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Meet The Blevins Lyrics by Fortye is a latest English song in the voice of Fortye. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Meet The Blevins song lyrics are also written by Fortye. Meet the Blevins by Fortye is an apology to Travis for having a difficult teammate in Fortnite. It emphasizes the challenges of gaming and the importance of perseverance and discipline. Fortye offers to mentor Travis, stressing the value of integrity and hard work over shortcuts and deceit. He advises Travis to stay true to himself, work on his skills, and not be swayed by superficial gains. The song underscores resilience and pride in one’s efforts and abilities.

Meet The Blevins Lyrics

[Verse 1]
Dear Travis
I’m sorry that that man was your teammate, let me be honest
It takes a sweat to be a sweat, your squad was not responsive
I look at him and wish that Epic woulda gone and banned him
I’m sorry that you had to build up and then grind beside him
Games are hard, I know, the challenges always gon’ beat us home
Sometimes our teammates make mistakes that gon’ stop us from going zone
And you a good bot that need good leadership
Let me be your mentor, since your teammate don’t teach you s*it
Never let a man say you ain’t sweat, son
Either you die right there or pop that man in the head, son

Never fall in the aimbot business, that’s bad religion
Please remember, you could be a bot even if you got victories
Never play switch, whether right or wrong, you a sweat man
Even if it don’t benefit your goals, do some 90s, get some discipline
Don’t cut them corners like your teammate did, fu*k landing Titled, kid
Don’t pay to play with them new Fortnite skins, get a Crew membership
Understand, no throwing nades and hiding bans, that’s law
Don’t be ashamed by how you win, that’s how you treat the storm
Don’t buy a skin to hide a skin to hide again, be sure
Five percent will get a win, but ninety-five just lost
Be proud of who you are, your strength come from within
Lotta streaming stars that’s real, but your duo ain’t one of them
And you nothing like him, you’ll carry yourself as king
Can’t understand me right now? Just play this when you gaming

Meet The Blevins Lyrics Meaning

In the first verse of “Meet the Blevins,” Fortye reaches out to Travis with empathy and guidance amidst the challenges of gaming. He apologizes for Travis’s frustrating experience with an unhelpful teammate in Fortnite, empathizing with the disappointment of having someone who didn’t contribute effectively to their squad’s efforts. Fortye expresses a wish that the game developers had intervened to remove this teammate, highlighting how impactful a single player can be on the gaming experience.

Fortye recognizes the inherent difficulties of gaming, acknowledging that teamwork is crucial but can be hindered when teammates make mistakes that prevent progress or success, such as failing to reach the “zone” in Fortnite. He sees potential in Travis (“you a good bot”) but suggests Travis lacks proper leadership and guidance from his teammate.

Positioning himself as a mentor, Fortye advises Travis to maintain pride in his skills (“Never let a man say you ain’t sweat”) and face challenges directly, either by improving his skills (“do some 90s”) or confronting opponents head-on. He warns against unethical practices like cheating (“aimbot business”), emphasizing that true success comes from honest effort and discipline rather than shortcuts or superficial gains.

Fortye concludes by encouraging Travis to take pride in his unique strengths and not to be swayed by comparisons to popular streaming stars or superficial gaming trends. He assures Travis that he is capable of standing out and achieving greatness on his own terms, urging him to replay the song for reinforcement during gaming sessions if needed.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Never let a man say you ain’t sweat, son
This phrase advises Travis to ignore anyone who questions his dedication or skill in gaming. It emphasizes self-confidence and resilience against criticism.

2. “Never fall in the aimbot business, that’s bad religion
Fortye warns against using cheats like aimbots in games, comparing it to a misguided and unethical practice. It advocates for fair play and skill development.

3. “Don’t pay to play with them new Fortnite skins, get a Crew membership
Here, Fortye advises Travis to invest in a Crew membership for practical benefits rather than spending money on cosmetic upgrades. It promotes wise spending and gameplay enhancement.

4. “Five percent will get a win, but ninety-five just lost
This phrase highlights the rarity of true success in gaming, contrasting the small percentage of genuine victories with the majority of losses. It underscores the importance of perseverance and improvement.


Q. Who has sung Meet The Blevins song?
A. Meet The Blevins song is sung by Fortye.

Q. Who wrote Meet The Blevins lyrics?
A. Meet The Blevins lyrics are penned by Fortye.

Q. Who has given the music of Meet The Blevins song?
A. Meet The Blevins music is composed and produced by Fortye.

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