Put the Bity On Lyrics – EBK Trey B

Put the Bity On Lyrics by EBK Trey B is a latest English song in the voice of EBK Trey B. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Put The Bity On song lyrics are also written by EBK Trey B. In It, the lyrics depict a gritty reality of street life. Trey B boasts about his crew’s dominance and loyalty, celebrating victories with drügs and revenge. They’re unapologetic about their violent methods and disdain for rivals. The song reflects a life filled with danger, crime, and a code of silence. Trey B’s lyrics emphasize toughness and materialism, contrasting wealth with the harshness of their environment.

Put the Bity On Lyrics

EBK up the most, n!gga, you can check the stats
I poured a four to celebrate when they told me he got whacked
I really love my baby hots, they need to free my n!gga Maxx
Tell the truth, we the ones that put the bity on our back

Four nickel with a switch, tryna split a n!gga wig
Bro caught him at that barber shop but he was seen with his kid
They like, “Trey B calm down, you done broke too many wrists”
Yeah, we famous but we still the ones that’s hopping out on skids
Broke, n!gga, I ain’t got the ho, n!gga, stop asking

You can’t put EBK inside your name, ain’t score no basket
Three dots, the same spot, in my biddy, it get tragic
N!gga, this a ten milli’, so I’m hopping out with plastic
B!tch, we hopping out with switch, it ain’t s*it to get you hit
Ten thousand ain’t s*it, I went and spent that on my b!tch
And for a hunnid, n!gga, I’ma pour a brick and buy a kit
She just let bro fu*k, so how we beefing with that b!tch?
What the fu*k? We the ones that turnt it up, no cap
I got rich by robbing n!ggas, ain’t got none of this s*it off rap
Interrogation only time the North n!ggas speak facts
He on paperwork, how you shoot a video with a rat?
Told the b!tch give the drop, I ain’t with all the talking
How the fu*k is *** speaking?, he the only one not walking
This a solid prototype, I’m the only one that got it
Too much dog s*it, boy, this ain’t gon’ fit inside no wallet
Broke n!gga, matter fact, this ain’t gon’ fit inside my pocket
Know the police tapping phones, that tough talk, you better stop it
That lil’ s*it you got, three times, I done bought it
Told my b!tch if she give me purple jeans, I ain’t gon’ rock it

Put the Bity On Lyrics Meaning

The chorus talks about asserting dominance and pride in their crew, EBK (Every Body Killer). They boast about their status, suggesting you can verify their achievements through statistics. They celebrate with substances upon hearing news of someone’s demise. They express loyalty to their close friends, hoping for their release from incarceration. Ultimately, they claim responsibility for their community’s reputation and success.

In the verse, the lyrics depict a life filled with violence and bravado. The speaker describes using a gun with a switchblade, aiming to harm others severely. They recount a specific incident where they confronted someone at a barbershop, even though the person was with their child. Despite their fame, they emphasize that they are still involved in dangerous situations. They dismiss others who ask for money, stating they have none to give. The verse continues with references to their criminal activities, such as using firearms and money for personal gain and asserting dominance over rivals. They boast about their wealth and lavish spending, especially on their romantic partner. They criticize a woman for being involved with someone they dislike, questioning the loyalty of those around them. They claim responsibility for their success through illegal means, dismissing the legitimacy of others’ achievements. The speaker describes their defiance in the face of law enforcement and their awareness of surveillance tactics. They emphasize their wealth and disregard for material possessions, declaring their status through criminal activities.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “EBK up the most, n!gga, you can check the stats
They’re claiming their group (EBK) is the most dominant. They challenge others to verify their supremacy through factual evidence.

2. “I poured a four to celebrate when they told me he got whacked
They celebrated with alcohol (four) upon hearing someone they disliked was killed.

3. “I really love my baby hots, they need to free my n!gga Maxx
Expressing deep affection for close friends (“baby hots”). They demand the release of a friend named Maxx.

4. “Tell the truth, we the ones that put the city on our back
They take credit for carrying the weight of their community’s reputation and success, urging others to acknowledge their influence.


Q. Who has sung Put the Bity On song?
A. Put the Bity On song is sung by EBK Trey B.

Q. Who wrote Put the Bity On lyrics?
A. Put the Bity On lyrics are penned by EBK Trey B.

Q. Who has given the music of Put the Bity On song?
A. Put the Bity On music is composed and produced by EBK Trey B.

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