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Sensibel Lyrics (English Translation) by K.I.Z is a latest German song in the voice of K.I.Z. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Sensibel song lyrics are also written by K.I.Z. It critiques societal double standards and racism in Europe. The lyrics highlight hypocrisy, where sensitivity is selective—condemning racism yet perpetuating it subtly. It tackles discrimination faced by minorities, questioning belonging and acceptance. The song reflects on political correctness, media influence, and everyday racism experienced by marginalized communities. K.I.Z uses irony to provoke thought on issues like immigration, cultural identity, and systemic biases, urging listeners to confront uncomfortable truths about privilege and discrimination.

Sensibel (English Translation) Lyrics

[Part 1: Tarek]
He says: “Your texts are big mouths with no consideration
But then you’re suddenly very sensitive when it comes to this topic”
You’re almost as bright as me, stop complaining
Light skin is fashionable and in every other advert
But the woman in the stairwell asks which neighbour I’m looking for
Is the guy from the delivery service or is he planning a break-in?
The dealer looks like me, the only difference is the visa
The police are kneeling on him, they want to take photos with me
This is Europe, where they suffocate in trucks
Children’s corpses are floating in the water thanks to the borders we protect
The media are inciting and breeding the next right-wing terrorist

This is nothing personal, just what gets the most clicks
And they are sharpening their knives, tying their ropes
The darker your skin, the more fearful the looks
Leftists are discussing on Twitter: Who is allowed to be left-wing, who isn’t? And the right-wingers, they’re training at the shooting range for Day X

[Hook: Tarek]
Very sensitive, you’re very sensitive
Says: “You’re very sensitive” and I smile wearily
For my brothers, who feel like strangers here
You can’t always keep quiet, you can’t fight with everyone
Very sensitive, you’re very sensitive
Says: “You’re very sensitive” and I smile wearily
For my brothers, who feel like strangers here
You can’t always keep quiet, you can’t fight with everyone

[Part 2: Tarek]
Lisa moves to hip Kreuzberg, looks for a daycare center somewhere else, because she’d prefer a
group with fewer Turks, and
It’s not always monkey noises from the stands
Some racists demonstrate against the right and vote for the Greens
You’re a second-class German, brother, look ing Spiegel
You don’t know where your place is, you have to be clear about what’s going to happen
This is the end of your career, think about this post
The boss is calling you into the office for your “Free Palestine”
Keep your feet still, you’re here because of the quota

This isn’t genocide, there weren’t enough deaths
The undertaker is wearing a sash, business is going well
They even have black people in the CDU now
And the cop gives him back his passport and stutters: “Have a nice day”
Because he doesn’t look like a cultural senator at all
Hehe, the party is moving with the times
He’s only here to prove to me that I’m exaggerating, ah

[Hook: Tarek]
Very sensitive, you’re very sensitive
For my brothers, who feel like strangers here
You can’t always keep quiet, you can’t fight with everyone
He says: “You are very sensitive” and I smile wearily

[Part 3: Tarek]
I think of back then, of the “We are more” concert
I thought the name was wrong, because we are no more
There is no “we” and there would be no mass grave in the Mediterranean
If the bodies in the fishing nets were white Christians
Was the knife attacker called Mohammed or Peter? The victims don’t matter, you want the first names of the perpetrators
While half the world is in ruins because of German weapons
Do foreign names on the doorbell bother you?
Maybe the nurse in the hospice meant well
When he calls my father by his first name and asks him: “Do you understand German?”
I shout at him, I almost feel sorry for him
Then he says: “Oh, the victim role, yes, that’s just how you are”

[Hook: Tarek]
Very sensitive, you are very sensitive
For my brothers, who feel like strangers here
You can’t always keep quiet, you can’t fight with everyone
He says: “You are very sensitive” and I smile wearily


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Sensibel (English Translation) Lyrics Meaning

Part 1: Tarek
Tarek criticizes societal hypocrisy and racial biases prevalent in Europe. He points out how people often speak without thinking, yet become overly sensitive when confronted about sensitive topics like race and discrimination. He mentions the prevalence of light-skinned individuals in media, contrasting this with his own experiences of being racially profiled. Tarek highlights the grim reality of Europe’s immigration policies, referencing tragedies like suffocating in trucks and children drowning due to border restrictions. He also critiques media manipulation and the rise of right-wing extremism fueled by sensationalism. The paragraph underscores the heightened scrutiny and fear faced by individuals with darker skin tones, juxtaposed with political tensions brewing on social media and in extremist groups.

