiagnosed (Nope)
I’m dope and you’ll never have this high a dose (Nope, yeah)
Now my estates in the building and b!tch, I done slept on more floors than the Empire State (‘Pire State) Building
I got so many stories, but I hate ceilings (Haha)
Ain’t feeling your top five favorite rappers (Woo)
So I know they ’bout to be pissed at me (Why?)
But this, to me, is a mystery
How rappers I’ve already ripped could be (What?)
Higher up on a list than me (Ha)
Yet here I sit on your list though at five (Hm), which still was fine
But just know inside, to me, that s*it’s hilarious, so when I (Haha)
Get dissed though and by a pioneer
Who was one of the reasons why I am here
They tell me I should just let that s*it go and slide (Why?)
“Melle Mel shouldn’t get no reply” (Why?)
“That man is a legend,” b!tch, so am I (Haha, yeah)
And anyone else who thinks it’d be wise and easy as pie
To beat me and tries, can treat me just like poison (What?), they can eat me and die (Hehe)
Middle finger stuck up, but I never conceded
When have I ever retreated? (Never) You never seen it
Every dream that I ever dreamt, I exceeded
Cement my legacy, I definitely did controversy, I always said all I needed
Treat it like a truck, hit it head-on, I meet it (Krrk)
I get on a beat and it’s like that “Eye of The Tiger” song is playing on my head on repeat
I been knocked down so many times, can’t count (Ugh)
Sometimes, s*it does not pan out
That’s just the way that the card hand’s dealt
Jon Manzel, odd man out (What?)
But heavyweight, word to Scott Van Pelt
I can’t help but feel like a victim of child abuse
‘Cause I am ’bout to get that goddamn belt (Now strap, man)
Way beyond crazy, Shady gone, but hey, maybe, I am the GOAT
With Big Sean and BabyTron and that’s why they be on the s*it they be on, ’cause (Ugh)

[Chorus: BabyTron]
Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
Even while sleeping, be thinking so woke
White Cartiers, all I’m seeing is dope
My city Leia and I’m Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope

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Tobey Lyrics Meaning

[Chorus (BabyTron)]
In this chorus, BabyTron starts with a playful yet impactful comparison. He mentions Tobey Maguire, who played Spider-Man and got his powers from a spider bite. BabyTron humorously contrasts this by saying he got his power from being “bit by a goat.” In modern slang, “GOAT” stands for “Greatest of All Time,” so he’s implying that his greatness is inherent, not from an external source like a spider bite. He’s saying he’s born to be great, a natural talent.

Then he shifts to a somewhat dark humor by saying if someone wants space (distance from him), he hopes they remove their helmet as soon as they reach Venus and choke. This is a sarcastic way of saying he wishes them ill if they decide to leave him. It’s a metaphor for making a bad decision and facing the dire consequences.

Next, BabyTron talks about being “woke” even in his sleep, indicating that he’s always alert, aware, and conscious of what’s happening around him. This ties into the theme of constant vigilance and not letting his guard down.

He mentions “White Cartiers,” referring to expensive, stylish glasses. This symbolizes his success and luxurious lifestyle. When he says, “all I’m seeing is dope,” it has a dual meaning: he’s surrounded by cool, impressive things, and it could also hint at involvement with drügs, reflecting the darker side of his lifestyle.

Comparing his city to Leia (Princess Leia from Star Wars) and himself to Obi-Wan Kenobi, he’s setting up a narrative where his city needs saving or leadership, and he’s the one to provide it. Obi-Wan is a wise and strong character in Star Wars, suggesting BabyTron sees himself as a protector and leader. He emphasizes his role in bringing hope and positive change to his city.

This chorus, repeated twice, underscores these themes of inherent greatness, constant awareness, luxurious lifestyle, and a mission-driven life. It paints a picture of BabyTron as a vigilant, successful leader destined to make a significant impact.

[Verse 1 (BabyTron)]
BabyTron kicks off this verse by stating he’s “allergic to rojo” (red), meaning he avoids danger and negativity, often symbolized by the color red. He humorously claims he’s legally blind because all he sees is gold, representing wealth and success. This line sets the tone for the rest of the verse, emphasizing his focus on positivity and prosperity.

