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Parole Lyrics by Pokelawls is a latest English song in the voice of Pokelawls. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Parole song lyrics are also written by Pokelawls. It is an energetic rap about defiance and self-assuredness. The lyrics reflect a rebellious spirit, asserting independence from others’ experiences and expectations. Pokelawls declares his newfound freedom (“Now I’m on parole”) and revels in his role as a confident figure (“I’m the man for this role”). The song blends swagger with introspection, showcasing Pokelawls’ journey through life’s challenges and triumphs with a blend of humor and bravado.

Parole Lyrics

[Intro: Simply]
Dont bleed what I bleed, (Movie Music)
You ain’t seen what I’ve seen
You ain’t seen what I’ve seen

[Chorus: Pokelawls, Simply]
Now I’m on parole, (Yah)
I’m the man, I’m on a roll (Yah, Yah)
I’m the man for this role, (Yah)
I’m the man for this role, (Yah, Yah)
Now I’m on parole, (HAHAHAHAHA,Yah)
I’m the man, I’m on a roll (HAHAHAHAHA, Yah)

I’m the man for this role, (HAHAHAHAHA, Yah)
I lose my mind,I lose my soul (HAHAHAHAHA, Yah)

[Verse 1: Pokelawls,Simply]
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
That’s what I would do, back in May or two
Rolling with my crew yeah, got a kill or two
Yeah that’s what I would do, Killing with my boo, yeah
She loves how I do, she gon’ tie my noose

[Bridge: Pokelawls, Simply]
That’s what I would do, back in May or two
Rolling with my crew yeah, we got a kill or two
Back in May or two, (You ain’t seen what I’ve seen)
Got a kill or two, that’s what I would do

[Verse 2: Simply, pritty]
I just got up in the morning, I just got up in the spot
What were you doing that morning? “IDK I forgot”
Okay, really then what were you doing? Not really lost
Okay, not really shocked, I walked in that b!tch and got rocks
I walk in that s*it and I’m wiping your b!tch, she let me slide
She sucking my d!ck and you gave her a kiss, look at you cry
You talkin bout *** and checking your wrist, talk to the sky
I’m getting a check in my *** whip, shawty can die, yuh

[Chorus: Pokelawls, pritty]
Now I’m on parole
I’m the man, I’m on a roll (Skrrt, Skrrt,)
I’m the man for this role, (I’m the man for this role)
I’m the man for this role, (Yah, Yah)
Now I’m on parole, (Uh, Uh)
I’m the man, I’m on a roll (On a roll, on a roll)
I’m the man for this role, (Hold that, Hold that,,)
I lose my mind, I lose my soul (He lose his mind, he lose his soul)

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Parole Lyrics Meaning

The intro serves as a bold declaration asserting the speaker’s uniqueness and the challenges they’ve faced. By stating “Don’t bleed what I bleed” and “You ain’t seen what I’ve seen,” the speaker sets the stage for a narrative that’s deeply personal and perhaps marked by adversity or experiences that others may not understand or appreciate. It sets a tone of resilience and individuality, suggesting that the speaker’s story is distinctive and worth paying attention to.

The chorus is a celebratory anthem of empowerment and liberation. It announces the speaker’s newfound freedom (“Now I’m on parole”), which can metaphorically signify being released from personal constraints or societal expectations. The repetition of “I’m the man, I’m on a roll” reinforces a sense of confidence and capability. The laughter interspersed throughout adds a playful yet defiant tone, as if the speaker is relishing their triumph over challenges. The line “I lose my mind, I lose my soul” hints at the sacrifices or hardships endured to reach this point of freedom and success.

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, Pokelawls reflects on past experiences with a mix of nostalgia and bravado. The repeated “yeah, yeah, yeah” suggests a carefree attitude or excitement when reminiscing about past exploits. Phrases like “rolling with my crew” and “got a kill or two” imply a daring or adventurous lifestyle, possibly involving risk or conflict. The mention of “killing with my boo” adds a personal touch, hinting at companionship or camaraderie in these past adventures. Overall, the verse paints a picture of a life lived boldly, unapologetically embracing moments of thrill and connection.

The bridge echoes Verse 1’s theme of nostalgia and past experiences. “Back in May or two” refers to a specific time frame, suggesting a period when significant events occurred. The repetition of “got a kill or two” reinforces the idea of engaging in bold actions or achieving notable feats during that time. By stating “You ain’t seen what I’ve seen,” the bridge emphasizes that the speaker’s experiences have shaped their perspective uniquely, contrasting with those who haven’t lived through similar circumstances.

[Verse 2]
Simply’s verse delves into a morning scene filled with confidence and indulgence. The speaker dismisses inquiries about their activities with nonchalance (“IDK I forgot”), conveying a sense of detachment or superiority. References to material success (“got rocks”) and intimate encounters (“she sucking my d!ck”) highlight a lifestyle marked by pleasure and dominance. The provocative imagery and casual attitude towards consequences suggest a disregard for societal norms or moral constraints, reinforcing a rebellious persona.

[Chorus (repeated)]
The final chorus restates the speaker’s assertion of freedom and accomplishment. “On parole” symbolizes breaking free from restrictions or limitations, while “I’m the man for this role” reaffirms confidence and suitability in their current position or identity. The ad-libs and repeated phrases like “on a roll” underscore a celebratory mood, signaling personal triumph despite challenges faced. The laughter throughout adds a playful and defiant touch, suggesting joy in overcoming obstacles and asserting individuality. Overall, the chorus encapsulates the song’s themes of empowerment, resilience, and self-assurance.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Don’t bleed what I bleed, (Movie Music)
This phrase asserts that others can’t understand or empathize with the speaker’s personal struggles and experiences, which are unique to them.

2. “Now I’m on parole, (Yah)
This line signifies the speaker’s newfound freedom or release from restrictions, possibly literal or metaphorical, and embraces a sense of liberation and autonomy.

3. “Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah
Used repetitively, it conveys excitement or enthusiasm, possibly recalling past adventures or daring actions, highlighting moments of thrill and enjoyment.

4. “I lose my mind, I lose my soul (HAHAHAHAHA, Yah)
This expression suggests the speaker’s willingness to sacrifice mental and emotional stability in pursuit of their goals or lifestyle, with a hint of dark humor.


Q. Who has sung Parole song?
A. Parole song is sung by Pokelawls.

Q. Who wrote Parole lyrics?
A. Parole lyrics are penned by Pokelawls.

Q. Who has given the music of Parole song?
A. Parole music is composed and produced by Pokelawls.

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