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Le Risque Lyrics by King Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard is a latest English song in the voices of King Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new Le Risque song lyrics are also written by King Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard. It & The Lizard Wizard is all about embracing danger and living on the edge. The song kicks off by challenging the idea of playing it safe, suggesting that a life without risks isn’t truly lived. The singer seems to reject the notion of safety and prefers the thrill that comes with risk, comparing it to a dagger falling from a height.

The chorus talks about thinning the blood and digging graves for fun, highlighting a love for adrenaline and excitement, even if it means putting oneself in harm’s way. The song vividly describes this thrill, likening it to the recoil of a gun in hell. There’s a sense of mocking those who play it safe, calling them weak and without fire or style.

References to famous daredevils like Evel Knievel and Philippe Petit reinforce the theme of taking risks. The song encourages living boldly because you only live once. The final verses express a restlessness with a mundane, slow-paced life and a desire for the vibrant, technicolor experiences that risk-taking provides. It’s an anthem for those who seek the rush of adrenaline and the feeling of truly being alive, pushing boundaries, and diving headfirst into danger.

Le Risque Lyrics

[Verse 1: Joey Walker]
Feel it, know it
Trust in the lie you’ve been sold
Oh yeah? No risk?
Tell yourself whatever you need to hear
To fall just right
Like a dagger from a height
‘Cause death to me
Is a life lived safely

Gimme something to thin the blood
There’s nothing quite like digging graves for fun

It gets my body ringing like a bell
‘Cause I’m the fu*king recoil of a gun in hell

[Verse 2: Michael Cavanagh]
Ha ha ha ha ha, alright
No heart (No heart)
No tick (No tick)
I’m weak as piss, no risk
No fire (No fire)
No flame (No flame)
I’m always feeling the same
The risk (The risk)
It sits (It sits)
At the tip of my tiny prick
No style (No style)
No ease (No ease)
I’m a pathetic forgotten steaze

The risk
Let’s ride
The risk
Well, alright
The risk
It’s time

The risk
Okay let’s ride

[Verse 3: Ambrose Kenny-Smith]
Hello, Evel Knievel
Running through the red light
Philippe Petit, yeah
Walk the tightwire
Take the risk, take the risk
You only live once

[Bridge: Stu Mackenzie]
Where softer souls do sleep
In the hush of morning’s glow
I rest not, I cannot
I just go

[Verse 4: Stu Mackenzie]
The risk, my muse
For its focus I depend
Nosedive into the ocean
Do dangerous s*it and transcend
This world (This world)
It spins too slow
Its tempo paints my world in grey
My heart cannot beat fast enough
The risk is technicolour paint
One life (One life)
One chance (One chance)
Clench the moment in your hand
Adrenaline, my dearest friend
It’s you and me until the end

Le Risque Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1: Joey Walker]
In this verse, the singer talks about feeling and recognizing the false sense of security that society often sells. They sarcastically question the idea of “no risk” and acknowledge that people tell themselves whatever they need to feel safe. The imagery of falling like a dagger from a height suggests a dramatic, risky fall that the singer prefers over a safe, uneventful life. They equate a risk-free life with death, emphasizing their desire for thrill and excitement. The request to “thin the blood” and the enjoyment of digging graves metaphorically represent seeking out activities that bring a rush. The singer feels alive in risky situations, comparing themselves to the intense, sudden force of a gun’s recoil in a hellish environment.

[Verse 2: Michael Cavanagh]
This verse starts with a mocking laugh and continues with a series of statements highlighting a lack of passion and excitement. The singer describes themselves as having no heart or pulse, feeling weak without taking risks. They feel lifeless, with no fire or enthusiasm, stuck in a monotonous state. The mention of risk sitting at the tip of their prick is a crude way of saying it’s always on their mind, even if they haven’t fully embraced it. They feel forgotten and lacking style or ease. The repeated calls to ride the risk indicate a desire to break free from this lifeless state and embrace danger and excitement.

[Verse 3: Ambrose Kenny-Smith]
Here, the singer references daredevils like Evel Knievel and Philippe Petit, who are known for taking extreme risks. Running through red lights and walking tightwires are metaphors for living dangerously. The singer encourages taking risks because life is short, and you only get one chance to experience it fully.

[Bridge: Stu Mackenzie]
In this brief section, the singer contrasts themselves with “softer souls” who sleep peacefully. While others rest in the calm of the morning, the singer feels restless and driven, unable to stay still and always ready to go.

[Verse 4: Stu Mackenzie]
This verse portrays risk as the singer’s muse, a source of inspiration and focus. They feel compelled to dive into dangerous situations to transcend the mundane world. The slow pace of life feels grey and unexciting to them, and their heart craves the vibrant, fast-paced thrill that risk provides. They see risk as adding color and excitement to life. The singer emphasizes the importance of seizing the moment, with adrenaline being their constant companion. They express a deep bond with the feeling of risk, considering it their dearest friend until the end.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Trust in the lie you’ve been sold
This phrase talks about how society often sells us a false sense of security. The singer suggests that people are too willing to believe these comforting lies to avoid facing the real risks in life.

2. “‘Cause death to me is a life lived safely
Here, the singer expresses that a life without risk and adventure feels like a slow death. They prefer living on the edge and taking chances rather than playing it safe and missing out on exciting experiences.

3. “I’m the f“king recoil of a gun in hell
This vivid metaphor describes the intense, sudden force the singer feels when engaging in risky behavior. It emphasizes their craving for the powerful rush that comes with danger and excitement.

4. “No heart (No heart), No tick (No tick)
The repetition of these lines highlights a feeling of lifelessness and monotony without risk. The singer feels like their heart isn’t beating and there’s no pulse, symbolizing a lack of excitement and passion.

5. “Adrenaline, my dearest friend
In this line, the singer personifies adrenaline as a close companion. It shows how much they rely on the rush of adrenaline from taking risks to feel truly alive and engaged with life.


Q. Who has sung Le Risque song?
A. Le Risque song is sung by King Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard.

Q. Who wrote Le Risque lyrics?
A. Le Risque lyrics are penned by King Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard.

Q. Who has given the music of Le Risque song?
A. Le Risque music is composed and produced by King Gizzard, The Lizard Wizard.

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