He mentions traveling from Detroit to Atlanta (“D to the A”) and not smoking from Toronto (“T to the O”), indicating his constant movement and perhaps adherence to certain personal principles. The line about riding with a Draco (a type of firearm) hints at his readiness to defend himself and his lifestyle.

BabyTron asserts his independence by telling others to keep what they owe him, showing he’s above petty debts and focused on bigger things. He recalls his grandmother’s advice, “you reap what you sow,” reminding him that actions have consequences, a moral lesson that influences his behavior.

He talks about doing the most and evening the score, suggesting he puts maximum effort into his endeavors and seeks justice or balance in retribution. Being “steady on the run” and having “glued his feet to the floor” conveys his relentless hustle and unwavering commitment to his path.

BabyTron mentions rolling up weed in his Tesla, contemplating quitting smoking, reflecting his internal struggle with vices. Comparing life to a gamble, he talks about pulling the lever on a slot machine and praying for tokens, symbolizing the risks and hopes inherent in his journey.

He boasts about drinking Wockhardt (a type of codeine syrup) without soda, emphasizing its pure potency. This line underscores the theme of indulgence and the consequences that come with it.

BabyTron highlights his uniqueness by calling himself “one of one,” indicating he’s incomparable. He describes his luxurious lifestyle, like racing in a Rolls-Royce Wraith that feels like a spaceship, reinforcing his success and the surreal quality of his achievements.

Mocking those with cheap jewelry (“weak bezel”) and talking about carrying a gun (“iron giant”), he asserts his dominance and readiness to defend himself. He describes breaking down drügs (“rock to three pebbles”), showing his familiarity with the street life.

Using baseball metaphors like “grand slam,” BabyTron emphasizes his ability to achieve significant success. He ends by bragging about counting so much money his hands cramp, highlighting his hard work and wealth. The verse paints a detailed picture of a driven, successful individual constantly on the move, facing life’s challenges head-on while enjoying the fruits of his labor.

[Verse 2 (Big Sean)]
Big Sean begins by addressing people who pretend to need him but actually want to exploit him. He decides to operate independently, emphasizing his self-reliance and determination. A woman wants to be with him despite being married, highlighting his irresistible charm and allure, and hinting at the complications in his personal life. When his child is asleep, it’s the only time he’s careful with his words, showing his love and care for his family.

He states they don’t settle for small gains (“chips”) and compares himself to Yoda if BabyTron is Obi-Wan, showcasing his wisdom and leadership. They don’t need promoters; their reputation precedes them. Big Sean likens himself to an Ayatollah, a powerful leader, and asserts his focus on his goals, dismissing distractions.

Big Sean criticizes others’ drug use while he’s taking over the scene. He mentions paying attention to details and not needing bribery (“payola”). He says people should avoid him if they can’t handle his success. Comparing his creativity to painting, he emphasizes his artistic skills. Working with Cole Bennett, a known director, showcases his dedication.

He’s disappointed when meeting people who don’t match their online personas. Big Sean concludes with his commitment to his craft, dealing with both love and hate, and his roots in Detroit where drug dealing is common. He asserts his omnipresence and dedication to his career, reinforcing his status as a significant figure in the music industry.

[Verse 3 (Eminem)]
Eminem begins by comparing himself to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man transformation, but instead of being bitten by a spider, he was “bit by a goat,” signifying his greatness. He reminisces about dreaming of success as a child and now hopes to inspire others to pursue their dreams.

He talks about flying coach in his early days, signifying his humble beginnings, and now achieving high levels of success. Eminem addresses how people misjudge him, thinking they’re great, but he asserts his superiority. He mentions sleeping on floors, showing his struggle before achieving success.

Eminem criticizes the current top rappers, finding it amusing that some he’s better than are ranked higher. He discusses being dissed by pioneers who influenced him and questions why he should ignore it. He asserts his legendary status and challenges anyone trying to surpass him.

Eminem talks about never retreating and always exceeding his dreams, cementing his legacy. He faces controversies head-on and draws strength from setbacks. Comparing his journey to boxing, like “Eye of The Tiger” playing in his head, symbolizes his fighting spirit.

