Neverland Lyrics - (G)I-DLE

Neverland Lyrics – (G)I-DLE

Neverland Lyrics by (G)I-DLE meaning - Ooh, eh-oh Ooh, eh-oh Ooh, eh-oh 길었던 trip 널 보러 먼 길을 날아온 거야 미소 하나로 벌써 꽃을 피워낸 흔들리고 불안했던 나의 spring time, yeah.
클락션 (Klaxon) Lyrics - (G)I-DLE

클락션 (Klaxon) Lyrics – (G)I-DLE

클락션 (Klaxon) Lyrics by (G)I-DLE meaning - What time is it now? Time is summer, mm One, two 좀 미친 소리 같지만 난 네게 반했어 (Oh-oh, ooh-oh, oh-oh, ooh-oh).
Bloom Lyrics - (G)I-DLE

Bloom Lyrics – (G)I-DLE

Bloom Lyrics by (G)I-DLE meaning - You know what's on my mind? Come and take a look inside My heart blooms into you Feeling them butterflies When.
Last Forever Lyrics - (G)I-DLE

Last Forever Lyrics – (G)I-DLE

Last Forever Lyrics by (G)I-DLE meaning - Standing alone, my light is bright Success around, but is it free? Look in the mirror, now I understand.