Rhinestone Cowboy Lyrics – Madvillain

Rhinestone Cowboy Lyrics by Madvillain is a latest English song in the voice of Madvillain. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Rhinestone Cowboy song lyrics are also written by Madvillain. It is a lyrical journey through the mind of a confident and creative rapper. The song bursts with vivid imagery and wordplay, showcasing Madvillain’s mastery over the mic. From comparing holding a drink to handling a gun and a microphone, he blends humor with bravado, stealing the spotlight effortlessly.

The track unfolds like a series of snapshots from Madvillain’s unconventional life. He boasts about rocking parties and making quick work of his rhymes, all while maintaining a mysterious persona behind his mask. References to pop culture, like Gary Gnu from New Zoo Revue, add quirky layers to his storytelling.

Madvillain’s flow is smooth and relentless, delivering lines that mix playfulness with sharp social commentary. He addresses fame, industry struggles, and his relentless pursuit of success in the music world. The chorus, “he’s the rhinestone cowboy,” plays on both his rugged determination and his flair for style in a genre often known for grit.

Overall, “Rhinestone Cowboy” is a testament to Madvillain’s unique voice in hip-hop, blending inventive rhymes with a nod to classic rap motifs. It’s a track that rewards careful listening, revealing new depths with each play, and solidifies Madvillain’s place as a master storyteller in the rap game.

Rhinestone Cowboy Lyrics

Hold the cold one like he hold a old gun
Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun
Or a foe for ransom, flows is handsome
O’s in tandem, anthem, random, tantrum
Phantom of the Grand Ole Opry ask the dumb hottie
Masked pump shotty, somebody stop me
Hardly come sloppy on a retarded hard copy
After rocking parties he departed in a jalopy
Watch the droptop papi
Known as the grimy limey, slimy – try me, blimey
Simply smashing in a fashion that’s timely
Madvillain dashing in a beat-rhyme crime spree

We rock the house like rock ‘n roll
Got more soul than a sock with a hole
Set the stage with a goal
To have the game locked in a cage getting shocked with a pole
Overthrow ’em like throwing rover a biscuit
A lot of b!tches think he’s overly chauvinistic
Let go his d!ck if that’s the case
Rats, what a waste there’s more cats to chase
Dogs, he got it like new powers
Woke up, wrote and spit the s*it in a few hours
Sheesh! Been unleashed since the glee club
Had your fam saying, “Please make me a dub”
Well, since you ask kindly
Where he been behind the mask, who can’t find me?
You’re blind
In the wine zone leave ya mind blown
When he shine with the 9, he’s a rhinestone. cowboy

No no no no enough

Goony goo goo loony cuckoo like Gary Gnu off New Zoo Revue
But who knew the mask had a loose screw?
Hell, could hardly tell
Had to tighten it up like the Drells and Archie Bell
It speaks well of the hyper base

Wasn’t even tweaked and it leaked into cyberspace
Couldn’t wait for the snipes to place
At least a track list in bold print typeface
Stopped for a year
Come back with thumb tacks, pop full of beer
We’re hip hop sharecroppers
Used to wear flip flops, now rare gear coppers
He’s in this for the quiche
You might as well not ask him for no free s*it, capiche?
Oh, my aching hands
From raking in grands and breaking in mic stands
Villain—his smile stuns ya chick
While he put himself in your shoes run ya kicks
You heard it on the radio, tape it
Play it in your stereo, your crew’ll go apes*it
Raw lyrics—he smells ’em like a hunch
The same intuition that tells him “Spike the punch”
Curses, we’s truly the worsest
With enough rhymes to spread throughout the boundless universes
Let the beat blast, she told him wear the mask
He said you bet your sweet ass
It’s made of fine chrome alloy
Find him on the grind, he’s the rhinestone cowboy

Rhinestone Cowboy Lyrics Meaning

“Rhinestone Cowboy” by Madvillain dives deep into the complex persona of a rap artist navigating fame, creativity, and self-expression. The song opens with Madvillain metaphorically holding a cold drink like an old gun and a microphone, symbolizing his versatile command over both relaxed social situations and intense performances. He effortlessly steals the show, portraying himself as a masterful entertainer who can switch from charming audiences to intimidating adversaries with his clever wordplay and smooth flows.

Throughout the verse, Madvillain’s rhymes flow effortlessly, showcasing his lyrical prowess while weaving in references to the Grand Ole Opry and a masked pump shotty, blending elements of country music with urban grit. His departure from parties in a beat-up jalopy underlines his non-conformist attitude and unconventional style in the music scene.

The chorus amplifies Madvillain’s swagger, likening his impact on the rap game to the enduring soul of rock ‘n roll. He sets ambitious goals to shock and captivate his audience, aiming to surpass competitors and leave a lasting impression. Despite accusations of chauvinism, he dismisses critics, focusing instead on his relentless pursuit of excellence and artistic freedom.

In the second verse, Madvillain introduces more eccentric imagery, comparing himself to Gary Gnu from a children’s TV show to highlight the playful yet enigmatic nature of his public persona. He acknowledges the challenges of maintaining his image (“the mask had a loose screw”) and the effort required to refine and perfect his craft. His return after a hiatus with renewed determination reflects his evolution as an artist, adapting from humble beginnings to acquiring rare and valuable gear in the competitive world of hip-hop.

Madvillain’s pursuit of “quiche” (money) underscores his commitment to financial success without compromising his artistic integrity. His confident smile masks the gritty reality of his hard-earned success, juxtaposing glamour with the struggles and sacrifices of his journey. The song concludes with a defiant declaration of his unique position in the rap universe, proudly wearing his metaphorical mask as the “rhinestone cowboy” of hip-hop, symbolizing his resilience and individuality.

“Rhinestone Cowboy” stands as a testament to Madvillain’s wit, creativity, and unwavering determination in navigating the complexities of fame and artistic expression. It captures the essence of his impact and influence in the music industry, resonating with listeners through its vivid imagery, clever wordplay, and deep-rooted authenticity.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Hold the cold one like he hold a old gun
Madvillain compares holding a drink to handling a gun, suggesting he’s as confident and skilled with both.

2. “Like he hold the microphone and stole the show for fun
He effortlessly dominates the stage, stealing the spotlight and entertaining without effort.

3. “Masked pump shotty, somebody stop me
Refers to a masked shotgun, symbolizing his powerful and unpredictable lyrical style that demands attention.

4. “Set the stage with a goal
He prepares to impress and dominate, setting ambitious targets for his performance.

5. “Overthrow ’em like throwing rover a biscuit
Madvillain dismisses opponents effortlessly, likening them to pets eagerly chasing after treats.

6. “A lot of b!tches think he’s overly chauvinistic
Acknowledges criticism of his lyrics as s*xist or male-centered, though he dismisses it casually.

7. “Woke up, wrote and spit the s*it in a few hours
Highlights his rapid creative process and lyrical skill, effortlessly producing quality content.

8. “He’s in this for the quiche
He’s motivated by financial gain (“quiche”), making it clear he’s not doing this for free.


Q. Who has sung Rhinestone Cowboy song?
A. Rhinestone Cowboy song is sung by Madvillain.

Q. Who wrote Rhinestone Cowboy lyrics?
A. Rhinestone Cowboy lyrics are penned by Madvillain.

Q. Who has given the music of Rhinestone Cowboy song?
A. Rhinestone Cowboy music is composed and produced by Madvillain.

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