Eminem mentions feeling like an outcast at times but remains a heavyweight champion. He concludes by stating he’s beyond crazy, acknowledging his partnership with Big Sean and BabyTron, and why they’re successful. This verse reinforces Eminem’s resilience, determination, and his position as a dominant force in the music industry.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Tobey Maguire got bit by a spider, but see, me, it was a goat
Comparing himself to Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man, but instead of a spider, he was “bitten” by greatness (the goat). It highlights his belief in his own talent.

2. “If you want space, I hope you take your helmet off soon as you get up to Venus and choke
If someone wants to be distant, he hopes they make a mistake and fail. It’s a sharp way of saying he doesn’t care about them.

3. “Even while sleeping, be thinking so woke
Even when he’s resting, he’s always aware and conscious of his surroundings and thoughts. It’s about staying alert and smart all the time.

4. “White Cartiers, all I’m seeing is dope
Wearing white Cartier glasses and everything he sees is amazing (dope). It signifies his luxurious lifestyle and positive outlook.

5. “My city Leia and I’m Obi-Wan, got a mission to pass, I just might be the hope
Referring to Star Wars characters, he’s saying he has an important mission for his city and he might be the one to bring hope.

6. “No español, I’m allergic to rojo and legally blind, all I’m seeing is gold
He doesn’t speak Spanish, is “allergic” to red (a color he associates with danger or negativity), and all he sees is gold, symbolizing success.

7. “Granny told me, ‘Boy, you reap what you sow’
His grandmother’s advice that you’ll get back what you put into the world. It’s a reminder of the importance of actions and consequences.

8. “Life is a gamble and I’m playing slots, pull it down, close my eyes and I pray I win tokens
Life is unpredictable like gambling. He’s taking risks and hoping for the best outcomes.

9. “All this drip, think I am below sea level
His style and fashion are so impressive (“drip”) that it feels like he’s underwater, surrounded by the best.

10. “They wanna bleed me and lead me to act like they need me, but fu*k it, I do it alone
People try to take advantage of him and pretend they need him, but he prefers to do things independently.

11. “We don’t want chips with a chip on our shoulder
They don’t want rewards or success if it comes with arrogance or resentment. They prefer humility and real achievement.

12. “If he Obi-Wan, then I gotta be Yoda
If someone is good (Obi-Wan), he has to be even better (Yoda). It’s about always striving to be the best.

13. “I put all of my heart and my soul in it
He’s completely dedicated to his work, putting everything he has into it. It shows his passion and commitment.

14. “I met you in person, you so different
Meeting someone in real life and finding they’re not what he expected. It’s about the difference between perception and reality.

15. “B!tch, I’m omnipresent, I got no reflection
He’s everywhere and influential, but you can’t easily see his true self. It suggests a powerful, almost mythical presence.

“Tobey” Trivia & Facts

Here are some interesting trivia and facts about the song “Tobey” by Eminem, Big Sean, and BabyTron:

1. Release and Album Context: “Tobey” is a single from Eminem’s upcoming album “The Death of Slim Shady (Coup De Grâce),” scheduled to release in summer 2024. This track is the second release from the album, following the single “Houdini”.

2. Music Video and Teasers: The song’s music video, directed by Cole Bennett, is set to release a few days after the single, on July 5. In the teaser, Eminem is seen wearing a hockey mask and holding a chainsaw, reminiscent of his look from the Anger Management tour in 2000.

3. Reference to Tobey Maguire: The song title “Tobey” hints at a reference to Tobey Maguire, the actor who played Spider-Man in the 2002 movie. This is part of Eminem’s nostalgic theme for the album, which also includes nods to his earlier works and alter ego Slim Shady.

4. Collaborations and Production: The album features collaborations with Big Sean and BabyTron, and has production contributions from Dr. Dre. Eminem has been coy about the full details of the album, maintaining an air of mystery.

5. Promotion and Fan Reactions: Eminem promoted the single with a teaser on social media, generating significant excitement among fans who praised the beat and anticipated another successful track from the rapper.

These elements highlight the anticipation and thematic elements surrounding the release of “Tobey” and Eminem’s broader album project.


Q. Who has sung Tobey song?
A. Tobey song is sung by Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron.

Q. Who wrote Tobey lyrics?
A. Tobey lyrics are penned by Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron.

Q. Who has given the music of Tobey song?
A. Tobey music is composed and produced by Eminem, Big Sean, BabyTron.

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