LA PATRULLA LYRICS by PESO PLUMA, Neton Vega is a latest Spanish song in the voices of Peso Pluma, Neton Vega. Its music too is composed by singer while brand new La Patrulla song lyrics are also written by Peso Pluma, Neton Vega. La Patrulla by Peso Pluma and Neton Vega is a song that reflects on personal growth and challenges. The lyrics highlight the singer’s journey, celebrating overcoming obstacles while reflecting on ambitions and desires. The song blends themes of self-improvement with a laid-back vibe, emphasizing enjoyment of life’s pleasures and the importance of genuine connections. It touches on facing dangers and navigating through them with confidence. Overall, “La Patrulla” captures a mix of resilience, determination, and appreciation for life’s simple joys, wrapped in a melodic and rhythmic Latin urban style.


[Letra de LA PATRULLA]

[Verso 1: Neton Vega & Peso Pluma]
Miren, ¿quién lo pensaría?
El muchacho se fue pa’ arriba
Le sobra la calidad
De varias la ha librado andando en la patrulla
Las ganas de superarme por las noches me perturban
Sigo siendo el mismo, solo que cambie los planes y los medios zumban
Y de repente nos vamos de rumba
Porque hoy se puede hacer lo que me gusta
Los doble cara me caen en la punta
Y lo peor del caso que de esos abundan

[Coro: Peso Pluma]
Me muero si tú no estás
Véngase pa’ acá, mi nena, mamá
Véngase, márqueme a mi celular
Te quiero acariciar y tu pelo rozar

[Interludio: Peso Pluma & Neton Vega]
Así nomás, compa Neton, pa’ que sepan, viejo
Y así suena la Doble P, viejillo
Jálese la greña

[Verso 2: Peso Pluma]
Todo lo he aprendido al viejo, bien firmes con su bandera
Prohibido decir su nombre, da la vuelta al mundo y en su jet espera
Siente el peligro y la Glock desenfunda
No digo el nombre por si se preguntan
Un blunt de Bubba aquí me vo’a prender
De varias la ha librado andando en la patrulla

[Coro: Neton Vega]
Me muero si tú no estás
Véngase pa’ acá, mi nena, mamá
Véngase, márqueme a mi celular
Te quiero acariciar y tu pelo rozar


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LA PATRULLA Lyrics Meaning

[Verse 1]
In the first verse, Neton Vega and Peso Pluma reflect on unexpected success and personal growth. They express surprise at how far they’ve come, acknowledging their own quality and resilience. The mention of “walking in the patrol car” suggests navigating through challenges and dangers. They admit to being disturbed by their desire to surpass themselves, indicating inner struggles and ambitions. Despite changes in plans, they embrace moments of celebration (“rumba”) because they can now pursue what they enjoy. They lament encountering deceitful people (“double-faced”) but resolve to ignore them despite their abundance.

[Chorus (Peso Pluma)]
Peso Pluma sings about the intense longing for someone’s presence, referring affectionately to them as “baby” and “mama.” He eagerly invites them closer, urging them to call him. His desire is to caress them and run his fingers through their hair, expressing deep emotional and physical attachment.

In the interlude, Peso Pluma addresses his friend Neton Vega, affirming their identity and style (“Doble P”). He encourages camaraderie (“pull your hair”) in a playful manner, reinforcing their bond and shared musical journey.

[Verse 2 (Peso Pluma)]
Peso Pluma reflects on his upbringing and the lessons learned from his elders (“viejo”). He hints at someone influential but unnamed, who travels the world and waits in their private jet. There’s a sense of danger as he mentions a “Glock” being drawn, implying a life exposed to risks. He avoids naming this influential figure, possibly out of respect or discretion. Despite challenges, he finds solace in smoking mar!juana (“blunt of Bubba”) and navigating through difficulties with resilience.

[Chorus (Neton Vega)]
Neton Vega echoes Peso Pluma’s sentiment from the chorus, expressing a profound longing for someone’s presence. He invites them closer, urging them to call him and expressing a desire to touch and feel their hair, emphasizing emotional connection and intimacy.

Famous Phrases with Explanation

1. “Miren, ¿quién lo pensaría?
This phrase expresses surprise at unexpected success or circumstances. It reflects on how unforeseen achievements or situations have unfolded, highlighting a sense of amazement or disbelief at one’s own journey or achievements.

2. “El muchacho se fue pa’ arriba
Literally, “the boy went up.” It signifies someone’s rise to success or improvement in their status or life circumstances. It denotes upward mobility, progress, or achieving higher goals than anticipated.

3. “Le sobra la calidad
Translated as “he has quality to spare.” This indicates that the person possesses abundant talent, skill, or excellence. It suggests that they excel in what they do, with their abilities exceeding expectations or needs.

4. “De varias la ha librado andando en la patrulla
“He has managed to get through many things while on patrol.” This suggests overcoming numerous challenges or dangers. It implies navigating through difficult situations successfully, often in risky or tough environments.

5. “Los doble cara me caen en la punta
“Two-faced people annoy me.” This expresses frustration with deceitful or hypocritical individuals. It reflects a dislike for those who pretend to be trustworthy but act differently behind one’s back, a common sentiment in navigating social circles.


Q. Who has sung LA PATRULLA song?
A. LA PATRULLA song is sung by Peso Pluma, Neton Vega.

Q. Who wrote LA PATRULLA lyrics?
A. LA PATRULLA lyrics are penned by Peso Pluma, Neton Vega.

Q. Who has given the music of LA PATRULLA song?
A. LA PATRULLA music is composed and produced by Peso Pluma, Neton Vega.

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