Hook: Tarek
Tarek repeats “very sensitive” ironically, acknowledging the dismissive attitude towards genuine concerns of discrimination. He wearily smiles at the irony of being labeled oversensitive, particularly for his fellow marginalized brothers who feel like outsiders in their own society. The hook reflects frustration at the lack of understanding and solidarity in facing systemic racism.

Part 2: Tarek
Tarek recounts instances of everyday racism and systemic discrimination in Germany. He mentions Lisa’s subtle racism in choosing a daycare with fewer Turks, illustrating ingrained prejudices even among liberals. Tarek critiques the paradox of racists supporting progressive parties while minorities face subtle and overt discrimination. He addresses the struggle of minorities trying to find their place in society, facing career repercussions for expressing political views like supporting Palestine. Tarek highlights the normalization of discrimination, exemplified by the undertaker’s thriving business and racial profiling by authorities.

Hook: Tarek
Again, Tarek sarcastically acknowledges the dismissive response of being labeled “very sensitive.” He emphasizes the alienation felt by minorities who navigate daily discrimination and the expectation to remain silent rather than confront injustice.

Part 3: Tarek
Tarek reflects on the disillusionment with societal unity, recalling a concert titled “We are more” that contradicts the reality of increasing division and indifference towards human suffering. He questions the media’s bias in reporting tragedies based on victims’ identities and criticizes global inequalities exacerbated by German arms exports. Tarek confronts the discomfort caused by foreign names and stereotypes in hospice care, highlighting the pervasive nature of racial prejudices even in intimate settings. He expresses frustration at being reduced to a victim when addressing these issues.

Hook: Tarek
In the final repetition, Tarek reflects the weariness of marginalized individuals constantly labeled as overly sensitive. He nods to the struggles of his community to find acceptance and equality in a society that often marginalizes them.

These interpretations aim to humanize Tarek’s lyrics, capturing the emotional weight and critical social commentary embedded within “Sensibel.”

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Big mouths with no consideration
Tarek criticizes those who speak thoughtlessly or arrogantly, especially regarding sensitive topics like race and discrimination, yet become defensive when confronted.

2. “Light skin is fashionable
He highlights the prevalence of light-skinned individuals in media, implying societal preference and bias towards a certain skin tone in advertising and representation.

3. “Suffocate in trucks
Refers to the tragic deaths of migrants suffocating in trucks while attempting to cross borders in Europe, criticizing immigration policies and their deadly consequences.

4. “Media inciting right-wing terrorism
Critiques how media sensationalism and biased reporting can fuel extremist ideologies and contribute to the rise of right-wing terrorism.

5. “Sharpening their knives, tying their ropes
Metaphorically describes the preparation and readiness of extremist groups to take aggressive action, symbolizing rising tensions and potential violence.

6. “We are no more
Reflects disillusionment with the idea of unity and solidarity (“We are more”), suggesting societal fragmentation and lack of cohesion amidst growing divisions.

7. “Foreign names on the doorbell
Highlights discomfort and prejudice towards diversity, questioning societal acceptance and inclusion based on ethnicity or cultural background.


Q. Who has sung Sensibel (English Translation) song?
A. Sensibel (English Translation) song is sung by K.I.Z.

Q. Who wrote Sensibel (English Translation) lyrics?
A. Sensibel (English Translation) lyrics are penned by K.I.Z.

Q. Who has given the music of Sensibel (English Translation) song?
A. Sensibel (English Translation) music is composed and produced by K.I.Z.

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