Swimming with Sharks Lyrics – Polar

Swimming with Sharks Lyrics by Polar is a latest English song in the voice of Polar. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Swimming With Sharks song lyrics are also written by Polar. It portrays a tense struggle in treacherous waters. Feeling watched and vulnerable, the protagonist faces relentless predators with no mercy. The song vividly describes the fear and danger of being hunted, surrounded by lethal adversaries. Despite the odds, there’s a determination to survive against these formidable foes, hoping the crimson waters will be salvation. The lyrics paint a vivid picture of survival amidst imminent peril and the stark contrast between light and darkness in the struggle.

Swimming with Sharks Lyrics

Keep you in sight, displaced with movement
The game is given up
Uncharted waters, leave me uneasy
I can feel your eyes on me
Playing dead will not work
Hunt me for my pound of flesh
Haunted waters around me
For what is left, be warned not much to take?

These are deadly waters, the current pulls me under
All this time I’ve been swimming with sharks
This is where the light will meet the dark

All this time I’ve been swimming with sharks

Great white killer smiles
No warm welcomes here
Eyes that stare at nothing, just like the dead
You will have me eaten, so you are fed
Fate is in the hands of the lipless jaws
Panicking attracts it more and more
Time has come for snapping of teeth
Rows and rows of the sharpest daggers
Stain the tides
With my blood
Crack my bones, make them shatter

These are deadly waters, the current pulls me under
All this time I’ve been swimming with sharks
This is where the light will meet the dark
All this time I’ve been swimming with sharks

It’s coming
It’s coming
It’s coming
It’s coming

It’s now just me and you

Tell myself I will survive
The dark red tides will save my life

Swimming with Sharks Lyrics Meaning

The first paragraph describes a feeling of being watched and hunted in unfamiliar and unsettling circumstances. The speaker senses danger and knows that pretending to be helpless won’t deter the predators who seek to harm them. They warn that there’s little left to take, implying they have already faced significant losses or challenges.

In the second paragraph, the speaker reflects on enduring a prolonged struggle amidst dangerous conditions. They compare their situation to swimming among sharks, symbolizing navigating through perilous and hostile environments where survival is a constant battle between light (hope) and dark (danger).

The third paragraph vividly portrays the menacing presence of powerful adversaries, likened to great white sharks with deadly intent. There’s a chilling description of cold, lifeless eyes and the inevitable fate of being consumed by these predators. The imagery intensifies with references to sharp teeth and blood, evoking a sense of impending violence and destruction.

The repetitive lines “It’s coming” emphasize the impending threat closing in on the speaker, heightening the tension and fear of imminent danger. The phrase “It’s now just me and you” underscores a solitary struggle against overwhelming odds, where survival hinges on sheer willpower and resilience.

Finally, the resolve to survive is reinforced as the speaker vows to endure despite the grim circumstances. They find hope in the idea that even the dark red tides, symbolizing bloodshed and adversity, might eventually turn in their favor and offer a chance at survival amidst the relentless dangers of their environment.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Playing dead will not work
Pretending vulnerability won’t deceive predators; they’re relentless.

2. “Hunt me for my pound of flesh
Being pursued or exploited for personal gain or satisfaction.

3. “Uncharted waters, leave me uneasy
Feeling anxious in unfamiliar and unpredictable situations or environments.

4. “All this time I’ve been swimming with sharks
Enduring constant danger or hostility from powerful adversaries.


Q. Who has sung Swimming with Sharks song?
A. Swimming with Sharks song is sung by Polar.

Q. Who wrote Swimming with Sharks lyrics?
A. Swimming with Sharks lyrics are penned by Polar.

Q. Who has given the music of Swimming with Sharks song?
A. Swimming with Sharks music is composed and produced by Polar.

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