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REPLAY! Lyrics by Cookiebittlez is a latest English song in the voice of Cookiebittlez. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Replay! song lyrics are also written by Cookiebittlez. It is a melancholic reflection on digital escapism and heartbreak. The song opens with the singer waking up after a wild night, surrounded by remnants of a party. They express a desire to start anew, determined to make things work this time. Throughout the song, they recount seeing their love interest in the spotlight, trying to mend things despite the pain. The repetition of wanting to “press replay” highlights their longing to relive happier moments and escape from reality, even if it means losing touch with real-life connections. Ultimately, the song delves into themes of loneliness, regret, and the allure of virtual relationships in today’s digital age.

REPLAY! Lyrics

Woke up in the evening
No sun in my face
Only tears from last night’s party
Let’s get it started, another Friday
(R-R-Reaper on the beat)
This time, I’ll make sure you stay

Woke up in the evening
No sun in my face
Only tears from last night’s party

Let’s get it started, another Friday
This time, I’ll make sure you stay

[Verse 1]
Saw you dancing in the spotlight
And everything’s alright, said you had something to say
Oh no, you say it’s over
Yeah, my feelings were hurt, so I just pressed replay
Oh-oh-oh, let’s do it again
Forget the pain, we can make amends
Oh-oh-oh, in the flashing lights
Make sure you relive this a hundred times
Oh, I’ve got no more friends
I just live inside my VR headset
Oh, live my life with regret
Over digital love, I obsess

Woke up in the evening
No sun in my face
Only tears from last night’s party
Let’s get it started, another Friday
This time, I’ll make sure you stay

[Verse 2]

You saw me crying in the spotlight
You asked me if I’m alright
I said, “I wanna press replay”
Oh no, over and over
Wanna escape from the world
And let my body decay
Oh-oh-oh, I’ll do it again
Mess up my life, lose all of my friends
Oh-oh-oh, it’s just me in the end
In my sad virtual world, with my virtual friends
Oh, I need you again, a real human being to hold my hand
Oh, no more fake friends
Just you and me, no more playing pretend

Woke up in the evening
No sun in my face
Only tears from last night’s party, ‘ty-ty-ty
Started, ‘ed-ed-ed, Friday, ‘ay-ay-ay
Ma-make sure-‘ure you stay

REPLAY! Lyrics Meaning

The intro sets a scene of melancholy and reflection. Waking up late, the speaker faces the aftermath of a party—no daylight, just remnants of a night they wish they could redo. They’re determined to change things this time around, signaled by the resolve to ensure someone stays.

[Chorus (1st occurrence)]
Repeated from the intro, the chorus emphasizes the speaker’s emotional state upon waking—an evening devoid of sunlight, marked by tears from the previous night’s events. They’re ready to kickstart another Friday with a determination not to let go this time.

[Verse 1]
In this verse, the speaker recalls seeing their love interest dancing under the spotlight. Initially hopeful, they’re devastated when the person declares it’s over. Feeling hurt, the speaker wishes they could rewind time (“press replay”) to erase the pain and mend things. They confess to living virtually, consumed by regret over a digital love affair that leaves them isolated and friendless.

[Verse 2]
Here, the speaker recounts being seen in distress under the spotlight. Asked if they’re okay, they yearn to replay their life—to escape reality’s pain and let themselves deteriorate. They express a willingness to mess up their life repeatedly, losing real friends in favor of a solitary, virtual existence. The verse ends on a plea for genuine human connection, rejecting fake friendships for something real and enduring.

[Chorus (3rd occurrence)]
The final chorus repeats with slight variations, emphasizing the ongoing cycle of emotional turmoil—the absence of sunlight, tears from past events, and a determination to make sure someone remains by their side as they face another Friday.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Woke up in the evening
The song begins with a scene-setting line indicating a late start to the day, suggesting a night of revelry or emotional turmoil.

2. “Let’s get it started, another Friday
This phrase reflects a determination to begin afresh despite past challenges, gearing up for a new day and possibly another chance at happiness.

3. “This time, I’ll make sure you stay
Expresses a resolve to hold onto someone or something important, indicating a desire for stability or continuity in relationships or situations.

4. “Saw you dancing in the spotlight
Observing someone in a positive, public light, possibly suggesting admiration or the realization of their significance in the speaker’s life.

5. “I just pressed replay
Describes a wish to relive or redo a moment, indicating a longing to correct past mistakes or recapture lost opportunities.

6. “Make sure you relive this a hundred times
Reflects an intense desire for a moment to be remembered or experienced repeatedly, emphasizing its significance or emotional impact.

7. “I just live inside my VR headset
Metaphorically describes living in a virtual reality, disconnected from real-life experiences, possibly due to escapism or emotional withdrawal.

8. “Over digital love, I obsess
Highlights an unhealthy fixation on online or virtual relationships, suggesting a reliance on technology for emotional fulfillment.

9. “Mess up my life, lose all of my friends
Expresses a willingness to sacrifice personal stability or relationships, possibly due to emotional distress or a desire for change.

10. “Just you and me, no more playing pretend
Expresses a longing for authenticity in relationships, rejecting superficiality and emphasizing genuine connections over pretense.


Q. Who has sung REPLAY! song?
A. REPLAY! song is sung by Cookiebittlez.

Q. Who wrote REPLAY! lyrics?
A. REPLAY! lyrics are penned by Cookiebittlez.

Q. Who has given the music of REPLAY! song?
A. REPLAY! music is composed and produced by Cookiebittlez.

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